Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hip-o Hop Abs

I should have gone home yesterday afternoon and done something. Anything. Slug fest continues LOL.
But by the time I had picked up the littles, Holly had a headache and was crying, and I had already taken Tylenol for a head ache combined with a butt-ache from spending a few hours in my chair at work. Misery continues in the southern region.  I took Holly home and we had a nap on my bed, and then she hopped up revived while I felt even more lethargic LOL. I finished a book I was reading, Tuesdays with Morrie, which was both sad and inspiring at the same time.  I watched most of his nightline interview with Ted Koeppel (is that right? Cant remember) and after a small supper, and some time with the kids, there wasnt much left.
Ball hockey games start this week. Im not super excited about it, I think its going to be a rough season, with lots of bruises, and it has started on a low note with some team stress and unnecessary meanness.  Not excited but slogging through the planning anyway.

This morning I had some trouble getting out of bed (darned hockey game dramas) after sleeping poorly and having some weird dreams. So I did not get up early. After I took the kids to school I put in the DVD Hip Hop Abs with Shaun T.  OK that guy is weird.  It was kinda cheesy.  I am also terribly uncoordinated apparently and I have no rhythm LOL. Maybe I was really doing it wrong, but I dont feel like I "worked" very much. I tried the technique and I tried to do it as fast as they did although sometimes I was not really keeping up. But I dont know if this is for me.  Shaun T was cheesy.  And those grinning robots with him? hmm. 
Ugh I had this weird sharp pain in my left knee while I was doing the DVD.  It was to the left and behind my kneecap, stabbing discomfort. Gonna keep an eye on that. It was snapping while I was bouncing too LOL

Anyway I started the day off with some moving around and now Im working the day away, planning a run to ball hockey practice tonight?

Im not sure about P90X Plyometrics. I started some this morning and the jumping was....jarring.  May run through it or just stick with weights this week and run on the "active" days.

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