Wednesday, April 13, 2011


after kids left for School I totally managed to get at P90X! I restarted week 5; so I am back to day 19.  And Ouch it was not pretty!  I was so shaking! But I did the whole Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, and then Ab Ripper X, and did try my hardest!  I Cannot do one arm Push Ups!  But I did dip a little on them so I counted...4. yeah 4 HAHAHAHA.  This morning I am super sore so I guess I worked out pretty well.
Im not sure tho that I should not have started again at the beginning. But Im not even really sure it matters?  As long as Im at it. 

After school the littles and I went for a walk/run; they are starting their running program and I walked the 3 dogs behind them. It was a beautiful although windy day and they had a good time.  Annika's feet hurt. We went about 2.3 km over the 40 minutes so that isnt bad.

While cleaning up the garage a bit, Taylor called to say her play practice was cancelled and could I come get her? SIGH.

No run. UGH!  Im not sure why; after all that activity in the afternoon I felt I had to do some marking.  So I marked until...MIDNIGHT. Jeez.

Super tired Wednesday morning; did NOT get up to do...Plyometrics I think it is this morning. I hope I can make myself do it later on.  :(

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