Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 5 Marathon Training

Week 5 is finished and despite the fact that only 3 runs were completed last week, I am going to say it is going well.
We are having a nice run of sunny weather. My gardens would love some rain, but it's not coming. It's good for the running, although the heat is really taking the energy out of us.  Everyone is tired and cranky. It is nice to be in the clearer air of Truro, and out of the suffocating Valley.

After the long run on Sunday, Monday was a rest day.  We got home late on Sunday night, sleeping in a bit on Monday was nice.  I think we had a pool day, We often have a pool day.  After the pool was Annika's soccer, then I met Toni and we went for a nice slow bike ride.  We went over East Mountain and to North River before heading home.  Almost 32 km in less than 2 hours.
At home I jumped off the bike for a BRICK and the legs were not so wobbly; an easy bike ride helped.  1.56 km in about 9 minutes.

Tuesday was hot and sunny again (shocker).  I made it to town for a few minutes lane swim;  0.8 km in about half an hour?  It was nice to swim, but my shoulders were pretty sore.  I have a lot of trouble breathing smoothly during my swims;  I get so out of breath even tho I am breathing every third stroke, I feel like I might be breathing too fast but I need the air!  lol

In the evening I was planning 11 km and went to town to do it for a chance, and because it was getting dark; We were pretty tired and took about 1:10 to do 11.52 km.

                   11.52 km Regular / General 1:10:00 623 kCal 6:04 min/km

Wednesday; I did nothing. I dont think that was my plan but that's what I did.  I took the kids to pool party, and Annika had late soccer.  Taylor had a dog meeting, and I mostly drove around the entire day.  I dont think I planned NOT to run, I just didnt do it.

Thursday I wanted to get back to morning working out so that I could get away from evening working out.  It doesnt help me sleep.  We went early and I met Toni for 11.54 km again. We ran towards town and back home again.  It's a boring road, Salmon River, but it's pretty simple.  Our speed was incredibly consistent but for our walk break.

                       11.54 km Run / Jog 1:14:07 712 kCal 6:25 min/km

The kids had soccer (yeah someone has it every day) and then we went to the pool, shocker.  Thursday night was a night off. Im sure we did something with the goat or the calves or something.

Friday morning was another rush around morning, I managed to get into town with 20 minutes left for a lane swim and got in 17 laps.  Pathetic :( It was super hot so we stayed at the pool and "rested" up for the evening Ball Hockey game.  Annika played soccer in Antigonish so we had a nice drive and her team won their game, then back in a rush for the Bal Hockey. We played a tough game and lost 2-0.

Saturday morning I got up super early and took Taylor for a bike ride. That was slow but she did good and we covered almost 17 km on the way to town and back.  I showered quick and took off for Bridgewater where Holly was playing soccer all day. It was HOT down there; 33 C and little breeze. We got loads of sun.  I didnt run, work out, do anything, and the heat was oppressive.  Cooler evening, dinner and friends over.

So very energetic when jumping out of bed on Sunday morning for a long run.  14 miles (22.4 km) on the training plan to end week 5.  Felt kinda crap after drinks the night before; Who said strawberry Daiquiris were a good pre-run drink?  SIGH.  I was out the door by 7, one way or another.  And The weather was pretty perfect. It was not windy, cloudy skies, pretty decent temp of 20 C.  The run wasnt great speed wise, but I ran smart and slowish, covering 21.8 km before running out of road.  I ended feeling ok, although once I hit the house, I was tired and a little crappy feeling.  Shower fixed that up. 

                                        21.84 km Run / Jog 2:27:44 1,420 kCal 6:45 min/km                 

 I got some rest through the day, then another Ball Hockey Game in the evening, the team was physically rough but not hard to get around and we took it easy, won that game 4-0.  I was SO tired, considered skipping the game, went if I could play defence, ended up playing center but convinced my wingers to do all the running for me, as I felt stiff like my pelvis might pull apart into pieces. :( Long Run Bliss!

And that ended week 5 of the training schedule. 

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