Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recovery week Runs

I could not take too much of a break in the week after the Bluenose because the Cabot Trail Relay was the following weekend and my leg was Saturday (6 days after). SO I was still in taper mode but needed a few stretching runs.  I was super sore after the Bluenose. More than I expected. And in place I didnt expect. My ribs were sore ;) and my hamstrings were more sore than usual. I thought that is odd but figured it was effort + hills.  I finally understand exactly why people dont want to go down stairs after a run like that.
Monday was defnitely a day off.  It was a Holiday and we all slept in, did some gardening, and some serious relaxing.  I think Im forgetting something on Monday but it wasnt a run.  Annika had a soccer game and she rocked it, scoring a goal and playing Goalie for part of the game, letting in no goals. They won that game 2-1.  It was a good game!

Tuesday was a good day to get back into it. It was the first day of my summer as my term ended on Friday.  I spent a good part of the day doing very little, catching up on Laundry, doing some housework and gardening, and puttering.  lol.  In the evening I went to the BH Rec Park for an easy run and luckily there wasnt really anyone else there to see my uncomfortable run.  It got so much better after I started moving. I took the dog along for some exercise.  4.7 km over about 35 minutes with some breaks for the dog.  She may need a little more easing into the running this year.

Wednesday Annika had soccer in town so I met Toni there and we went for a run around town, 6.7 gentle but faster km on mostly sidewalks and road sides. 40:40 minutes.

Thursday was my day to take Holly and two of her friends to soccer in New Glasgow. I planned to run while we were over there. That is one HOT town.  the weather was hot and I dont know why I always find New Glasgow hotter than say, Truro. lol.  I ran 7 km with a break at the graveyard to say hello.  43 minutes. 

Friday after the kids went to school I puttered before I got my bike out; there isnt any such thing as a quick bikeride i guess.  It took time to check tires, pump them up, get gear together, fetch water, pack snacks, etc etc.  But I got into town in time for the Rally for Racism and then wandered around on the bike for hours. I visited work for lunchtime, did minimal shopping, and then did a large loop to home while Scott picked up the kids.  28 km in about 1:25.  More or less (lots of starting and stopping lol). It was a relaxing day although I was tired. Great warm up for Ball Hockey that night (we tied 1-1) and then the Cabot Trail the next morning. 

That's a write up all of its own.

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Gaspegirl said...

Wow, not much of a break after a half!

So, how did the Cabot trail go?

Don't leave us hanging... and how are you doing with the reading?

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