Monday, January 18, 2010


After resting most of the weekend, got back out there this evening for a short, easy run. I only played hockey on the weekend.

After my run on Friday night I felt a little sharpness in my left heel. When I pushed off my toe. Or stretched. Little ice, but it felt worse later on.
Saturday it was very uncomfortable to walk. Running actually might have felt better but I decided not to go; skating was ok tho because the skate is so supportive and restricts movement; Foot doesnt move much.
Sunday I also didnt run, but I did skate; noted a pain in the right knee, under the kneecap. Just an annoying feeling. More ice, more rest. No soccer; had a 4H meeting and didnt try too hard to get done early as it was first meeting and I didnt really want to run on that artificial turf anyway with the pains in the lower legs.

So to Monday; not feeling quite better (especially knee) but I thought a short easy run would likely be ok. So off....actually didnt hurt worse to run; hurts worse to walk.

So my question would be; do I rest and see if these irritations go away? or run through them? Ive no idea. SO I will try nice easy runs for now :)

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