Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nice Mid Week Long Run

Wednesday I planned a relative long run (10 km this week) but wasn't sure when I was going to get this done.  I knew it wasn't going to happen Tuesday thanks to the -22 C temps. Wednesday is a very busy day at work and I dont often fit in runs, especially if I have to pick Taylor up at the pool; I find it hard to get out of work on time and get the run in by 530 when she (supposedly) finishes.  With Scott taking care of the pick ups and also getting supper picked up (thank Nanny for making soup:)) I found I did have time to get the run in.  Preferably with the +4 temps (in rain) over the colder temps forecast on Thursday.  With the weather network promising a foot of snow on Friday I was psyched for some snowshoeing!  :)

So the plan did not go exactly as I hoped with working longer than I should have and it was still raining SIGH.  I really considered going home; had had a funny feeling in my belly all day but nothing specific.  I almost went home but reasoned I would rather do 5 km today than nothing, and better 10 today in the warmer weather than the next day.  Reasoned myself right out the door; extremely damp and chilly but I knew I would get warm if I got moving so I did :):):) So glad!

the first 5 km were actually pretty fast; this very long legged very young girl passed me in the first km going quite fast and that silly competative side of me picked up the pace after I felt warmed up, as even tho I could not keep up, I didnt want to look like the plodding turtle that I am, at least not for that moment.  I chuckled as she hit the first (and only) significant hill, and started walking.  :) I love that hill, I motored right up it and made up some distance.  She started running again at the top but as she turned onto the next street with another (insignificant) hill, she walked again! I may be slow but I keep going!  :):):) I passed by her on that street; she did not like that and would not acknowledge my hello LOL.  Around the corner she actually crossed the (busy) road and passed me on the other side, then up ahead crossed back; weird huh?  I did not take up that much space!  I soon lost sight of her in the dark and turtled on. 

After the first 5, the second were a little longer and more work.  I kept to sidewalked, lit streets so there was some crossing over and repeating of streets, but I did get one more good hill in front of the college that I kept a steady pace up :) the rest of the route was rolling hills.  I very seldom walked; Ive been taking some planned walk breaks in my runs but it may be time to cut them shorter again for some real training and endurance.  I did end up going a bit further than planned, thanks to accidently shutting off the Garmin for about 10 minutes (estimate).  close enough. 

there was a point where I felt the temperature change, the wind picked up, I was quite wet, and I kind of regretted going so far when the ice pellets started hitting and the wind went through my coat (not wind breaker material but warm).  It was only for the last maybe 2 km so not so bad.  My belly felt a little squeamy a couple of times when I was running but nothing to stop about.   The roads got a little icey later on so I was glad to go home to the soup when I did :):)

After eating I did feel quite ill and had some quality bathroom time;  I went to bed early and slept off and on while the kids came in and chatted and I answered somewhat coherently.  Feeling a little better this morning but still off and kind of out of it.  Maybe I need a nap.

Today's plan was for 4X800...What Im not sure LOL gotta check the plan!

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