Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Am I caught Up?

Only until my next run. :):)

I had 2 nice days off last week in a row (not busy at all) lol and therefore when Monday came around and it was time for another long run, I was readier.
My modified plan called for 11 miles, so I figured about 18 km would cover it.  I started out from Toni's house with her, we did about 4. some km then she gave me cold water and drove me into town, and I completed the rest from there.  I ran up to the end of Pictou and down College and through a sub division til I was done. Except in the sub division, there were bees!  UGH I have never been bothered by bees before. It was AWful!  Because I did what I shouldn't do!  I ran, and ya know, ya cannot outrun bees. So I swatted. All no-nos.  Anyway I lost some time there and some years off my life but didnt get stung.  I continued along but when I noted I was going to be a little bit short I didnt care. I just got into the car and went home. 
Whew. It didnt feel as hot as the 23C that it was; actually a pretty nice run.  I had lots of water which was better than usual.  17.86 km in 1:54:30.  Usually that .14 km would drive me bonkers.


After the good run, I had Tuesday off, And I believe I painted. Thought about doing something else but other than trotting around with the dogs, I didnt.  Painting takes a lot of energy.


The painting is painfully slow getting done.

Wednesday was back to running; I think it was muggy warm and maybe a little rainy 8.6 km Regular / General 52:35 465 kCal 6:06 min/km.  If I ever get up to date I might remember.  took the kids to the goat after Annika's away soccer game in the evening.

Thursday 9.9 km Regular / General 1:02:15 538 kCal 6:17 min/km. I am not sure why 9.9 km. I am all about the odd numbers recently, after years of running til they were rounded out.

I meant to do hills on Thursday but I did not.  Still painting, kids out of school.

Friday morning the kids went to school for an hour. During that hour, I managed to meet a friend for a bike ride.  We paid more attention to cadence (Ive been doing it wrong) and went pretty fast.
                        30.03 km Bike Ride 1:23:59 605 kCal 21.3 km/h
Included a couple of stops, a water break, some town driving ie. crazy traffic and drivers and stop lights.  Average speed would be way off.

After we climbed off the bikes soaked with sweat (HOT) we went for a run, since someone wise said that is the most important part, running off the bike to get used to that cruddy feeling of jello legs.  It took about 5 minutes for the feeling of ugh to go away.  We ran for another 5 minutes, a total of just under 2 km.  Fun :)

Im still a little confused about cadence on the bike; is it the number of times your bike tire spins, or the pedals go up/down?  I tried to match Lavinia's feet but was slower so Im wondering if it was tire rotations and she had the counter thingy? :)  Anyway biking is goooood cross training!

We spent some time walking the kids around town, since it was their last day of school and they had some treats to collect; free ice creams, candy, slushies.  We likely walked a couple of miles before heading to the pool for some relax time.

Saturday was a sort of a rest day.  I think.  Where is my head?  I was gearing up for a long run on Sunday before we headed off for a night away, so I didnt do much on Saturday. I cannot remember Saturday.  Im pretty sure I went to bed early, anyway.  ok wait, I went for a run with Toni but she wasnt feeling well so she turned back and I went on, 6.8 km I think but I will have to check my watch. And then I rested. for the next morning.

Sunday morning I got up a little early, and felt immediately nauseated.  And dizzy. So very dizzy. It was gross. So I didnt get out at 7 like I hoped but more like 730.  I really thought I might throw up, I was so dizzy. But when I ran it was a little easier.
Week 3 long run was a step-down week. So I only had to go 8 miles (12.8 km).  I went through Greenfield over Greg road, back down and across College back to Old Courthouse, then home. It was actually not a bad run, I did pick it up near the end because I heard a train coming and I did not want to be caught behind it.  I sort of wish I had taken some water to drink. But I didnt think I would need it on 13 little km. Sad right?  lol some regrets. 
13.16 km Run / Jog 1:25:26 821 kCal 6:29 min/km
Coming down Old Greendfield Road I saw a dog that I had met before, that chased me across the road and grabbed my pantleg. The owner was outside too but the dog saw me first, and I shouted to the man to "watch his dog" and he grabbed at it before it got too close. UGH. 
Sunday was Canada Day and after I ran we dressed and headed to the Parade. The kids were to be on the 4H float in the parade but with few people showing up, I climbed on as well with some other mamas, in my short skirt, and sat on a bale rather than watching the parade from my lawn chair.  That was fun ;)
And that brings week 3 to a close.

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