Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Steady Run? Tempo Run?

After a rest day yesterday when I played hockey, ;) this morning I got up feeling pretty rested and Looked at my schedule; One plan called for a 5 km Tempo Run, and the other called for a 5 mile Run. I figure a 5 km tempo run needs a 1.5 km warm up and same cool down, so I went for the 5 miles.
I got Scott to drop me off in town and I ran home.

Jeez. Who took the energy out of my breakfast this morning?

OK I didnt really have breakfast - a tablespoon full of peanut butter and a banana more like, with a glass of juice. Should have been enough. AND NO COFFEE. because of no cream. lol

But talk about a lack of energy. Right from almost the beginning I felt quite dead-legged and energy-less.

It was 8 very windy km from the top of Young to my street. And surprisingly up hill. Ugh. I didnt really notice last few times I ran it how long those hills are. SIGH. Or maybe it was my lacking energy. Wind blowing in my face, hills under me. I've had more fun.

Took 52 minutes to get to 8 km! I sprinted last 100 meters and it almost killed me (up hill). I actually stopped and bend over gasping when I could finally stop. NEVER done that before lOL.

Pace of 6:29 and 8 km more are behind me. I better be picking it up a little or I am going to run out of time.

No hockey tonight. Got a pass to the semifinal game tomorrow night. Tomorrow I should be doing a tempo run of about 5 km distance.
WHEN? lol

Sunday, March 28, 2010

LSD Sunday + Hockey Game

Woke up this morning after nearly 11 hours of sleep (give or take) and felt....not so much rested lol. How long does it take to recover from deprivation?

Didnt run yesterday afternoon; after the 4H meeting there was just no incentive or energy to go. Was asleep before 8 pm. Really.
We thought we would run before our big championship hockey game this morning. I wasnt so convinced it was a good idea at 7 am when it was only 14 C. But we went and despite frozen body parts we did our 9 km in 56 minutes for a 6:13 pace which isnt too terribly bad.

Have a cramp in my right hip/ass lol. Its kinda funny.

Hockey was not so funny. We lost which was expected as I firmly believe the odds were "stacked" against us as far as winning; but I never really was on the ice long enough to feel as tho I was playing the game; when I was done my hair looked great and I wasnt even sweaty at all. First time I have ever played a game and didnt get sweaty. lol Couldnt get any momentum. Was disappointing.

On the other hand I did win a draw prize and have a bag full of hand made soaps to enjoy :) That's a nice surprise.

And I did enjoy the company of lots of hockey playing ladies this weekend and that is always a good time.

Rest day tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. Hockey tomorrow night.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are run days but it is supposed to rain like mad. Friday (rest day) should be sunny. Figures. Amazing Saturday forecast. We'll see.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crosstraining = Hockey

Rather than Resting on Friday I played 2 games of hockey :) We are in a tournament and played 2 games last night. Im calling that crosstraining.

We then got up again this morning and went back to tournie; played 2 more games of hockey. Of the 4 we won three games and are in the championship game tomorrow. So Im unsure if I am going to run today (3 km) or just call the hockey game more crosstraining. LOL

Planning to do the long run tomorrow morning before we go to the hockey game at the tournament; but not sure if that is going to happen or not :)

Already fallen off the Push ups/Sit Ups bandwagon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Following the plans

After weeks of kinda ignoring the actually mileage suggested in the plan I actually ran one of those short runs as just that; a short run. It actually says a steady run which isnt really supposed to be too fast, and I did go fairly fast, but still, I stuck pretty close to the 3 km suggested with 3.4 km in 21:30 minutes. Including the hills.

Afterwards I did more sit ups and push ups; not doing so well on the programs for those; still on the same week I was like 2 weeks ago because Ive done too little; Im starting over and considering this workout one.
I did some bicep curls and squats and lunges and hip strengthening exercises in between. And watched a show ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

unplanned no run day and run today

Monday was Rest day which was awesome although I did play hockey 2 times; ones defense and once as goalie. Very tired and sore. Soccer injuries arent very good :(

Tuesday was COLD and RAINY and I had soreness so rather than going to run I went down to the basement and the Bike Trainer for an hour. I think it was a good trade; a half hour run or an hour biking? lol

This morning it was only misting so I went outside for a run; 4 km with a warm up and warm down for 5 km run total; 33 minutes (time sucks) :(

Monday, March 22, 2010


Rest day today; no running which might be good the way I feel today :*( After such a long day yesterday Im feeling a "bit" sore. Achy all over. UGH.

