Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ran with the Girls

Margie is training for a half marathon; should be interesting; she will kick its butt and move on to something else. But for the mean time we are doing some running together.

Tonight we met Coralee in town for a run; actually they met and left without me even tho I was only 1 minute late; I ran into them a couple of km in and continued with them.

The program Ive started said run 4 km tonight. I havent run that short in a really long time so I ran a little further and did 6.75 km in just under 45 minutes. IF I dont pick up the times Im never going to manage that Cabot Trail relay.

Funny the current issue of the Canadian Running Magazine had not only a mention of the Cabot Trail Relay but also a totally awesome article on the Not Since Moses run :) Both which are important to me :)

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