Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 days without a run

February has not started so well as far as the running goes :(

Did run Thursday then Friday was very busy; and cold...and snowy...and nasty

And I spent loads of time arranging kids to school and then back home when they called it off part way through the day. And then took the college kids on a class trip. then it was dark and still blowing SIGH.

Saturday was hockey and cleaning house. Sat night out; Sunday morning came tired and with a cold. SIGH. Another cold. Just what I need.

Then Monday was my long long long day and I kinda wimped out on the run. Feeling tired. Of course; I have this cold.

Tueday dawned sunny and -29 celcius. I have this cold. I am not pushing it lol. PLanned to bike at home ;) have the bike trainer from our birthday present; it looks interesting. what happened to Tuesday? Had some company after work (Yeah sure Tuesday is supposed to be my day off Whatever.) then it was cold and dark and there was dinner with the grands and cheesecake then 4H General Meeting and then Tuesday was gone.

Wednesday; Cold again. but also still sunny. So 60 minutes on the bike before work. It wasnt what I had thought it might; I thought when I pedal faster, it would give resistance; it didnt really but I did tighten up the wheel until it was resistance enough then geared up and down occassionally. Wasnt really enough resistance to "stand" on the pedals but it'll be an ok workout.

After work was sunny still and after sitting here until it was almost dark and dropped a degree (-10) I convinced myself to go out just to run to the top of the hill and back; about 4 km.

After I was out, as usual, I felt pretty good and took it a little further, finishing up aith 5 km. And it was dark but Im happy to see its getting lighter in the evenings; it was not pitch dark at 6 pm :):) this will improve my running a lot :)

So back at it. SIGH now to stay on the wagon...

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