Monday, June 25, 2012

Johnny Miles 2012

This year I had no goals for the Johnny Miles. I signed up for the 5 k run because my HOLLY trained to run it with me! :) She ran runs for weeks beforehand, walk/run combos usually over 5 km in length.  Tough to fit them all in with her busy soccer schedule but she totally ran whenever I suggested it!  2 weeks before the JM she mentioned her ankle was hurting but she kept up the running. I am thinking sprain from soccer games or trampline injury :)

Holly had games in New Glasgow the day before JM so we went over for those, and I picked up race kits in between the games.  LOVE the shirts this year.  The Hat, not as much. Its more of a running hat than previous years, light and white, but flimsy and Holly immediately claimed it anyway :)

The race is always Father's Day, so we didnt have much of a Father's Day morning here at home for Scott.  But we did the cards and pictures and gifts before Holly and I ran out the door.
Happy Father's Day!

Holly and I went over with Toni, who was running the 10 k race.  Scott and the other girls came over just before the race, and although I thought they would see us at the start, they actually ended up on the other side of the river so the coats Holly and I carried were with us at the start. Whoops!
Waiting to Start
The start was the slowest I have ever experienced.  I mean really. Walkers, to the back.  Move to one side. no 6 across. SIGH.  At least it kept us from going out too fast, but man. It was frustrating for me and Holly had to keep following me through little holes :)
I didnt wear my Garmin so I actually had no idea about distances or paces.  Holly said she just wanted to run the first 2 km without walking, which is a lot more than she had run in training, so we just went her pace and her choice of walk/run. 
Annika waiting for us to arrive :)
Across the bridge we handed Scott our coats and stuff, and continued on. 

can you spot us?
After our first walk break, the walks became more frequent.  The 5k race no longer goes on the lovely riverside trail, but instead goes on streets the whole way. I forgot.  part way up one small hill we saw our cousin's wife; and then around the corner was Lucas, who cheered us on :)  Big smiles from Holly :)
The crowds didnt thin much until we were like half way through the run :( Holly didnt mind. I think she liked the excitement. We turned around and headed back, and the second time we saw Lucas, he had a sign with our names on it :):)!  He cheered loudly and Holly grinned loudly too!
waiting for us to come by again.

Taylor taking photos of what we DID NOT see while running :)

In the last km Holly started to not be as happy and mentioned her sore ankle more often.  But she totally ran way more than ever before so it was expected to feel yucky.  :) 
It was nice to see Scott and the girls again just before we crossed the bridge and headed for the finish line.

the finish was awesome :) as we crossed under the sign on the bridge, Holly started her sprint, and She ran her legs off all the way over the finish line.  I was impressed by her energy at the end but I think she had a little too much energy ;)

We got out medals, grabbed some food, checked out the results, talked to some people we've not seen much, then headed out of town for Annika's soccer (which was cancelled with no notice) SIGH. 
It was a great run with my girl, I hope she learns to love running!  Johnny Miles 5 k 33:02 minutes :)! Holly's First!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Accidently Forgot to Post any Blogposts

Because Im just too busy out DOING stuff!  Im picking out paint for my bedroom, started Marathon training, Driving the kids to their STUFF, and pretending I have nothing else looming LOL like a work trip and stuff.

And when I do sit down, Ive been doing some serious relaxing.

Last day I wrote, I didnt run. Must have been a rest day. One would assume anyway.  I was just beat, and I sat on the couch all day with my knitting ;)  I couldnt get moving if I tried!

But the next day, I got it.  I woke in the early hours with a sore throat.  And stuffed up.  I had a COLD.  I manned up, got dressed, and I had a nice run in the park. With Toni. She was very understanding of my sickness, but I actually felt better the further we went.  I made her suffer over some very technical Mountain Biking trails, and we covered about 7.5 km in the woods (estimate).  We ran for 50.39 minutes.

