Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Missing a few Important posts LOL

Ive been doing the running and just have not had time for the posts about them! Guess it's better to get the runs done than to be posting about not running which would really suck.
Im still enjoying most of the weather being tossed at us but I suspect I will not enjoy the weather tomorrow; from -22 this morning to rain overnight and all day tomorrow. UGH.
I did not get to enjoy a nice snowy run last week; by the time I got out of classes, it was far too snowy to run; it was really safest to just head home. The snow came fast and very hard; bad drive home and it would not have made for very safe running :( I waited until Thursday for that.  The weather was a lot better although there was some snow all day off and on.  Roads were clearer. 
I did not have a lot of time, unfortunately; Taylor had Drama after school and had to be picked up and taken to swimming across town.  I managed 3 km warm up and only 2 300m hill repeats, a fast cool down and then picked her up. 5 km done in a little over half an hour.  I kind of intended to do a little more after I picked her up but by then it was snowing wet snow and misting and i got cold sitting in the car so I just went home.

we had a lot of plans on the weekend involving Taylor's swim meet in the Valley so while the kids were at hockey and 4H I got my weekly long run done Saturday morning after Pick up Hockey.  14 km running through Bible Hill to town and back home again was nice; I do think I am going to have to start cutting up the longer runs tho, as it was not even terribly cold and I got realllllly cold before I got home.  I figure if I need to do 16 km I can do 5, 5, and 6 or something like that?  Will see as weather comes along I guess.
The 14 km was really nice, about 7 hilly km into town, a stop at the McWilsons for a cup of water which took a really long time.....they ignored me forever.  I dont think a cup of water was too much to ask for SIGH.  Likely didnt need the ice; it was cold LOL.  Then the 7 km home which went faster although it didnt really; just felt faster. It was nice and sunny and very pleasant.  My Garmin was dead (concerns about the battery; its not holding a charge long, I hope it is just the cold sapping it) so I ran without a pace which I didnt mind but my mind wandered a lot and I found myself slowing down sometimes; estimate about 1 hour 40 minutes for the 14 km. 
Sunday for swim meet and Monday for horrific long day at work mean no runs but Tuesday morning (today :)) managed to get back out at it, despite doubts when I heard the temp was -22.  I dont mind cold but its a shock when the average has likely been about -3. LOL dressed in layers and went out but forgot the scarf. My face was hurting so much!  My lips were numb as was my chin :(:(:( Ouch.  went up the hill for 3.3 km then came back for a total of 6.5 km in 42:36. No music; the Ipods are not happy with the weather either LOL.  Very nice and sunny again :)  Rain coming tonight and tomorrow; I owe 10 km for tomorrow's run (shorted today and no run yesterday mean I really HAVE to do the 10 SIGH) May do the hill repeats called for on Thursday if the weather is super bad; then do the 10 on Thursday. 

Have a lot of concerns about the trail shoes; I know they arent really meant for pavement which is where I ended up spending most of the time on them. but my ankles and knees were really unhappy with the change; I almost wasnt sure I could finish the little 5 k I did with them; the discomfort was so much. In the snow I ran in, they had awesome grip; like my feet had magnets and were sticky; but Im not sure it's worth the strain they caused; I dont know if I run enough trails and snow. Took 2 days for legs to stop aching. The shoes are stiff and not at all spongey LOL. And might be too big?

Not sure what the rest of the sunny day will hold today :)

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