Sunday, January 10, 2010

Continuing the Run but for how long?

Ok the weather is starting to be a little bit less nice. lol Ran on Thursday before going to work, it was snowy. I like the snow. but my face was cold.

Friday did SFA. No reason. i guess that isnt true if you count Wii Fit as an activity then I wasnt completely inactive. I did Dance Dance Revolution as well but I suck at it; I guess I was still "moving".

Saturday was spent at a swim meet and the way the times fell I didnt really have an ideal stretch of time despite being prepared this time for some running and gym work. Taylor had a 5 hour break; too long to be hanging out at the pool. 2-3 hours would have been ideal lol. Not enough time between any of the other races. lol

Sunday - wasted most of the morning then got in an 8 km run. it was -6; starting to get very cold. My face was numb and my hair froze into sweaty hair-cicles. I started to drip as soon as I got into the house gross lol. And I had frost all over me; even my gloves which stayed on the whole way, where normally I would have pulled them off. Brrrrr it was stinkin cold. lol

Ah well. Winter is here. Now where is that snow?

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