2 games of hockey (YAY) and a game of soccer (BOO) have left me wasted. The soccer SUCKED. The other team, albeit better than us, were NASTY players. They would run you over just as fast as kick you in the head and run off LAUGHING. I didnt sign up for this. I like soccer but Im not signed up to be beaten up by people half my age and twice my skill who mock and beat. I got kicked in the knee and I FELT my kneecap snap back into place which beside hurting made me feel nauseous and Its pretty sore today; I expect this sort of thing in hockey and dress in "gear" but soccer is supposed to be low contact? That was a nasty game and they were super poor winners to boot...no class.

But worse is the heel today. MUCH worse. I turned on it last night and it hurt very badly and today is very sore; Im starting to think it might not get better unless I stop running. OMG. stop rnuning?

Ive already gained like 2 pounds. I CANT STOP running! lol

Sunday, March 21, 2010

LSD 9 km

Another wonderfully sunny run; not as warm at just sun up but the sun makes up for the chill. And it was chilly starting out. Its supposed to cool a bit and rain this week; how am I going to go back to crappy weather after this beyond normal nice weather stretch we have had? I mean really, setting warmth and sun streak records for March? Rare. Yesterday was the first day of spring but we have had "April" weather for about 3 weeks now. I cant bear the thought of snow now! Or cold rains.

Out on the trail with Margie and Coralee; supposed to be LSD. We did go long; but the pace Margie sets from the very first stride was a bit fast lol. I could not seem to warm out of my tight uneasy feeling; maybe after last night's fast run it was just a little too soon? Dunno but it took forever to feel looser. In fact at the 4.5 km turn around I walked for a minute and then I finally felt less tense and joints were a little more movable. Pace picked up a bit after that.

And pace stayed up. We left poor Coralee all off by herself and stretched out on the trail with Margie setting a fast pace (I cant believe she's just getting into running) sigh. I trailed somewhere in the middle; every time I caught Margie she would go fast enough to stay ahead ;) competative nature in her might be the end of me lol I try to set my own comfortable pace but tend to try to keep up with others at the detriment to my comfort. But the way I see it, i need to push it to get pace up for the Cabot Trail Relay, and therefore I should run with faster people and almost every run lately has been fast fast fast; there have been no slow, steady runs like I am supposed to be doing on occassion. Last night 5 K pace, night before Intervals, Tempo run on Wednestday.....ugh I really need to not burn out!

SO 9 lovely sunny kms this morning at a blistering (this is me, remember) 6:10 pace for a total time of 55:30. Im working on holding a 6 minute pace for like 15.5 km so its getting there. ive a little over 2 months to get there. Yikes.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Weather and a Fast Run

It was an amazing warm sunny awesome day today :) about 14C and breezy. Sometime after supper time (of course) I decided to get my run in; days are a little off right now. Im going to do the long run tomorrow morning which should SUCK once I do the hockey AND the soccer game. SIGH.

So tonight I ran to the MiniMart and met the family for ice cream (totally ate those calories right back up ;)) and after a short warm up I hit 5 K pace and held it to a 29:30 finish. Im getting there! Now to hold pace for 3 times that...

Friday, March 19, 2010

URD and Rest Day Run

Didnt plan to not run yesterday; just didnt end up doing it.

Ran tonight tho; did Intervals to punish myself for the rest day; 5 X 400 for a total of 5.4 km in 32:41 minutes. It was good. Took Scott and the two older kids on bikes; it was warm and sunny and really nice out on the trail :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home from night away and Tempo Run

Got home from Moncton around supper time; could have had plans tonight but so far have not managed to move from this chair. TIRED. Not sure its a good time to be around OTHERS. Especially drunken, loud others.

Anyway; had a 4 km tempo run on the schedule. was tired and really considered skipping this one. SO didnt want to go. Just too many other things to do ;)

But I did go. I warmed up a little and cooled out a little and did 4.8 km in about 30 minutes (including all the freaking hills around here SHEESH) but at least the run is done.

3 km steady tomorrow. No idea what I will turn that one into ;) maybe some bike time as well :):):)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tempo Run

Heading off to NB today for a little get away. Got a tempo run in this morning (on hills so not accurate ;)) was supposed to be 3 km so I warmed up for a km, then did the tempo part, then cooled for a little over a km for a nice 5.6 km run in lovely weather :) Loving this sun!

Tomorrow will see a 4 km tempo run I think :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easy Sunday Run

Since I did the long run last night I was supposed to do a nice steady 3 km run today. I did do a nice easy run with Tonya and Leanne on the trail; it was more like 6 km tho, in 45 minutes. :):):) Its all good. Weather was awesome, company was great, a nice relaxed run. Rest day tomorrow. Maybe. Crosstraining day?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Incredibly nice Saturday for a long run

Played hockey first thing this morning then headed to Trenton for Holly's March break hockey tournament :) They played 2 games today and won them both; Holly Goon got a penalty in the second game for Body Contact. The other team was twice her size; the ref could not remember who did it so he just grabbed her off and sat her in the penalty box.

