Friday, April 29, 2011


A busy day, not a whole lot of work got done, but home stuff did :)
Since it rained all week and was pretty warm, our grass kicked into grow gear. yay right? Ive not raked it yet. UGH is what Im saying LOL. I do have most of the dog poo off of it. The trampoline has been hauled out.  Im going to go mad with the raking this weekend. The sun is supposed to come out, tomorrow tomorrow. With chance of showers SIGH.  Yesterday was actually a nice hot day once the pouring rain stopped. It got up to about 21C and the sun peeked out.
Ah yesterday. 
After taking the kids to school I was SO cold. I did some stuff around the house and eventually wandered to the basement where the DVD player is.  I had skipped Plyometrics Day 2 so I put in Day 3 Shoulders Biceps and Triceps, and even tho my arms were sore from the pull ups and push ups 2 days before I had a good workout. I did however go out later in the day and buy some 8 pound weights.  Next week is 12 pounds; then we are covered from 3-15.  There are just sometimes when I really want something in between and there have been few occassions where I might want heavier than 15 pounds at this point.

After P90X I put in Hip Hop Abs because I still cant do Ab Ripper X.  It was better; i kept up better. I still did not feel it was high intensity enough; but I am sure its better than nothing and at least I was moving. 
Last night we started our running club on the Hill :):) A friend wanted to run so we thought we would just start out; and we picked up 2 more as we went. We will see who sticks.  but it was super nice not to be running alone. I was trying to remember the last time I ran with someone. I thought it was like October but in January I ran once with Margie so that's wrong.  Either way, company was nice. We did about a minute and a half shuffle and three and a half minutes walking, repeat 5 times.  Warm up, cool down, stretch; all took less than an hour :)
So fairly active low-impact day.

Pretty sleepy today because of being up late last night. Contrary to believe it's because of the dogs needing to be out "one last time", not for any tv event or a good book. SIGH. 

Recap for March before the end of April

Ive been forgetting to update my ticker with my km totals so I went through the months and totalled up the km Ive done for March and April and updated it.

Then I didnt recap March.  lol

Total km: 119.4 (plus some walking (125.83))
Total Hours: 34.83 active hours logged
40 workouts logged
16,020 calories burned.

March wasn't bad.  the weather was a little hard to run in, and the hours were short, but workouts were rewarding.
 April was not a good month. More on that later. I think Ive griped enough :(

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hip-o Hop Abs

I should have gone home yesterday afternoon and done something. Anything. Slug fest continues LOL.
But by the time I had picked up the littles, Holly had a headache and was crying, and I had already taken Tylenol for a head ache combined with a butt-ache from spending a few hours in my chair at work. Misery continues in the southern region.  I took Holly home and we had a nap on my bed, and then she hopped up revived while I felt even more lethargic LOL. I finished a book I was reading, Tuesdays with Morrie, which was both sad and inspiring at the same time.  I watched most of his nightline interview with Ted Koeppel (is that right? Cant remember) and after a small supper, and some time with the kids, there wasnt much left.
Ball hockey games start this week. Im not super excited about it, I think its going to be a rough season, with lots of bruises, and it has started on a low note with some team stress and unnecessary meanness.  Not excited but slogging through the planning anyway.

This morning I had some trouble getting out of bed (darned hockey game dramas) after sleeping poorly and having some weird dreams. So I did not get up early. After I took the kids to school I put in the DVD Hip Hop Abs with Shaun T.  OK that guy is weird.  It was kinda cheesy.  I am also terribly uncoordinated apparently and I have no rhythm LOL. Maybe I was really doing it wrong, but I dont feel like I "worked" very much. I tried the technique and I tried to do it as fast as they did although sometimes I was not really keeping up. But I dont know if this is for me.  Shaun T was cheesy.  And those grinning robots with him? hmm. 
Ugh I had this weird sharp pain in my left knee while I was doing the DVD.  It was to the left and behind my kneecap, stabbing discomfort. Gonna keep an eye on that. It was snapping while I was bouncing too LOL

Anyway I started the day off with some moving around and now Im working the day away, planning a run to ball hockey practice tonight?

