Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gorgeous Weather Running

Really liking all this sun and relative warm after all the months of gloom and cold. :):) This morning wasnt really warm but it sure was sunny :)
after dropping off the kiddies at school I stopped to see what Lavinia was up to; despite having 2 kids home she came for a run; she is faster with a double stroller than I am with no stroller. I can not imagine keeping up with her on a normal run; but I do want her to push and challenge me to go faster so it is good :)

Did the first 5 K in about 29:38 :D:D:D Finished 6.25 km in 35:49 AWESOME for me :):):)

Running shortly with Tonya; a nice easy run. 2 in one day? Gasp!

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