Monday, March 1, 2010

On a new training schedule

and guess I am jumping into week 2 :):):) Doing the Running Room Half marathon training program (and Im aiming for the "finished in 2 hours" schedule.)...I copied the program out today so I can write on it and mess with it. I did only 2 runs last week or 3 in 8 days; not so good! Today is a rest day; Yesterday *Sunday long run day I went with Margie and Jo and since Jo is just re-beginning we had a few walk breaks and then Margie and I went a little further and did a little faster and finished 6.6 km in just around 45 minutes. If I had known we were on this schedule as doing a 7 km run I would have done that little .4 km more LOL oh well its forgiving lol.

Its an 18 week program so we are not really on target for the Johnny Miles Half again; I have the Cabot trail coming up end of May so Im not really focusing on anything else and I might actually do the 10 k at Johnny Miles this year; its not one ive done.

This week I believe I am 4/3/3 km for Tuesday-Thursday and then Saturday an easy 3 k then 7 again on Sunday. I dont usually make Sunday my long run day because its often also hockey/soccer/ball hockey day. But for now with the runs not very long and all those kid free hours in the morning thanks to church, I will leave longer runs for Sunday morning :):):)

And Margie is looking to run along with so it might be good incentive to keep on track and not let things slip :)

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