Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 6 Catchup

Week 6 was a super hard busy week. The kids had 4H Achievement Day at the end of the week, which means every waking second was spent finishing last minute touch ups, walking and clipping animals, and setting up for the big day. 
Monday morning I got up early for a bike ride before more busy started.  I met Lavinia part way to town and we went up big hills and back to town for breakfast at Fletchers before we got caught in a downpour and she drove me and my bike home.  Our legs were very tired from weekend runs and heat.
34.5 km in 1:29:36 (although only 32 were before breakfast and rain) :)
The rest of the day was more 4H finishing, scrapbooking.

Tuesday back to running; a run with Toni on even deader legs that was a drag lol. 
9.72 km Run / Jog 1:00:43 762 kCal 6:14 min/km; the time and route were so routine.
More 4H; shopping, making cakes. A quick drive to New Glasgow for some soccer.  Taylor's calf was ill and we heard just before I left for NG that she had passed away; Taylor's 4H project took a drastic turn:(:(:(

Wednesday morning I got a quick 6.6 km in before a busy day running around, making icing, finishing Vet Science stuff...Annika had Soccer practice and Taylor had a dog meeting; I took my bike on the car and went for a bike ride while Annika practiced soccer. 

                        6.6 km Run / Jog 40:55 514 kCal 6:12 min/km
                        19.42 km Road Cycling 49:53 479 kCal 23.4 km/h

Thursday was a CRAZY busy day; finishing off projects that were due at the church by 1030 am!  I got up super early and did day time stuff which still needed doing (laundry, dishes)  and then went out for a quick run; I needed to be home by 7 but we didnt go until 7, which kinda sucked because I was behind all day!  :P
9.8 km Run / Jog 1:00:53 776 kCal 6:12 min/km
Then finished decorating cake, picked up spare kids, delivered 4H stuff, Made it to soccer practice, picked up kids and fed, took them to barn, ran barn errands and picked up Achievement Day stuff, Watched the pig show, ate quick supper, and took the kids to the pool.  We tried to get the kids into bed early but it didnt work so well.

Friday was up early and off to Achievement Day.  There was no running going on.

Taylor and Maggie
 Taylor showed the dog first thing.
Annika and Whiskey
 Then the Cavy show went off :)
Taylor and Truffles

Holly and Guiness

Holly and Wicka
 Goat was next
Annika and Lily
 Then the main event; Dairy calves. 
Taylor and Hush

Holly and Danny
 Taylor was top Jr Showman; Holly had Grand Champion Calf.

There was a couple of hours after the show for getting animals home before heading off to the Banquet.  It was a long! day.

Saturday morning we got up half early but had a little sleep in; ran the 8 k loop instead of longer.
8.36 km Run / Jog 51:40 654 kCal 6:10 min/km
The weather has been holding hot and dry; Fire index is up, lawns and soccer fields are gasping.  No rain in sight as the girls had soccer games in Truro and we spent the morning and afternoon on the soccer field.

Sunday was Long Run Day; it was a step back week so only 16 km on the plan.  I ran to town and back with a stop at McWilsons for new water.  It was hot but early so nice. 
17.0 km Run / Jog 1:48:25 1,328 kCal 6:22 min/km...the last bit up the hill is the crappiest.  It's just not much fun to end long runs with that hill. 
No swimming this week. Not sure how that happened ;)

Ends week 6 with all runs intact :) not exactly on plan but who is following a plan? ;)

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