Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Did I mention my New Fav Shorts?

Because on my 12 + km run the other day, I wore new shorts. Shorts I got for....Valentine's Day maybe?  It was ages ago. It was too cold to wear them, then it was too scary; these things have a liner and they are short; much shorter than my typical shorts. I have been having some real issues with chafing and I worry about new stuff.  And its not so wise to debut new things on a longer run. 

Im pretty sure this is them. 
They were like wearing Nothing.  At.  All.  I did the commando thing, TMI?  But chafing is misery and too much material is asking for trouble. What is the liner for, anyway?  It was incredibly comfortable. No chafe.
The length was pretty short. So before I went out I wisely applied Body glide to legs areas that even considered touching. And there was absolutely no issue.
Now I am sad when they are in the wash and I have to wear something else. LOL Return of the chafe will be fierce LOL. There are just some places Body Glide doesnt belong.
I wish greatly to try some other light as air shorts LOL. 
Tuesday was not a running day. well actually it was supposed to be. What went wrong? too much work, too little planning, lack of organization.  And picking up Holls an hour early did not help. She refused to go to choir after school. And I always give in. So we walked while Annika attended choir and got in 3 km (not very fast).  Then it was scooting from kid pick up to eat to soccer (I considered getting in a 20 minute run but there just wasnt time to get back to acceptable for a drive to soccer (40 minutes) and sitting through soccer (chilly) and drive home) then night time stuff to do and kids into bed. Before crashing myself (sleeeepy). 
Now I wasted the sun, its raining, and Im GOING to run today! Wednesday Tempo Run (not intervals I dont think).  Better check Training plan ;)

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Gaspegirl said...

I am glad that you admitted working out commando... because I prefer that too. It avoids the WEDGE!! And hey, that must be why they have that cotton stripe in the shorts anyway...

you should take a picture of yourself in the shorts so we can see where it hits your leg... just a suggestion.

Make it a great day girl!

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