Friday, April 29, 2011


A busy day, not a whole lot of work got done, but home stuff did :)
Since it rained all week and was pretty warm, our grass kicked into grow gear. yay right? Ive not raked it yet. UGH is what Im saying LOL. I do have most of the dog poo off of it. The trampoline has been hauled out.  Im going to go mad with the raking this weekend. The sun is supposed to come out, tomorrow tomorrow. With chance of showers SIGH.  Yesterday was actually a nice hot day once the pouring rain stopped. It got up to about 21C and the sun peeked out.
Ah yesterday. 
After taking the kids to school I was SO cold. I did some stuff around the house and eventually wandered to the basement where the DVD player is.  I had skipped Plyometrics Day 2 so I put in Day 3 Shoulders Biceps and Triceps, and even tho my arms were sore from the pull ups and push ups 2 days before I had a good workout. I did however go out later in the day and buy some 8 pound weights.  Next week is 12 pounds; then we are covered from 3-15.  There are just sometimes when I really want something in between and there have been few occassions where I might want heavier than 15 pounds at this point.

After P90X I put in Hip Hop Abs because I still cant do Ab Ripper X.  It was better; i kept up better. I still did not feel it was high intensity enough; but I am sure its better than nothing and at least I was moving. 
Last night we started our running club on the Hill :):) A friend wanted to run so we thought we would just start out; and we picked up 2 more as we went. We will see who sticks.  but it was super nice not to be running alone. I was trying to remember the last time I ran with someone. I thought it was like October but in January I ran once with Margie so that's wrong.  Either way, company was nice. We did about a minute and a half shuffle and three and a half minutes walking, repeat 5 times.  Warm up, cool down, stretch; all took less than an hour :)
So fairly active low-impact day.

Pretty sleepy today because of being up late last night. Contrary to believe it's because of the dogs needing to be out "one last time", not for any tv event or a good book. SIGH. 

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