Friday, March 5, 2010

New Challenge

As part of my core-strengthening program that I am ever so unfaithful to (and need to be more faithful to) Im going to start (not for the first time) the 100 pushups challenge. I am not great at push ups; they hurt my back a lot. But my back and core are not strong so this and planks and sit ups are really necessary for more than just trimming; they may ease this annoying constant achy back issue I have had for past 3 years. (Or more...since kids and beyond really but it flared up when I went back to work after all those lazy years of CHILDRAISING).

So the 100 Pushups challenge is something that can be done pretty quickly and Im adding it. It says 3 times a week; Im such an overachiever Im doing it 6 times a week (I'll rest on Sundays hehe).
Im doing a few other exercises too along with. I cant really train for long long runs if Im not doing something to improve posture; running does make my back hurt especially over long distances and they are coming up and soon!

I will update with progress. This is week 1 :):)

Off to bike now :) its rest from running but Im adding some crosstraining today.

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