Beautiful day when we arrived at home; lots of 'outdoors' time.

With this weather there was no way I could simply run the little 3 km run the training plan called for; and then try to squeeze a long run in tomorrow around hockey? Having to run short today in lovely 8 C weather and then running tomorrow morning at the ass crack of dawn, in -9 weather; ok Ill do the long run today thanks much :):)

And it was awesome. I had to take off my jacket :):):) I did my 3 km run with a 2.5 km warm up and a 2.75 km cool down for a nice 8.25 km :) no speed records; forced to slow for a LONG SLOW run :/ got in 53:21 minutes which isnt bad considering there is crapload of hills in there :)

Might still get up and run tomorrow morning but now I dont HAVE to. Time goes ahead tonight; it always takes us a good week to adjust to that :( I hate losing that hour of sleep :( and we cannot sleep in tomorrow because we need to get back to Trenton for more hockey :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tired Run

Tired today, not surprising after the lots of running yesterday and the lack of sleep at night.
This morning the littles didnt have school so we took the dogs for a walk to the top of the road and to the pond at the bottom. The dogs and the kids had a lot of fun.

After lab this afternoon (which went 1/2 hour long) I went for a run around the AC 5 km Oktoberfest run route. Actually I was about 200 meters short ;) It wasnt a great feeling run; tired from the start with a sore right hip and the outside of the shin on the same leg feeling uncomfortable. Used the old sneakers so I might keep track of this discomfort and wonder if its up to the shoes.

So today called for 4 km steady run; I did do 4.8 km of steady tired running ;)

Rest day tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Run #2 today

Had a second run with Tonya on the TCT and it was relaxing and a lot slower than Ive been running lately. A good run for a second run :) We went 5.15 km in about 36 minutes and finished up in daylight (yay) and neither too hot or cold (YAY!) although it certainly felt cooler than it looked and than I expected.
Total for today - 11.4 km. Total so far? 222.85 km.

Gorgeous Weather Running

Really liking all this sun and relative warm after all the months of gloom and cold. :):) This morning wasnt really warm but it sure was sunny :)
after dropping off the kiddies at school I stopped to see what Lavinia was up to; despite having 2 kids home she came for a run; she is faster with a double stroller than I am with no stroller. I can not imagine keeping up with her on a normal run; but I do want her to push and challenge me to go faster so it is good :)

Did the first 5 K in about 29:38 :D:D:D Finished 6.25 km in 35:49 AWESOME for me :):):)

Running shortly with Tonya; a nice easy run. 2 in one day? Gasp!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Running FAIL

By the time Scott got home to watch the kids the running opportunities had gone, and the chances of my getting into the car and driving to town to run was nil.
Tomorrow morning going to do that tempo run and then in the evening run with Tonya a nice steady pace.

Restful Monday turns into Tuesday

After the excess on Sunday a rest day Monday was very welcome. Monday right now is the best rest day; its my busiest day of work and Im usually grumpy anyway.

Tuesday back at it; as long as I was doing the 100 pushups challenge I might as well add the 200 Sit Ups challenge to it. I do one and the other while resting and it doesnt really take up more time but it has to be useful ;) I add a few leg lifts and stretches in between and can watch TV while Im at it ;) I do like On Demand and am making my way through season 3 of Californication; I save Big Love for when Im on the Bike trainer but can't keep track of Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures while doing anything other than marking; will check out some others after I get through those 3 ;)

Tonight will be a 4 km Tempo Run; can go in town with Margie and Coralee; speed isnt something I get out of those runs; or I can meet the Hubtowners; I suspect either way I will end up running my run alone in order to get the speed I need. Add a km to warm up and one to cool down (tricky eh?) lol should come in somewhere around 6 km. We'll see if the weather holds up to its promise of clear and not toooooo cold. Should warm up later in the week.

Will report.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another great weather day :)

The sun was shining early today :) and although later than I hoped thanks to those DOGS, I was out pretty early for a run. It warmed up later in the day but was perfect this morning at just below 0.

Ran the 8 km route. And since this was my long run day, I forced myself to slow down and run at an easy pace. 6:30 minutes a km including the hills and the warm up and cool down. going to have to work on speed.
Right hip was tight yesterday after run; today was downright achy.

After run, 2 games of hockey (one as goalie; won it!) and a game of soccer; very tired tonight.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Amazing Sunny Day Run

The sun was shining today! I cannot remember the last time I saw sun! Its been cloudy all week so the sun was awesome to see :):)

after scrimmage hockey game I got ready for a nice run; really thought of making the long run this morning but ran out of time as the girls had 4H speeches to get through. So I settled for a run up the hill and back down again with "enthusiasm". Training called for 3 km today steady run and 7 tomorrow; didnt really flip them.

