Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wasn't to Be

I would have known I could not have a repeat of a happy feel good run. Wish I had kept going and gotten in the long run on Sunday that I so wanted.

I left work with just the right amount of time for a 14 km run.  Dressed, ready. Parked, Garmin on, run started. Oops. Had to go to bathroom again. Quick stop at the pool, and I was back on my way. Wait. Garmin wasn't keeping distance or pace. UGH, off and on again.  Now keeping distance but lost over .5 km.  Realizing how HOT it is. Glad I have water but handheld water bottles...gross. So warm :(:(:(
Anyway I had mapped a run I quite like with some challenging hills in it and was really motoring to the top of the longest one when I heard....snarling barking gravel scuffling. I guess it's a good thing I was running without music on because I heard this dog seconds before it was on me.  It came from no where. :( A short haired, tan, muscular, square headed dog. No more about that. And it was allllll teeth and spit. Growling snarling etc. Lunging and snapping. I turned as fast as I could to face it, minimizing risk to some very bare legs :(  It backed me out into the road and kept lunging forward.  All the signs of an impending bite were there; teeth flashing, eyes direct, ears folded, hackles up all the way down it's back, tail straight out. It was not scared, and it was enjoying itself.
I wasn't.  I was yelling NO which is usually enough to send most dogs back to their yard but this one was advancing, within inches.  And owners? NO WHERE.  FINALLY while I was backing up in the middle of the road this woman comes out from by a shed.  She kind of yelled. And watched.  OMG.  Then she starts to walk....no, SAUNTERING up the driveway and onto the road.  After what felt like about 20 minutes she got near, and KICKED at the dog.  After a final lunge it went into the yard, and kept trying to go around her.  She followed it.

This woman did not even look at me. I think she was PISSED that I made her get off her butt. She was smoking and looked very irritated, not sorry at all.  Didnt ask if I was ok. Didnt say oh sorry.  Just walked away. I practically fell into a puddle on the road, and she just walked away. UGH I was SO mad. I kind of...walked off...relieved to be still intact, but adrenaline, and nausea, made getting back into a stride impossible, legs were shaking, choking sobs and gasping for air :( But still far from the car :( I never settled. Run ruined. I checked watch; lost over 5 minutes there. THAT is a long time to have a dog In. Your. Face.

So I continued on the route I had mapped, until I finally decided I couldnt. Then I took the most direct route back to my car.  Picked up kids. Saw my first giant water bug. ALl very normal things. But I was SO out of sorts. CRAPPY Monday. 11.85 km 1:15. 

The day didnt get any better, I got a really whopping headache, and spent a cranky evening.

Tuesday morning I was up early (trouble sleeping) and Scott took kids to school while I went for an easy run on the trail with Toni and Maggie.  Mags was SO tired, she isnt used to so much constant forward motion lol. I bet she is sleeping well right now. She needs more activity :)
7.9 km, 58:16. The dog was kinda slow ;)  Easy run days for her, maybe more short runs LOL.

May get in a little run tonight with some newbies :) working on fitness for ball hockey. I need some sprint practice for that.

And finally decided after getting the weekend soccer schedule that I am signing up for the Bluenose Half this weekend.  But Ive not actually done so, still not committed.


Gaspegirl said...

OMGoodness, that is one of my biggest fears since a dog chased me on my bike. It was near the end of a LONG ride and my legs were jello... and the dog was gaining on me. It is a terrifying feeling and I am sorry that you had that happen to you AGAIN. You are a tough lady...

I would have had to yell out to the smoking lady, "Ya, I think that I will be ok, thanks for asking!"

Oh yea, it would have been bigger than me... I would have HAD to :P

Thanks for the comments on my post... we are so lucky to have good men in our lives who support us ... imagine both of us being so lucky as to have gotten a bike for Mother's Day!! Yeah us!!

Scrappytbear said...

I know right? All of it!

2012 km Goal