Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful Day

And today is why we still run in the winter.
It was COLD. I mean breath frozen hanging in the air cold. -15 with wind chill. And sunny with that impossibly blue sky. So on go the clothes and sneakers and Garmin that OMG is out of battery and Ipod to match SIGH better go get some charging started! I digress.

With temps about 0 C I put on a coat over my long sleeved shirt. -5 I add a hat. May keep gloves on.

- 10 with wind chill of -15...I added a sweater and a tank top; and added a scarf. I was too hot. BUT I always end up cold and I needed the scarf because last 3 runs Ive come home with numb frozen lips. Ew. Dont enjoy the thawing.

The snow was crunching and a little slippy but it was perfect for running. And I didnt go anywhere tooooo busy because I wanted to have some space on the side of the road so I went up Valleydale.

8.4 km in 59 minutes isnt setting any records but it sure was nice to get out there.

After class and dinner I went to Hockeyville where there was some pick up ladies hockey and CASSIE CAMPBELL visited the rink for a CBC interview with the Deuvilles and she met us all and signed my shirt ;)

Busy day!

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