Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quick Catch Up Training Week 2

Now the end of week 3, it's a good time to catch up week 2 :)

Off schedule by a day now, thanks to Johnny Miles and not wanting to do more of a run on Father's Day since we already took up half of it with the run :)  So long Run Sunday became Monday.  And it was HOT. 
I arranged to meet Toni at the end of her road for part of my long run; I had some trouble getting there. Left house a little late, but more, I had terrible ankle and calf pain.  I stopped to stretch a couple of times but was having no relief from it.  I stopped 3 times before I got to the end of Toni's Road at about 6+ km.  By this time my feet were feeling very numb.  Really?  I recognise that. Shoes tied too tight.  Total rookie mistake.  Sadly, ankle pain was already too noticable to go away completely, but the rest of the run after that was more comfortable.
After leaving Toni at the end of College Road I ran around to McWilsons and stopped for some ice water.  Im not sure they were actually going to give it to me. Ice water!  But I got the water, and ice; the cubes would not fit into the top of my handheld so I had to chew them to fit them in.  That was a refreshing experience. Afterwards the bottle was so cold I could not hold it long, so  I passed it hand to hand. It was still better.  It was hot and still a bit of a slog back to my house. I finished with 17.3 km on the log. 1:56:17 included a lot of stops to strech :P

Tuesday was a rest day and rest is all I did.  lol I dont remember what else I did; it was a long time ago. I didnt do anything difficult.

Wednesday I went to the park after dropping off kids, and did 8.76 km on trails in 56:32.  Ive been mapping them on the iPhone with MapMyRun which automatically logs and posts them for me, much easier but it means carrying the phone. Whichis likely a good idea anyway, to have the phone there, but its carrying something. SIGH.  Trail run was fun, no falls. I saw 4 deer there; no fear at all!

Later in the evening we met with Alicia to do a run/walk which became more of a walk/walk, but was good for leg stretching and killing time. 5.8 km 56:24.

Thursday I met Toni for 8 km run; 50:33 minutes. Dont remember details but we've done everything in Bible Hill lately.

Friday it was hot and I was totally busy so I went early on my 8 km loop which somehow is 8.7 km ;) and felt pretty good.  51:52 was time. Rest of busy day spent getting Taylor ready for her show, and taking the other kids around; Annika still had soccer and I had ball hockey in the evening; so much activity for that day!  Ball Hockey was ok, we tied the KFC team 1-1. 

Saturday; I guess that was a rest day. Maybe did we paint?  No, I took the little kids to the Hershey Track Meet in Dartmouth. It was cold and drizzly all day; good running weather but not good sitting around weather. They each did 2 running events and 1 field event (Soft Ball Toss). It sure was an experience.  LOL.  Annika really just wanted to play all day ;) she did her events and then went back to playing. She qualified for Atlantic Track Meet in Soft Ball Throw but we are not going to be able to attend that.
Holly 400 M

Annika 50 meters

No running for me; after the day chilling in the stands I just wanted to warm up. Think I might have gone to bed early.

Whoops looks like Sunday was also a rest day. I had good intentions, the weather was good; but Taylor had a show with her calf at her EastGen event, and we spent a few hours watching her showing her calf, and the rest of the day cleaning up from it. I have a feeling I am forgetting something but it wasnt a workout for sure ;)

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