Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unplanned rest day and Interval Day

Didnt really plan to not do ANYTHING yesterday but some times it just works out that way. Between the storm and the working and hockey game in Halifax there was no time for activity. SIGH. Still dying to try out my new SnowShoes. Its going to be great once I finally get to use them. :)

Weather is better today; mild and not snowing. Its been lots of wet weather lately; the cold didnt last long last time but its been flurries and little snows for like a week off and on. Little accumulation until yesterday when we did have a storm worth mentioning.

Was back out running this morning doing a fast 5 km interval run 5X400 M of under 5:45 minutes/km. VERY slow inbetween because legs felt heavy leaden and was somewhat nauseated. Could be from lack of sleep (less than 6 hours) and not an adequate breakfast. And not enough water. Must get more water.

No plans for tomorrow as schedule is unclear; Try another 10 K on Saturday.

Wishing for sleep now but too busy.

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