Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why I run with others

LOL I actually like running alone and setting the pace and going where I want and thinking about what I want and listening to my really loud music. Sometimes its monotonous and sometimes I get lonesome; but I really do love that "alone" time.

So why do I want to run with others?

Accountability. Plain and simple.

Take last night, for example. It was a damp, chilly day. No not cold, Im not complaining about cold. hhahaha just damp. Bone chilling damp. I came home after picking up the kids, climbed into cozy warm clothes, and since the house was chilly and I hate making fire, I got a blanket and snuggled in.

And would have stayed there til morning which would have gotten no exercise done, and would have played havoc on my back which doesnt love laying around as much as I do. I would have fallen asleep, missed the hockey game, gotten no "work" done for the next day, and missed all that quality time on the couch with Scott while he yelled at Team Canada to "come on".

But I had made plans. I planned! a run with Coralee. We are going to go at the least once a week I think. I cant cancel on a planned run. I cant leave her hanging. This worked really well last year with Tonya; we ran a lot of evenings. But so far she's been no show (dig dig) and Ive made a new plan.

So I dragged butt out of bed, put on the running attire, and drove to town. Where there are lights and sidewalks of course lol. Coralee was already there waiting so we took off and although yes it was a little slower than I usually would have run, it was also better than laying on the bed, better than sleeping through the evening, and I added Wood Street repeats....yeah 2 of them hahahahah yuck. And got the workout in. All runs cannot be "go til you puke" runs. Some need to be fun.

So another 5.4 km in, 18.4 total, and only 1481.6 more to go this year.

And a plan to run not only next day, but another date with Coralee on Friday night.

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