Friday, May 18, 2012

Calorie Burning

There seems to be absolutely no consistency when it comes to calculating calories burned. It is frustrating if one is aiming for a specific goal!  I mean, Im trying to actively burn an extra 500 calories a day most days, but one site has very low calorie estimates, and others are higher; MapMyRun just switched me over to their stupid new site and even from their own old site, the calorie burn estimates are way lower.

Im not lame enough to think that body situations are not different and that I would burn the same calories running beside someone else who is even the same height and weight as I am because there are just that many variables. But a little consistency sure would go a long way. I dont want to look at estimates from MapMyRun anymore (4 miles burns about 250 calories? That's like....3 cookies?)  I have heard estimates of about 100 calories per mile, no matter how you get there. But what about on a bike? Obviously a different calorie burn.

And then I can go to a site like FitWatch and see that running my pace for 60 minutes burns like 691 calories.  MyFitnessPal says that burns 658. That's more like it. MapMyRun?  like...400.  So which is more accurate?  And who knows? And does it matter?  Well it matters to some people. And I like numbers. Lots of numbers. I track everything. I mean, I even know how many km are on my shoes!  Even the retired ones LOL!

I just have to remind myself that I am still burning more calories than I would be on the couch. 

Thursday was one of those days that we do lots and accomplish little.  After kids went to school I went for a 6.5 km run, really fast because I had a 9 am appointment.  I ran up the hill to THE mailbox and back down for 6.5 km in under 40 minutes. I likely could have pushed it more but Im supposed to be resting for a RACE on Sunday and I had 40 minutes so I used it all.  I raced through shower and hair and dressed but could not account for the missing shoe, spilled orange juice in the fridge, missing cat.  lol  So I made my appointment with the Osteopath and she was SO happy with my legs; hips were a little tight but she worked on my head most I think lol!  Very happy with the legs so I am doing something right.  There was NO pain on the run yesterday.

I didnt try out the new shoes because it was very wet (although I avoided the heavy rain).  And really, new shoes need to NOT get soaked the first time. Rain changes the shoes :)  And I want them to stay nice for at least a day.  SO I packed them for a run today.

Today. Crazy.  Working, fit in a run, Hiking club with the kids, run with the friends tonight, and then to bed early I sure hope!  Im super tired. While driving to work I was sitting in the car WITH coffee thinking how nice a nap would be. At 8 am. SHeesh. 

When am I going to have a chance to get out on that wicked awesome bike?  Im not going to stress about it until after the race on Sunday.  Then it's Bike all the Time Baby :):):)

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