Sunday, April 24, 2011

A shakey run

It's been 6 days and today I finally went out and ran.
The last 6 days have been super unpleasant. Anyone who has had a tailbone injury knows. You cannot even sneeze without hurting that thing :( Rolling over in bed taking a lot of effort and so sleeping has been rough.  Not getting enough of it.  Walking around hurts but it beats sitting, anywhere, anytime, because sitting is pure misery.I have even been sitting on an exercise ball; its better but not really working for me. 
I got through my Grandmother's memorial in great discomfort but it was distracting to see all those people. Once that was over, it was back to work. I had a stack of exams to mark a foot high :(  And that means a lot of...sitting.  I spent Wednesday at my office moving from my chair to the big ball to standing and bending over (which is harder than squatting) and walking as much as I could but I didnt get much done.  Thursday I could not face another day of that torture so I marked from home standing at the kitchen island.  The height was perfect for marking and despite the distractions I got twice as much done as I did the day before. Still, marking goes slow because I have to move around so much. It's not done yet. SIGH.
We had a ball hockey practice Thursday night and I could not take part :( Too uncomfortable.
FF to Sunday; I decided today was the day I was running no matter what. I had spent too much time sitting down today and it wasnt until late afternoon that I feel the Ibuprofen kicked in enough to go for a short run.  5 km in 34 minutes; hilly.  But I did take it super easy.  Went really slow. I was stiff and running in an awkward position to ease discomfort. It did feel better towards half way; I picked it up a little on the way back. It wasnt great but I suppose it is a start. I cant go too far or too fast, but  I was out in the sun!  And Im a little worried about the odd running form, being hard on my body parts.  My ankles were sore as were my shins. But it could be partly the fact that for 6 days Ive spent most of my time doing very little :(

Holly and I took the dogs for a walk after my run, so I got another 20 minutes of movement in. Ball hockey practice tonight.

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Gaspegirl said...

Oooohhhh, I have had a tailbone injury once and it took forever to heal. I hope that you are feeling better sooner than I did.

Glad to hear you restarted the X... you are right, it can only help.

Make it a great day!

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