Sunday, March 28, 2010

LSD Sunday + Hockey Game

Woke up this morning after nearly 11 hours of sleep (give or take) and felt....not so much rested lol. How long does it take to recover from deprivation?

Didnt run yesterday afternoon; after the 4H meeting there was just no incentive or energy to go. Was asleep before 8 pm. Really.
We thought we would run before our big championship hockey game this morning. I wasnt so convinced it was a good idea at 7 am when it was only 14 C. But we went and despite frozen body parts we did our 9 km in 56 minutes for a 6:13 pace which isnt too terribly bad.

Have a cramp in my right hip/ass lol. Its kinda funny.

Hockey was not so funny. We lost which was expected as I firmly believe the odds were "stacked" against us as far as winning; but I never really was on the ice long enough to feel as tho I was playing the game; when I was done my hair looked great and I wasnt even sweaty at all. First time I have ever played a game and didnt get sweaty. lol Couldnt get any momentum. Was disappointing.

On the other hand I did win a draw prize and have a bag full of hand made soaps to enjoy :) That's a nice surprise.

And I did enjoy the company of lots of hockey playing ladies this weekend and that is always a good time.

Rest day tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. Hockey tomorrow night.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are run days but it is supposed to rain like mad. Friday (rest day) should be sunny. Figures. Amazing Saturday forecast. We'll see.

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