Im not sure about P90X Plyometrics. I started some this morning and the jumping was....jarring.  May run through it or just stick with weights this week and run on the "active" days.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


All I can do is keep doing something today.  I cant worry about yesterday or fret about tomorrow SIGH just get something done today.
I am lucky really to have so many options, things to do.  If it is raining I can (could) ride the trainer in the basement. P90X DVDs with lots of options, other programs. Sunny? Run outside. Hockey, ball hockey, baseball, snowshoeing, hiking. There is always something to do.
Yesterday the weather was awesome and once my work was complete (yes complete, marking is finished) I went home and prepared for a run. I took the two little girls on their bikes and we went the 8km loop. Some of the roads were a little busy but the kids did awesome right until we hit the hill up to the house, then the whines came out a bit (Im going to DIE) but they really did great. 
Im still running funny, stiff and careful. Its hard on the knees and ankles.
This morning I got up and after the kids left for School I did P90X.  I gave in and restarted Day 1.  I just feel lost in it at the moment and how can it be hardful to go back to the beginning? :):)
Now I do have to do something else that is active today for the 500 calories burned, but in the rain Im not sure what it will be; I cannot imagine sitting on the bike trainer for a n hour with my tail bone agony. But if I learned anything this morning it is that I can do squats and pull ups and push ups but I cannot do downward facing dog and I believe that will put pretty muich all of yoga off the table. I might this time around replace some of those days in P90X with a run.  Rather than doing both.  Will see how awful it is; maybe by Friday I can manage to do the yoga. Or just skip anything that hurts.  All I had to skip in the Chest and Back DVD was the Dive Bomber Pushups because the DFD at the top was just too awful and pulling back up into it seemed rediculously hard.  LOL Maybe in a couple of weeks.

I need to try an Ab workout that does not involve sitting on my butt.  Im thinking Hipo Hop Abs might be the thing but I have to find it somewhere.  Will have to wait for a bit

Onward and upward...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A shakey run

It's been 6 days and today I finally went out and ran.
The last 6 days have been super unpleasant. Anyone who has had a tailbone injury knows. You cannot even sneeze without hurting that thing :( Rolling over in bed taking a lot of effort and so sleeping has been rough.  Not getting enough of it.  Walking around hurts but it beats sitting, anywhere, anytime, because sitting is pure misery.I have even been sitting on an exercise ball; its better but not really working for me. 
I got through my Grandmother's memorial in great discomfort but it was distracting to see all those people. Once that was over, it was back to work. I had a stack of exams to mark a foot high :(  And that means a lot of...sitting.  I spent Wednesday at my office moving from my chair to the big ball to standing and bending over (which is harder than squatting) and walking as much as I could but I didnt get much done.  Thursday I could not face another day of that torture so I marked from home standing at the kitchen island.  The height was perfect for marking and despite the distractions I got twice as much done as I did the day before. Still, marking goes slow because I have to move around so much. It's not done yet. SIGH.
We had a ball hockey practice Thursday night and I could not take part :( Too uncomfortable.
FF to Sunday; I decided today was the day I was running no matter what. I had spent too much time sitting down today and it wasnt until late afternoon that I feel the Ibuprofen kicked in enough to go for a short run.  5 km in 34 minutes; hilly.  But I did take it super easy.  Went really slow. I was stiff and running in an awkward position to ease discomfort. It did feel better towards half way; I picked it up a little on the way back. It wasnt great but I suppose it is a start. I cant go too far or too fast, but  I was out in the sun!  And Im a little worried about the odd running form, being hard on my body parts.  My ankles were sore as were my shins. But it could be partly the fact that for 6 days Ive spent most of my time doing very little :(

Holly and I took the dogs for a walk after my run, so I got another 20 minutes of movement in. Ball hockey practice tonight.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cannot believe what I've done :(

