Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nice warmer day!

It warmed right up to -2 today which is actually really nice for running; it was very damp and that wasnt so pleasant. But it was a good run; until I finally met up with what I was scared of running in town; a train. On Queen street; there was no other realistic option but to wait. And since I was wet and sweaty and hot and chilling; I got very cold very fast. I walked back and forth along the road waiting and glared at the impatient people sitting in their cars with the heat on and something to do. I was SO shivering and no one said Oh want to wait in my car? of course not lol. It took about 4 songs on my Ipod to wait that train out; I was sick when I saw another engine in the middle of the train knowing that meant it was particularly long. Ugh. By the time it was gone I was chilled through and really didnt feel like running any more but I was still 1.5 km from the college with time running out to be on time for work; SO I had to scoot and try to make up some time :)

8 km in 52 minutes. 61 km down and 1439 left to go lol.

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