Tuesday, August 7, 2012

End of Week 8!

 Cannot believe how fast time is flying away! Summer is over half over, I should be going back to work in about 2 weeks, and the kids have exhibition coming up really fast!  Not to mention fall, and a Marathon!  :P
I still have not picked a marathon to commit to yet.  Right now I am still just doing the work and putting in the miles, without actually having a goal race in mind.  I don't think we can afford to go to Toronto, which was one idea, but we can still do a local; there is the Moncton Marathon, before that there is even the Valley Harvest, and there is even a small one in NB that I could do.  Those are close to the end of my training plan. 
I am also still trying to plan for the September Triathlon Shuby Dooby Tri, any later and open water swims are getting a little chilly.  lol I still dont have a wet suit!

The Olympics are going on and this is wreaking havoc on my time!  there is always something to watch; most of the time multiple things.  I didnt run Sunday morning until the women's Marathon was over, and therefore I ran in terrible heat and humidity. UGH.  There is equestrian stuff on all the time; swimming, diving, boats, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics; actually, the track stuff is not as interesting to me. I would like to see more of the Decathalon stuff, but it's not really well televised.  Ive spent more time watching TV in the last 11 days than in the last 11 months!

Week 8 was busy and packed full of activity.  On Monday I took a swim after the kids swimming lessons, got in a km of laps in the pool.  I need an open water swim!  Or a few open water swims.  Otherwise it was a rest day, with Annika playing soccer in the evening and then some ice cream treat afterwards! 

Tuesday (Last day of July) I got caught up in Olympics but got out for a run with Toni on our usual loop, 9.7 km in 1:01:39.  The times are crap!  The heat and humidity are really taking it out of me.  After the kids had swimming lessons, I hopped in the pool for 20 quick laps before the kiddies demanded we go home; they were hungry, I dont blame them!
Holly had soccer in New Glasgow in the evening so Annika and I visited Nanny Perkins and had a nice chat. 

Ended July with 399.88 km total travelled; 238.17 km running.  39.42 hours spent in activity; 22,652 calories burned. 

Wednesday morning I was again sucked into the TV and Olympics lol.  We left that afternoon for a camping trip so it was the last we were going to see for 2 days!
I tore myself away at 730 for a quick run; to town and back with another street thrown in; trying to get those 8 miles in; only completed just under 12 km tho :( 
 11.95 km Run / Jog 1:16:26 938 kCal 6:23 min/km
Packed up the car and took the kids to swimming lessons in the pouring rain; the littles completed their levels in 8 sessions (as we missed the last 2).

We left the pool and headed straight out to camp at The Ovens on the South Shore.  We drove in the rain. Arrived in the mist.  Put up tents and went for a short walk.  Rain left off and we had a sunny long walk after supper.

A nice campfire with a few beverages, then late to bed. Planned a run in the morning but woke to rain which lasted quite heavy all day. It's one thing to run in the rain from home; I like to run in the rain. But on a camping trip, where there is no shower, no where dry to change (although our tent did well...) it just wasnt happening.  We went shopping instead ;)After some actually quite excellent campground coffee. Nothing else to do when its raining like it was.  When we came back we made and ate supper in the rain, under the rain shelters lol.  It cleared off enough later for a walk and a fire.  We got to bed much earlier. 
In the morning we had coffee and packed to go home. The rain stopped and tents dried barely enough to pack them away.  Home in time for some rest before Ball Hockey in the evening; it was a tough game, rough.  We lost 4-2.Ugh 2 days without a run, longer without a bike ride.
Saturday morning there was something on TV that I watched ;) Pretty tired after camping and Ball Hockey the night before.  Went out a little earlier, but it was still really warm.  on the 10 k loop, did 10.2 km in 1:07:23.  HOT. 
Saturday was filled with lots of shopping and haircut for Taylor, prepping for family photo the next day.  It all seemed to take so much longer than it should have.  After we shopped we dropped into the pool, literally. Then we went to the Ball Field to watch some baseball at the Girls U21 Fastball Nationals.  Lots of good ball. It was SO hot.

We finished off the night with a bonfire with friends and an early bed.

Sunday morning I woke early to watch the Women's Marathon.  It was hot early. I planned to skip the long run that morning because of family pictures/party in the afternoon; after long run I often feel like crap and look it too. So after the marathon, I went for a REALLY hot short run.  only 6.54 km up the hill and back down. It was about 25C and blazing sun.  at home I had a cold shower and got everyone ready for photos, did hair, makeup , into fancy clothes, and it was HOT. 

Left the party to get Annika to a birthday party and then home to rest and the Olympics.  Even the other kids didnt want to go to the pool.  rest for next morning
When I planned the long run for the week; 27.2 km.  I got up around 530 am and I swear I meant to get going earlier.  I dont know what happened. There was coffee so I had a cup while I mapped out a course that I was not all that committed to; too many hills.  I had some oatmeal, filled 2 bottles with 1/2 gatorade, water.  Packed a Cliffs bar.  Chocolate almond fudge; a little sweet for hot days.  The weather was cloudy and muggy at 18 C when I left and started running at 7 am. Where did time go? ugh.   
I drove the car down to the mail boxes by the Salmon River bridge, since I decided to treat myself to NOT having to run that soul-sucking hill at the end of my very long run.  I hoped I would not dread the run as much if I didnt have that to look forward to at the end.  I had to make up that 2 miles elsewhere but it's better in the middle than at the end.  My map took me out through North River and back to town before heading home.  Lately my nerves at the thought of the long run have been high, upset belly and dread are not good for a long run.  Taking the car to a new location to start seemed to settle them out a little.
I started out slow and got slower during the run. The humidity was smothering; it was around 95% and the Feel's Like temperatures were around 30 C, climbing to about 34C by the end of my 3 hour run.  I did the course I mapped out, with lots of hills but I didnt find any of them too bad, mostly dont by 2/3 of the way through.  I think rolling hills are better than flat for my running. 
I had to pee like 3 times!  :P  I carried one bottle in the water belt and the other in my hand; I wanted to empty one bottle by the time I turned in North River and toss it away but it was only half empty at that point so I drained it by the time I turned towards Truro in Onslow and stuck it in someone's mail box; Sorry! 
I had half a Cliff's Bar at about 10 km and another half at about 21 km.  Belly didnt get too sickly til around 24 when the sun was shining and the distance was getting a little long.  It passed after a bit.
My feet have been hurting a lot for the past 6 weeks, in the big toe  joint. It's worst when I wear my new sneakers, which seem to put pressure right on that joint, particularly the right foot.  This was uncomfortable at the start but faded mostly, until a little past half way,  when it started up again (right after the rollingest hills?) it got a little better after awhile but wasnt gone.
Anyway 27.4 km put down in 3:07:27 (including pee breaks and walk breaks) and week 8 ended.  The rest of the day was a write off, with naps and minimal laundry/gardening/pool swimming done.  Early to bed.

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