Ok first I stepped out the door and realised I was way overdressed because even at -2 it was warm! The sun had Strength. So I shed a light sweater, mitts, and hat, and headed off down the street. And turned the corner; Wind. Cold cold wind. OH dear what had I done? SIGH. headwind all the way down, brr, then turned onto the hill and warmed up soon enough. It wasnt really cold but that wind was brutal and harsh.

Even with the slowish warm up, rotten wind, and hills upon hills, I did 5 K in 30:30 and finished up 6 in 37:30 (includes WMR which is all up hill). I wasnt unhappy with the run considering the effort lol. The wind was something to contend with; it would be in my face pushing me back and then it would whip around and kick my ass and I would almost fall over lol.

Started breaking in the new sneakers; Asics Gel Cumulus 11 again :) love them! New runners always feel so good! The colour....well its something to be desired but they are only sneakers heheheh they just dont match my coat at all! HEHEHE

Friday, March 5, 2010


Biking didnt go so well this morning; rather than my usual hour long tour of the rec room I shortened it to a little half hour stint; got super hungry and felt overly tired and shaky. Cut it short and pick up later. Did get my pushups done tho :):)

New Challenge

As part of my core-strengthening program that I am ever so unfaithful to (and need to be more faithful to) Im going to start (not for the first time) the 100 pushups challenge. I am not great at push ups; they hurt my back a lot. But my back and core are not strong so this and planks and sit ups are really necessary for more than just trimming; they may ease this annoying constant achy back issue I have had for past 3 years. (Or more...since kids and beyond really but it flared up when I went back to work after all those lazy years of CHILDRAISING).

So the 100 Pushups challenge is something that can be done pretty quickly and Im adding it. It says 3 times a week; Im such an overachiever Im doing it 6 times a week (I'll rest on Sundays hehe).
Im doing a few other exercises too along with. I cant really train for long long runs if Im not doing something to improve posture; running does make my back hurt especially over long distances and they are coming up and soon!

I will update with progress. This is week 1 :):)

Off to bike now :) its rest from running but Im adding some crosstraining today.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tempo Run on day 12 of this schedule

Ive decided tempo runs should only be done on flat ground, tracks, or treadmills. Its incredibly difficult to maintain a pace Im aiming at when Im going up and down hills and complicate that with a wicked headwind and what you have is effort without the pace reward. SIGH. Im trying to be content with knowing I put loads of effort into that run but the wind sucked all the content out of me.

3 km tempo run with a target of 5:55 mins per km (hardly) 1 km warm up and cool down for a total of 5 km in 33 minutes.

Have a bit of a cold brewing; im sure running in that dampness and wet was good for that. With the Benelyn and the 3 Cold FX I took this morningIve this feeling in my throat that I cant swallow and my stomach is a little upset (snot? LOL). I hope this one is fought off quickly.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ran with the Girls

Margie is training for a half marathon; should be interesting; she will kick its butt and move on to something else. But for the mean time we are doing some running together.

Tonight we met Coralee in town for a run; actually they met and left without me even tho I was only 1 minute late; I ran into them a couple of km in and continued with them.

The program Ive started said run 4 km tonight. I havent run that short in a really long time so I ran a little further and did 6.75 km in just under 45 minutes. IF I dont pick up the times Im never going to manage that Cabot Trail relay.

Funny the current issue of the Canadian Running Magazine had not only a mention of the Cabot Trail Relay but also a totally awesome article on the Not Since Moses run :) Both which are important to me :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

On a new training schedule

and guess I am jumping into week 2 :):):) Doing the Running Room Half marathon training program (and Im aiming for the "finished in 2 hours" schedule.)...I copied the program out today so I can write on it and mess with it. I did only 2 runs last week or 3 in 8 days; not so good! Today is a rest day; Yesterday *Sunday long run day I went with Margie and Jo and since Jo is just re-beginning we had a few walk breaks and then Margie and I went a little further and did a little faster and finished 6.6 km in just around 45 minutes. If I had known we were on this schedule as doing a 7 km run I would have done that little .4 km more LOL oh well its forgiving lol.

Its an 18 week program so we are not really on target for the Johnny Miles Half again; I have the Cabot trail coming up end of May so Im not really focusing on anything else and I might actually do the 10 k at Johnny Miles this year; its not one ive done.

This week I believe I am 4/3/3 km for Tuesday-Thursday and then Saturday an easy 3 k then 7 again on Sunday. I dont usually make Sunday my long run day because its often also hockey/soccer/ball hockey day. But for now with the runs not very long and all those kid free hours in the morning thanks to church, I will leave longer runs for Sunday morning :):):)

And Margie is looking to run along with so it might be good incentive to keep on track and not let things slip :)

2012 km Goal