Monday, June 25, 2012

Johnny Miles 2012

This year I had no goals for the Johnny Miles. I signed up for the 5 k run because my HOLLY trained to run it with me! :) She ran runs for weeks beforehand, walk/run combos usually over 5 km in length.  Tough to fit them all in with her busy soccer schedule but she totally ran whenever I suggested it!  2 weeks before the JM she mentioned her ankle was hurting but she kept up the running. I am thinking sprain from soccer games or trampline injury :)

Holly had games in New Glasgow the day before JM so we went over for those, and I picked up race kits in between the games.  LOVE the shirts this year.  The Hat, not as much. Its more of a running hat than previous years, light and white, but flimsy and Holly immediately claimed it anyway :)

The race is always Father's Day, so we didnt have much of a Father's Day morning here at home for Scott.  But we did the cards and pictures and gifts before Holly and I ran out the door.
Happy Father's Day!

Holly and I went over with Toni, who was running the 10 k race.  Scott and the other girls came over just before the race, and although I thought they would see us at the start, they actually ended up on the other side of the river so the coats Holly and I carried were with us at the start. Whoops!
Waiting to Start
The start was the slowest I have ever experienced.  I mean really. Walkers, to the back.  Move to one side. no 6 across. SIGH.  At least it kept us from going out too fast, but man. It was frustrating for me and Holly had to keep following me through little holes :)
I didnt wear my Garmin so I actually had no idea about distances or paces.  Holly said she just wanted to run the first 2 km without walking, which is a lot more than she had run in training, so we just went her pace and her choice of walk/run. 
Annika waiting for us to arrive :)
Across the bridge we handed Scott our coats and stuff, and continued on. 

can you spot us?
After our first walk break, the walks became more frequent.  The 5k race no longer goes on the lovely riverside trail, but instead goes on streets the whole way. I forgot.  part way up one small hill we saw our cousin's wife; and then around the corner was Lucas, who cheered us on :)  Big smiles from Holly :)
The crowds didnt thin much until we were like half way through the run :( Holly didnt mind. I think she liked the excitement. We turned around and headed back, and the second time we saw Lucas, he had a sign with our names on it :):)!  He cheered loudly and Holly grinned loudly too!
waiting for us to come by again.

Taylor taking photos of what we DID NOT see while running :)

In the last km Holly started to not be as happy and mentioned her sore ankle more often.  But she totally ran way more than ever before so it was expected to feel yucky.  :) 
It was nice to see Scott and the girls again just before we crossed the bridge and headed for the finish line.

the finish was awesome :) as we crossed under the sign on the bridge, Holly started her sprint, and She ran her legs off all the way over the finish line.  I was impressed by her energy at the end but I think she had a little too much energy ;)

We got out medals, grabbed some food, checked out the results, talked to some people we've not seen much, then headed out of town for Annika's soccer (which was cancelled with no notice) SIGH. 
It was a great run with my girl, I hope she learns to love running!  Johnny Miles 5 k 33:02 minutes :)! Holly's First!

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Gaspegirl said...

Amazing! I love running with Hannah but it is hard for me to convince her sometimes.

Sounds like a great weekend!

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