I rested in the afternoon, and then Holly's class had a class party, which was The Amazing Race. :):) It was cute!  I had a group of girls and we RAN around town, following clues and getting questions answered :) I left from there to go to a Ball Hockey game (which totally sucked we lost SO bad.)  Lots of activity for such a sick day. And ya know what the first day of a cold feels like. I was eating Cold Fx like candy :)

Saturday I love Saturday!  I think tho that we didnt do much. Its a blur now, nothing comes to mind. Maybe, was the the day Holly had soccer...yes thats it. It rained enough to float an ark, and she played soccer in it :) we went home between games and threw all her gear in the dryer, it rained a little less for the second game but really the motivation to go run was low. I did, after the rain slowed, take the dogs for a long walk. I got totally drenched with long grass, mud, and sprinkling rain. But a nice walk.

Sunday, The kids got up early and went to the cows so I went for a run, 8.8 km with Toni and then another couple by myself before Scott and the kids came along and picked me up, we had so much to do!  We had a 4H scrapbook meeting in the afternoon, then the BH girls were supposed to meet but somehow it was a miss, so Holly and Annika and Maggie and I did 3.55 km in Bible Hill.  Holly's ankle is very sore :(

Monday was another Do Little day, after supper I biked for 20 km (54 minutes over East Mountain) and Im pretty sure I saw a Bobcat on the mountain ;) I biked to meet the BH girls at the AC and we did 5.7 km walk/run.  Holly still sore.

Tuesday Scott went away so I got my run in while the kids were in school and while Annika was at a 4H meeting and Holly was at soccer with another mom, I walked the dogs for another 4.25 km, added to the morning 8.7 km run; lots of moving!:)

Wednesday night I ran while Annika was at soccer practice; it was later in the evening which never feels really good. I ran the long way around to the bottom of a hill in town, with about 5 km warm up. I ran up the hill 3 times; it was only 200 m so not too long but very steep.  3 repeats, and it was time to get back to the field for the end of practice :)8.6 km in 53 minutes.

Thursday was my day to take the kids to soccer in New Glasgow so I got to run over there again. Rather than the hilly neighborhoods, I went towards the highway, and back through the busy restaurants and by the hospital. Sidewalks were good but I didnt love that area :) Less hills tho.  I looped around downtown and back to the soccer field for 7 km even, 42:35 minutes.  This was the first day with the iPhone; this thing has Apps that are really awesome and need some learning :)

Friday; after 5 days of running it was time for a rest day.  We walked the dogs for a couple of km and I had a ball hockey game in the evening, but the rest was a "rest" day ;)  Active rest day.

Saturday we were up early and off to New Glasgow for Holly's soccer games. She had 2 games and a classroom session between, so I took all of the kids and went.  The first game was super good with a tie at the end; we did a little visiting while Holly was at her class session and then we went to the Johnny Miles Race packet pick up and I registered Holly for her run and picked up our stuff.  Holly's second game was just as good with her mixed team pulling ahead by a goal just before the end ;) home and sleepy :)

More on that in another post :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Week Flies By

I actually thought I had like a month of relaxing before I had to get into another training schedule.  And then someone mentioned their training and I thought I might want to actually figure out when I had to start training for a Fall Marathon.  And I was kinda surprised to find I actually had about 10 days.  10!  Ugh. 
Im toying with the idea of spending the next few weeks on some serious Tri training and then jumping into the Marathon training whereever it leaves me, and only keeping up the long runs according to plan in the meantime. I mean, Tri training includes running, so if I follow that plan, and keep long runs intact, I should be able to pick it up once a Tri is done. Unless I decide after my first that I never want to run another marathon because I want to do Triathlons forever LOL

Recovery from the Cabot Trail Relay was much nicer than the Bluenose.  There was no soreness or excess tiredness.  Maybe the less heat, the less hills.  The less distance :)

On Sunday I didnt go for a run, saved energy for the Ball Hockey Game we had in the evening. We went to church, for the kids closing of Sunday school. This was the option that seemed most family-oriented, rather than the Orienteering race I wanted to try out. I guess there will be another one. We lunched in Old Barns and then picked up some plants before the girls and I saw the last performance of Taylor's school Musical, The Music Man Jr. 