Ugh as if the get up and go wasn't low enough lately with too much stress and too many demands:( Friday was visiting and running around with kids and meetings :( and work.
Saturday morning worked; had an exam to give :(
Saturday afternoon after housework we went to visit family; Not sure how that went as there is illness and death everywhere :(
Sunday after the kids were sent to church I headed out for a run despite the drizzle and gusty winds :( because it was better then, than later.  I planned to go on a route that had some turnaround spots to shorten it if it was not going well; but I did go the entire planned distance.  I was surprised to get back to our road a mile short, and ran a km past the road and then back down to make the distance before Scott picked me up and took me up the hill. 14 km in 1:30 was pretty good.  Felt ok even with the winds which did get terrible later.

After dinner we headed off to visit family in hospital in Halifax; and I slipped in the back seat of the car and sat down hard....on a wooden toy.  I have broken my tailbone before and it was agony.  But this is almost as bad.  I can hardly move.  I cannot believe I did this.  Just as the weather is improving!  :( If I had been an inch or 2 to either side, I would have simply bruised my big ass.  But to sit directly on the tailbone on this darned toy....what was the chance? 

Now how can I run?  or bike? or P90X?   i cannot even roll over. And getting out of a chair kills.  And then there is all this family stuff, like visitation and memorials, others still in hospital....
I can't sleep.
And I have 40 hours of marking to the next 2 days.
:( SAD.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Not sure how much more I can take :(

Im really trying hard to be all positive and cheery and get enough sleep and eat the right foods and be active and I really think the Universe is trying to tell me something as lately I cannot seem to shake the feeling of doom :(
Running is going ok when I get out which is not enough.  Other activities are fine when there is time.
Work is winding down which will be a much needed break; there is still some time and marking and preparing for next year to get through but time has cleared a lot and it's breathable.
Now if the family would just get healthy....
Serious illnesses. Death. I suppose this is what happens as we age; Im fine with aging, I do not so much miss the youth and all that; but a side effect of getting older is my family is aging as well. I miss my kids when they were little and my parents and grandparents when they were not scaring the crap out of me. Those older folks are giving me grey hair.  My grandfather's bout with dementia and move into a seniors home last year was a wake up call that will not turn off.  My grandmother was left living alone and family worried much about her.
My Grandfatherinlaw is going through something similar.  And has been for awhile. He is now in hospital while his wife is alone at home.  He was actually in the same ward as my Fatherinlaw for a day; FIL is also having concerns of his own with a sick heart that is worrying us all with spells of good and bad and now an extending hospital stay. 
My other grandfather was misdiagnosed and finally diagnosed with lung cancer that seems pretty advanced.  Doing tests but these things go slowly and at his age I am not sure what treatment options are realistic anyway :(
So with all of these worries I was completely blindsided by the sudden and unexpected death of my grandmother 2 days ago :( She was not actually ill.  She simply died suddenly (and alone; quickly I hope) in her home in the middle of her breakfast.  For all that we are shocked and sad about it, Im relieved she will not suffer and we will not have to watch.  This is the way I want to go; here one moment, not here the next. 
I think my family has had enough.

Running? Went on Wednesday afternoon in the rain; did intervals on the trail and it was nice (not fast but nice).  I havent done intervals in forever and then I go and bust out 8 X 400 m intervals at a 5 K pace.  mile warm up, couple km cool down.  50 minutes for 8 km total.  much enjoyed but its the last time Ive had time for running. And getting up early for P90X or doing it in the evening has been hampered by company and late nights.  I just need to get through this time; I have no races coming up any time soon. SIGH.

I hope the Universe is listening. I NEED A BREAK.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


after kids left for School I totally managed to get at P90X! I restarted week 5; so I am back to day 19.  And Ouch it was not pretty!  I was so shaking! But I did the whole Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, and then Ab Ripper X, and did try my hardest!  I Cannot do one arm Push Ups!  But I did dip a little on them so I counted...4. yeah 4 HAHAHAHA.  This morning I am super sore so I guess I worked out pretty well.
Im not sure tho that I should not have started again at the beginning. But Im not even really sure it matters?  As long as Im at it. 

