Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trying to Keep journal once a week; Week 7 Over

After a relatively short 17 km run on Sunday, Monday was bright and sunny and I was out on the bike at 7 am.  I had almost an hour to get in some faster km before meeting Taylor and a neighbor for a slower but very hilly ride.  On Dirt roads. 
First Ride on Awesome Bike: 16.59 km Road Cycling 49:07 377 kCal 20.3 km/h km/h
Second Ride on Mountain Bike: 18.7 km Road Cycling 1:23:49 322 kCal 13.4 km/h km/h
The kids are in swimming lessons for 2 weeks, so we are at the pool by 11 am each day.  After the kids have swimming there is lane swimming, which is a good chance to drop my feet into the pool for some swimming.  It's really nothing like open water swimming which I really need to do, but it's better than not swimming at all.  So on Monday I did 40 laps for 1 km of swimming. 

The rest of Monday is a blur ;) I guess Annika had soccer?

Tuesday I ran with Toni on our usual loop in Bible Hill; 8.6 km 56:43 minutes.  That is a hilly route and we were both tired ;) Tuesday is my not so good day;  I seem to be more tired than Mondays.

Wednesday the plan called for 12.8 km and it was hot before I got started; Scott took the kids to swimming and I ran to the pool and met them there. We shopped for paint and then I ran most of the way home; finished up with 13.1 HOT HOT km in 1:20:45.  I dont plan to do many runs in that heat.

Thursday another run day; Did a super quick run on the 8 k loop for 8.6 km in 55:44 minutes.  Im having trouble remembering what we did the rest of the day.  Kids had swimming, of course.  Holly had soccer but she picked swimming this week; she's been doing soccer all spring/summer.

Friday no run but had a Ball Hockey game ;P we lost 3-0.  Lots of bruises.

Saturday was the 10 k loop so 10.35 km in 1:06:02.

Sunday long run. Got up late, didnt get going right away. It was cloudy out so I didnt stress about it but kinda hungry right from the start.  I mapped out a route and stuck to it fairly close.  Route
It was hillier at the start than the finish which is always nice. It was of course up hill for the last mile.

Started by going to Bible Hill, visited the Tim's for a bathroom, then out to Onslow where I stopped at the farm for a bathroom break.  I ate half a Cliff's bar while walking to the bathroom. I crossed back to town on the Highway (actually felt safer than running the road to Onslow) and then through town and back to home, stopping at the McWilsons for a refill on the water bottle.  It was still cloudy and not so hot. 
On the road to home I finally saw Scott coming; he gave me part of an orange and some gatorade.  I finished most of the way to home; he came up on me on the Soul-Sucking hill and I couldnt resist a ride home.  I was about 1 km short at 24.64 km, I didnt stop the time during pee breaks so time was crap 2:48:50.  And my phone did not map the route well at all.

Week 7 finished!

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