Of course by the time the game came around I was tired, And I didnt feel like playing. Sad. We didnt have a great game, losing 4-0. :(

Monday I ran with the Ball Hockey Girls :) I think that's the name of our running group. BHGs. We did 5.4km Walk/Run with Intervals of 90 seconds run 60 seconds walk. More or less. Annika had Soccer Practice. Taylor had TKD.

Tuesday I did the 10 k Greenfield Loops. 10.4 km in 1:03:48 for 6:08 minute kms.  It felt good. Holly had Soccer, someone else took them.

Wednesday was a run with the BHGs, 5.4 km of same intervals and then I did 2.4 km of sprints of 200 m of at least 5 km pace with 200 m easy between, 5 intervals and a cool down. 7.8 km total.  Annika was supposed to have soccer but rain cancelled it. It didnt really rain SIGH.  Taylor had TKD.

Thursday the kids had no school so I did 4.1 super easy km with Holly on our hill.  Hills are your friend.  Holly had Soccer.

Friday Toni was home, and we met for a run that was a little more than I expected lol 13.22 km which was good but a little hard and we were pretty tired by the end so we snuck through back yards to cut our run short :)  1:22:42 minutes with 6:15 minute kms.  Not a bad "easy" run.  lol She'd been away all week so was looking to make up some miles I think! That night Annika had a game in Antigonish that Scott took her to and Taylor had a 4H dog meeting.  We had a ball hockey game which we won quite easily.  Meh it happens Lol.  even backing off for the second half saw the ball in the net many times. We didnt really want to back off too much, as we never have chances to feel like we are succeeding. lol

Saturday was a more restful day. The kids got up and went to wash their calves.

 I met them there on the bike; 19 km at a not too speedy pace. (I dunno what it was, around 55 minutes including some stops LOL) 

Then they made cookies, we clipped the goat, did a few chores.

Sunday morning long run became Sunday morning split run with me running to town (8.5 km) at a tempo pace (48:15 minutes or 5:40 minute kms) to meet up with the BHGs, then we did 5.4 km at the same intervals as before, total 13.9 km.  The kids had a soccer game in the afternoon,

followed by a band concert for Taylor

 and a visitation for a dear family friend :( Long day :(

Monday I had a work trip and didnt get back to town until supper time. Annika had a soccer game; she is so cute when she plays goalie which she loves....

It was just as cold and rainy as it looks.

then we went to meet the BHGs for 5.3 km of more intervals. 

Tuesday?  Whew.  Oh yes. goes in my log as the WORST. RUN. EVER.  I was tired at the start, and dragged my ass through every freaking km of the 9.5 we did.  58:45. SUCKED. I went home and went to bed lol.  Well almost.  I know there are just some runs that kick your ass and maybe I need more sleep, or something. But this was not a fun run.  Holly had soccer and I drove them to Stellarton where I sat and did nothing during their practice ;)  The others had 4H.

Wednesday was morning of workshop at college, then a quick run with Toni, 8.3 km in 50:40.  It was a little better than the day before.  Pick up kids, get ready for Athletic Awards at the highschool, saw the Cross Country team together for the last time (always sad until the new team comes together next year).  It was a late night last night.

Which brings us back to this morning where Ive done NOTHING. But been grumpy. Maybe a rest day.  Before my whole family disowns me. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Cabot Trail Relay Race

Our team did not get into the relay this year so I had come to terms with not running the relay this year. It's been one of my favs past 2 years but it IS a lot of work to coordinate the kids and get away for the race so I tried to be positive about it. THEN I had a chance to run with another team, sort of a combination of our team with theirs. They did all the work tho lol so this year I ran as a Repeat Offender :):):) Their theme was black and white stripes and although I was a total FAIL on the theme, I had a really good race.

Friday night was crazy with making arrangements for kids, soccer practice, ball hockey, something Im just was a late night. But Scott and I got up at 330 am to be out the door by 4 with coffee in hand for the long drive up to Baddeck.  We were at the start end this year because I had a super early leg of the race: #3 which is rated easiest as far as hills but not shortest.  I expected to have to hold my breath for #3 but they were kind to let me have it LOL.  Im sure I am in for a mountain next year :/

We watched the sun come up somewhere around Antigonish lol.  It looked like a decent day weather wise although the reports were saying windy on the trail. UGH.

