Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Report: Active!

Sunday; a good, overly active day! :/
Won the game playing with the other team as Goalie....ok that was super fun. I would totally do that again. Of course it wasnt that hard...the team I played for played awesome defense and we didnt play the most skilled team out there; a lot of the really good players were away at a tournament;
Which is part of the reason we missed Lorna and lost our game afterwards SIGH. It was a good game tho.

Soccer; we won that game; rare as we have only won one other game ever! It was good; I was super tired but I tried hard and did ok and Marilyn put in a really nice goal to take the game.

So I kinda had a sore back during the morning run; continued to be sore all day just inside my left shoulder blade; added heat and heat and heat...
By morning could barely stand up straight. Sharon said my ribs were "out" and put some of them back (stubborn) and I put heat on it the rest of the day; by Wednesday back to normal!

Tuesday went to PEI and got new sneakers and a new track coat. Asics Gel Cumulus 11 again; maroon. Nice sneakers that work ok for me; not in a hurry to change although I looked awfully hard at some Gel Nimbus.

Busy Tuesday night so Wednesday evening finally got out for another run; 8.2 km in 50:21...did 8 km in just under 49 minutes. Speed might be coming along; foot was rather sore afterwards tho. Reducing milage this month has not cured the sore foot. SIGH.Ice Ice Ice..

Run tomorrow?

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