Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cannot believe what I've done :(

Ugh as if the get up and go wasn't low enough lately with too much stress and too many demands:( Friday was visiting and running around with kids and meetings :( and work.
Saturday morning worked; had an exam to give :(
Saturday afternoon after housework we went to visit family; Not sure how that went as there is illness and death everywhere :(
Sunday after the kids were sent to church I headed out for a run despite the drizzle and gusty winds :( because it was better then, than later.  I planned to go on a route that had some turnaround spots to shorten it if it was not going well; but I did go the entire planned distance.  I was surprised to get back to our road a mile short, and ran a km past the road and then back down to make the distance before Scott picked me up and took me up the hill. 14 km in 1:30 was pretty good.  Felt ok even with the winds which did get terrible later.

After dinner we headed off to visit family in hospital in Halifax; and I slipped in the back seat of the car and sat down hard....on a wooden toy.  I have broken my tailbone before and it was agony.  But this is almost as bad.  I can hardly move.  I cannot believe I did this.  Just as the weather is improving!  :( If I had been an inch or 2 to either side, I would have simply bruised my big ass.  But to sit directly on the tailbone on this darned toy....what was the chance? 

Now how can I run?  or bike? or P90X?   i cannot even roll over. And getting out of a chair kills.  And then there is all this family stuff, like visitation and memorials, others still in hospital....
I can't sleep.
And I have 40 hours of marking to do...in the next 2 days.
:( SAD.


Gaspegirl said...

OMGoodness girl, when it rains - it pours! You will make it through this... one day at a time. Go see a doctor Doc and see if there isn't something that they can give you to take the pain away a bit so you can get through the next few weeks. I will be thinking of you.

Try and MAKE it a great day!

Gaspegirl said...

Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I started C25K because I want to go for a run with you when you come down this summer. I need to learn how to run first ;) I will get there!

Faith Ann said...

OHMYGOSH... that sounds painful!!!

I hope it heals quickly.

Good luck getting your marking done. Your family is busy at the best of times, it sounds like so much extra has been piled on. Hope things calm down soon.

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