Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thursday Run without Electronics

As soon as I started out on my run around Valleydale etc route my Garmin died. SIGH. I really love knowing what pace I am at. But ok I can deal. I looked at my Ipod and said " If you die Im going home." No word of a lie, It instantly said, "connect to power". So I did that 8 km without anything electronic to tell me how fast I was going or to cover up the sounds of my ragged breathing. I breath pretty loud. Especially when its cold out and my nose freezes. lol

Not that I mind having no Ipod...but I wonder if I always sound that loud on the pavement. I did miss the way the music paces me.

I dont like to have no actual "numbers" on the fast to here and there, how much further. But I had nothing.

OH well, all charged up now.
Nice blizzard yesterday; didnt run in that. In fact spent so much time coordinating kids and getting back to work, didnt do any more than 38 minutes of Wii. Stupid WiiFit. lol

FOr our birthdays we invested in a Bike Trainer that turns our bicycle into a stationary bike. Im going to love it. Warm basement tho.....going to sweat like hell.


Gaspegirl said...

Good for you for committing to the run without your electronics. Still inspiring me and I read daily even if I do not comment. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I...try to run electronic free occasionally. I can always do it in races...but on my solo runs...I need my ipod. :)

And YAY for the trainer!!! I have one and I LOVE I just need a better bike seat and I'll be good to go!

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