Sunday, March 21, 2010

LSD 9 km

Another wonderfully sunny run; not as warm at just sun up but the sun makes up for the chill. And it was chilly starting out. Its supposed to cool a bit and rain this week; how am I going to go back to crappy weather after this beyond normal nice weather stretch we have had? I mean really, setting warmth and sun streak records for March? Rare. Yesterday was the first day of spring but we have had "April" weather for about 3 weeks now. I cant bear the thought of snow now! Or cold rains.

Out on the trail with Margie and Coralee; supposed to be LSD. We did go long; but the pace Margie sets from the very first stride was a bit fast lol. I could not seem to warm out of my tight uneasy feeling; maybe after last night's fast run it was just a little too soon? Dunno but it took forever to feel looser. In fact at the 4.5 km turn around I walked for a minute and then I finally felt less tense and joints were a little more movable. Pace picked up a bit after that.

And pace stayed up. We left poor Coralee all off by herself and stretched out on the trail with Margie setting a fast pace (I cant believe she's just getting into running) sigh. I trailed somewhere in the middle; every time I caught Margie she would go fast enough to stay ahead ;) competative nature in her might be the end of me lol I try to set my own comfortable pace but tend to try to keep up with others at the detriment to my comfort. But the way I see it, i need to push it to get pace up for the Cabot Trail Relay, and therefore I should run with faster people and almost every run lately has been fast fast fast; there have been no slow, steady runs like I am supposed to be doing on occassion. Last night 5 K pace, night before Intervals, Tempo run on Wednestday.....ugh I really need to not burn out!

SO 9 lovely sunny kms this morning at a blistering (this is me, remember) 6:10 pace for a total time of 55:30. Im working on holding a 6 minute pace for like 15.5 km so its getting there. ive a little over 2 months to get there. Yikes.

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