Monday, April 11, 2011

Check In

Great hockey team :)
4 weeks to the half marathon I am considering. 4!  How can I possibly be ready?  The Fredericton Marathon might just go on without me.
Last Wednesday I did manage a little run of 6.6 km. It was better than expected. The weather has been terrific and Ive really needed to take advantage of that but I have not. I have been spending too much time in an office without a window, no view of the lovely weather. Which is likely just as well since I need to work harder to get things done. People keep asking for stuff from me!  Im going as fast as I can! Ugh!
Super new sneakers; back to Gel Cumulus 11.
Thursday I was single parenting and there was so much to do; go home from work to get hockey gear, pick up kids at sitter, cross town to pick Taylor up at school, cross town to take her to swim practice, cross town to get Annika to hockey where I did get a teensy bit of skating in; back home to put supper on, back across town to pick Taylor up from swimming;  feed kids, get them to bed, clean up house; and fall into bed exhausted.  No run.
Friday was working, getting kids off to hockey tournament and 4H dog meeting; packing bags and stuff as well. No run.

A little dog training

Excited to go play!

Saturday we were up super early and off to the city for early hockey games and swim meet.  Taylor went with grands and we took the littles to the Female Festival.  They love this tournament; playing with girls is a different experience for them once a year :)

Being fairly silly; No photos of Runners Pose!

Holly the Goon :) Had a fairly aggressive tournament.
Hockey girls :) 

Saturday afternoon there was a bit of a break and with the amazing warm temps and sun I decided to go for a run :) I got some directions from Auntie Jessie, and ran around Portland Estates for 1:17 for a total of 12.35 km.  I ran up a trail and around a sub division.  Then down another trail, over some really rough wood chip trail, back to road, and 3 times around Jessie's sub division to get the distance.  Long run done.
Back to hockey :) The girls were having good games with wins or ties.  Late back to the hotel which was awesome :) We had some fun trying to surprise Lex for her birthday and had some cupcakes and candles :) The kids ran around the hotel all the rest of the night, and slept in a bit the next morning.
The sun was shining in the morning and I had time to squeeze in another little run, across the highway was Shubie park and miles of trails so I ran 8 km there on the rolling trails.  It was SO nice. I got a little lost but kept the highway on the right side so found my way out quite without  making any turns back :) 52 minutes and change. 
The rest of the tournament was good :) we came home and I worked til very late.
Now it is Monday and thanks to the weather I did not manage to get a run in.  It was way rainy and Super windy with notable gusts.  Tomorrow I will make time for a run. :)
AND maybe I can get up and get back to P90X?

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Gaspegirl said...

What a wild week!! It must be hard when you are on your own with the three girls who are so active in ... well, everything!

Have a great week and try not to work too hard ;)

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