Friday, January 15, 2010

Above Freezing Again

It was +1! even tho it was raining slightly I had to get out there and get a few km in :) SO I dragged on my clothes and out I went. Ok I realllllly didnt want to. It was dark and damp and chill. but I did; as soon as I dont, I believe it will be easier to skip.
And it was a good run. I ran up the hill (where the crows roost.....EW.) and up the bigger hill. And then down the very big hill. Which got me moving so well I kept up that pace for 3 more km. Then another km cool down and I was back at the pool. Slowing was actually hard; this was all done on flatter roads.
I may be getting a little jumpy on the traffic; I think there are more rude cars in truro than anywhere else in Canada. Blah bastards! Particularly the ones crossing the sidewalks; I can only stay on the sidewalks; I cant vanish from your way just because you want to ignore your brakes. Its so unpleasant to run in town. Damn their streetlights and paved sidewalks lol.

so 5.6 km more done in 35.46 minutes; much cooling off and climbing hills lol was a very good run :)

Longer run planned for tomorrow but Ive no idea when; its a busy day!

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