We met near the start of the race and I got my shirt and number/chip.  I do NOT like the silky slippy shirts we got this year. Somehow I feel sweaty as soon as I put it on. SAD.  And it's black. I totally NEEDED another black shirt. SIGHHHHH.
It's the 25th running of the CTRR, nice year to get to run :) It was definitely windy. 
We were now very early for leg 3 so we chatted for awhile and then drove ahead towards my run.  Each leg starts at a particular time, so even if the last runner has not finished, the next runner goes. Over 300 or so km it's the only way to keep things going. The winner is determined by adding up the time for each leg at the end.  Teams finish many hours apart at the end, so if the race was run just straight through, it would be very hard to monitor and keep everyone safe; the roads are not closed so the rules are super strict for safety.
We were on leg 2 when Scott spotted a moose and her two very new looking twins in a river. They were very cute, mama not so much lol. we stopped for a few minutes and used my super good zoom lens to take some photos, then off we went to the next stop.
We had thought we might sleep a little while after arriving; we were pretty much alone at the Clucking Hen Cafe and Bakery.  I used the virgin portapotties, and laid down to nap but Scott kept talking...and shifting...and getting in and napping. Ate a bit, changed clothing, got ready to do my bit for the team.
No goals in mind although there is a cut off time which I did not make last year after being hurt, I was determined to not let that happen again like ever. 

My leg was 13.5 km with rolling hills.  The wind was not a headwind (more of a side wind) and didnt prove to be a problem.
cannot describe the scenery
wandering in my "jammies" before the start

Had loads of time to get ready but my second stop at the portapotties was surprising; long line had formed and it was not moving. It was full of spectators in jeans and sandals. I was stressed now.  I need my 3-pees. 
I was dressed and eventually 2 other runners and I made a decision and jumped the line. It was 8 minutes to start and there were still 20 people in front.  We got ahead of all of the people not running our leg and got into the potties.  SIGH. 
Little warm up time now, just enough to stretch out a little. And I had to pee the third time ;) so JUST before gun time I jumped the line one more time (rude I know) and got in my stops.  It's mental. I wont have to go again.

Line up in the road and off we went.  Times are very strict!  It was a little chilly but within minutes I felt overdressed with 2 shirts and those knee socks lol.  Not very JailBird if you ask me ;)

I actually felt tired almost right away. It could be the pace or that the half from 6 days before just take a lot out of you. But I felt slow and tired.  Just moving legs and keep going.
I passed a few people but the crowds were far less than the week before LOL We run on the side of the road and on gravel when a car is coming our way.  It's actually pretty good road, much of our part was newly paved and had a big shoulder.

Most of my photos are either blurry or I look likea swamp monster climbing out to eat someone.  lol My team said I looked very serious. I dont know if they know what its like to not make a time. I was determined.  And tired.

I actually did the first 5 km in 26:48 - a 5 km best for me. And then I did the 10 km in 55 minutes flat. another best for me. I decided I can claim them lol.  They happened in a race, just happened to be a longer one.   I cam around the last corner and down the hill running strong and knew I was making time ok; I crossed the matt in 1:15:01.   that's a 5:35 pace, 37th out of 70 SIGH.  But I beat the time cut off by over 7 minutes!  YA!   
After my leg We hung around alittle while; but obligations had us taking off for home again and I was sad to miss the banquet and celebrations the next day.

We drove ahead of the next leg for a bit til we found a store to get some supplies, food, chocolate.  Then we went back towards Baddeck. We saw many of the leg 4 finishers doing well; That 2.1 km mountain climb looked fun. Same time cut off.  
We headed home, passing the moose again. they were still IN THE WATER like 5 hours later. Now we were concerned, and there were boys in the water taking PICTURES with the baby moose. We went and called DNR to check on them, as we were sure mama was still nearby and figured the babies just couldnt get out of the water maybe?  And thats why we saw them at all?  Anyway babies were still standing so as long as someone was aware we did what we could :(:(:(:(

Headed home to our very busy family :):):)

2012 km Goal