Tuesday, April 26, 2011


All I can do is keep doing something today.  I cant worry about yesterday or fret about tomorrow SIGH just get something done today.
I am lucky really to have so many options, things to do.  If it is raining I can (could) ride the trainer in the basement. P90X DVDs with lots of options, other programs. Sunny? Run outside. Hockey, ball hockey, baseball, snowshoeing, hiking. There is always something to do.
Yesterday the weather was awesome and once my work was complete (yes complete, marking is finished) I went home and prepared for a run. I took the two little girls on their bikes and we went the 8km loop. Some of the roads were a little busy but the kids did awesome right until we hit the hill up to the house, then the whines came out a bit (Im going to DIE) but they really did great. 
Im still running funny, stiff and careful. Its hard on the knees and ankles.
This morning I got up and after the kids left for School I did P90X.  I gave in and restarted Day 1.  I just feel lost in it at the moment and how can it be hardful to go back to the beginning? :):)
Now I do have to do something else that is active today for the 500 calories burned, but in the rain Im not sure what it will be; I cannot imagine sitting on the bike trainer for a n hour with my tail bone agony. But if I learned anything this morning it is that I can do squats and pull ups and push ups but I cannot do downward facing dog and I believe that will put pretty muich all of yoga off the table. I might this time around replace some of those days in P90X with a run.  Rather than doing both.  Will see how awful it is; maybe by Friday I can manage to do the yoga. Or just skip anything that hurts.  All I had to skip in the Chest and Back DVD was the Dive Bomber Pushups because the DFD at the top was just too awful and pulling back up into it seemed rediculously hard.  LOL Maybe in a couple of weeks.

I need to try an Ab workout that does not involve sitting on my butt.  Im thinking Hipo Hop Abs might be the thing but I have to find it somewhere.  Will have to wait for a bit

Onward and upward...

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Scrappytbear said...

That's a great Typo: Hipo Hop Abs. Im leaving it because it makes me laugh.

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