After school the littles and I went for a walk/run; they are starting their running program and I walked the 3 dogs behind them. It was a beautiful although windy day and they had a good time.  Annika's feet hurt. We went about 2.3 km over the 40 minutes so that isnt bad.

While cleaning up the garage a bit, Taylor called to say her play practice was cancelled and could I come get her? SIGH.

No run. UGH!  Im not sure why; after all that activity in the afternoon I felt I had to do some marking.  So I marked until...MIDNIGHT. Jeez.

Super tired Wednesday morning; did NOT get up to do...Plyometrics I think it is this morning. I hope I can make myself do it later on.  :(

Monday, April 11, 2011

Check In

Great hockey team :)
4 weeks to the half marathon I am considering. 4!  How can I possibly be ready?  The Fredericton Marathon might just go on without me.
Last Wednesday I did manage a little run of 6.6 km. It was better than expected. The weather has been terrific and Ive really needed to take advantage of that but I have not. I have been spending too much time in an office without a window, no view of the lovely weather. Which is likely just as well since I need to work harder to get things done. People keep asking for stuff from me!  Im going as fast as I can! Ugh!
Super new sneakers; back to Gel Cumulus 11.
Thursday I was single parenting and there was so much to do; go home from work to get hockey gear, pick up kids at sitter, cross town to pick Taylor up at school, cross town to take her to swim practice, cross town to get Annika to hockey where I did get a teensy bit of skating in; back home to put supper on, back across town to pick Taylor up from swimming;  feed kids, get them to bed, clean up house; and fall into bed exhausted.  No run.
Friday was working, getting kids off to hockey tournament and 4H dog meeting; packing bags and stuff as well. No run.

A little dog training

Excited to go play!

Saturday we were up super early and off to the city for early hockey games and swim meet.  Taylor went with grands and we took the littles to the Female Festival.  They love this tournament; playing with girls is a different experience for them once a year :)

Being fairly silly; No photos of Runners Pose!

Holly the Goon :) Had a fairly aggressive tournament.
Hockey girls :) 

Saturday afternoon there was a bit of a break and with the amazing warm temps and sun I decided to go for a run :) I got some directions from Auntie Jessie, and ran around Portland Estates for 1:17 for a total of 12.35 km.  I ran up a trail and around a sub division.  Then down another trail, over some really rough wood chip trail, back to road, and 3 times around Jessie's sub division to get the distance.  Long run done.
Back to hockey :) The girls were having good games with wins or ties.  Late back to the hotel which was awesome :) We had some fun trying to surprise Lex for her birthday and had some cupcakes and candles :) The kids ran around the hotel all the rest of the night, and slept in a bit the next morning.
The sun was shining in the morning and I had time to squeeze in another little run, across the highway was Shubie park and miles of trails so I ran 8 km there on the rolling trails.  It was SO nice. I got a little lost but kept the highway on the right side so found my way out quite without  making any turns back :) 52 minutes and change. 
The rest of the tournament was good :) we came home and I worked til very late.
Now it is Monday and thanks to the weather I did not manage to get a run in.  It was way rainy and Super windy with notable gusts.  Tomorrow I will make time for a run. :)
AND maybe I can get up and get back to P90X?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Times Flying By

Panic setting in about many things! Time needs to slow it's ass down!  OMG I havent written since March! That's because...nothing much is going on here.
Since I last wrote Ive worked like a dog to get stuff done at work. Do not have my head above water yet but I see the surface.  I played hockey 9 times. !!  It was tournament week and we had a few kid practices and pick up games for fun.  :):)  We had a tough tournament but we made it to the final game against the odds. where we lost SIGH there was just no way.
I didnt run much at the time, trying to preserve energy and working and just very tired.  Really tired.  I am supposed to be back on track now; its' rough.
But as soon as I have something to write I will write it.
Thinking about a run soon. Went on Monday and will go tomorrow...maybe. LOL

2012 km Goal