Thursday, December 6, 2012

Year Total

As of yesterday was 1899.64 km. I wish I had known it was that close, I could have put in another 40 meters ;)

Monday Flop

I was right. I didnt run on Monday; I felt too busy and just put it off once my running partner also became busy, and it was so easy to just not run. I have loads of excuses but I am just going to claim that as a rest day and move on.  The Flu vaccinations went well and we are all a teensy bit safer now. at least I do not feel as tho I am as prone to bad colds/pneumonia once I have had the booster each year; I used to get pneumonia at least once a year and Im doing my best to avoid that again.

Tuesday was crazy busy, in the lab at 8 to help a student, class at 930, then I took care of a few things and made sure I got in a run; 9 km in 6 min/km pace was well needed. It was not too cold, a bit windy. After going home for a little break I was back at work picking up some students for a trip to Halifax; we saw Cesar Millan "the Dog Whisperer"; Im so torn about him. He has some good ideas (not exactly original) but some of his theories are so OLD, have been disproved, and kicking the dogs? on tv? And he talks about body language but does not read it well.  It's painful. Anyway it was a funny and fairly non-offensive show.  The audience blew my mind; what a mix of Fans and "dog experts" with redneck reality tv lovers sitting beside people in suits and ties. Weird. And a rude audience; chatter and hum all the way through. Good thing the sound was good, or we would have been more annoyed. The seats were crowded; this creepy guy kept leaning on me until we moved a row back.UGH. 
The view wasnt great for someone short like us; We were on the floor where I would not normally buy tickets (it was a school trip; they ordered them) and although we did not have to look sideways, we had trouble seeing over and between the people in front of us.
Tuesday night was a long late night driving back; Yes it WAS past my normal bed time, did not get back to Truro until almost 1130. 
So Wednesday was an early, grumpy morning. Ugh I so did not want to crawl out of bed. We were running a bit late by the time we got anywhere.  I had someone make a plan for me with no regard for whether or not I had plans for the time, SO I put my little foot down and did what I had planned.  Then I stole in a run.  I went to the park and ran on the trails Its kinda nice to be able on the 5th of December to be running in the park in shorts, although we have had snow we are also having this nice weather. 
I did mostly the perimeter of the park and claimed 6.84 km by the time I stopped and gave in to the work demands.  SIGH.
after working I was SO incredibly tired but still had a school concert to get to; Annika was SO cute!  AS soon as I got back from picking up Taylor from TKD I was in bed asleep. But sleep was hard to get last night; The dogs were barking at Scott coming home late, then he left early this morning and his alarm woke me up and I never got back to sleep thanks to the dogs barking their fool heads off.  Then Annika had a bad dream and that was the end of sleeping by 5:55 am. SIGH.  Up for school and work.
I managed a few chores this morning while getting ready to go and when I opened Annika's curtain I saw we had a nice large flock of Even Grosbeaks at the feeders. We see these guys a few times a year but not consistently.  They are cheeky little birds. NIce to be bird watching again; Have not seen the cardinals in a couple of months.

Planning a run shortly although my run mate has just left me hanging; decided not to go. LOL. IM more determined tho.  It's snowing a teensy bit and I want to run in it!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunny Weather Week

The weather this week has been amazing. Although it has been really foggy and we have had a lot of frosty slippery mornings, most days have come out somewhat sunny and abover 0 temps! Love above freezing!
Right up to today!  |Temps have dropped over 10 C and we are looking at ice. and some people say it's snowing!  Not here, I see blue sky and sun up there in places. 

Ok seriously I have been working on this post for 8 days now. Not going there.

We had some seriously cold weather with snow in the past 8 days. Since it was so pretty and sunny. Now our snow is gone and we are loving the RAIN.  And All I Can think about is where my roof might be leaking :)

Ive run about 60 km since I last checked in. Ive played 5 hockey games and 2 soccer games.  I had a fall that seriously hurt my shoulder and although it seems better now, for almost a week it was keeping me up at night and bothering me during the day; typing, folding laundry, knitting; it all takes a lot of shoulder motion ;)

Holly turned 12.

My long runs are not going so great. Might scale back a bit for a few months lol as long as I keep running that's what matters. I do not find Saturday afternoons a great time for the long run although that is where it fits. Its an early day at the end of a long week, I spend a lot of the day in the rink, and by afternoon Im pretty much a zombie. Maybe I can change some habits but it is going to take some work.

The end of the semester is here and there are lots of changes to be had.  With classes ending comes a LOT of marking, but also less lecture preparation. I survived the Anatomy Course!  When the class comes up again I will be more than ready this time.  :)  That course alone took up half my week!  After Christmas I will be back at Animal Breeding which takes up WAY over half my week. :)

Once I pick a spring Marathon for sure, I will be able to settle on a training schedule. I am still not so sure about those long runs through Jan-Feb-March. I dont mind the weather but the cold really limits the amount of time I can sweat outside, the wind limits my energy, and I hate the way my feet are always wet in winter/spring.  SIGH.  My sneakers never dry and always stink.  :)

Its pouring today but if I do not get out for my run before dinner I likely wont make it since we have doctor appointments this afternoon for Flu vaccinations and I do not expect to feel like running once those are done. It will be stressful and leaves me feeling a lot gross. And sore.  So I will brave the wind and get my feet soaked. Because I did not run yesterday (unless you count soccer and OMG I am so sore from that. Think sprints hahahaha). 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Overdid the Weekend :)

I had a feeling this was going to be a long weekend and for sure it was. :) But still all the "stuff" had to fit into 2 days.
Last Thursday and Friday were days off; Thursday on purpose and Friday by accident since I went shopping in Halifax after working.  Shopping should be considered exercise anyway; I wasn't sitting on my behind.
Saturday morning was early with pick-up hockey at 7 am then getting ready and heading to Taylor's yard sale fundraiser for a couple of hours before taking Holly to hockey.  After getting home and warming up, eating lunch, and knitting a bit of sock, I dressed and dragged out the door for a long run at 3:40 pm!   That is LATE for November in NS.  I knew I was going to end up running into dark, but I still went. 
I should likely have done the loop backwards, honestly. I planned 14+ km, but almost as soon as I left the house, I regretted my route.  Still went, but regretfully. Why?  I was RACING the next morning, and All I could think was, I am going to be SO tired tomorrow. I am going to be SO sore tomorrow.  What was I thinking?  Apparently I wasnt thinking.  SO I went off up College road (with sidewalks) and back around to McWilsons and up Queen Street while it was getting dark (no sidewalks...see? Should have been backwards).  It's a pretty basic route without a tonne of challenge besides a couple of hills. 
Anytime after 13 km I was hoping Scott would come and get me, and sure enough he did, it was getting dark and he saved me the climb up the hill at the end; 13.7 km 1:23:47 or something like that ;)

I rested the rest of the evening and actually went to bed sort of early after doing tonnes of laundry.  The clothes I wanted for the next morning were clean now but wet (poor planning). 
We got up at 4:30 am the next morning for the race in Halifax; Lucky 7 Relay.
My friend and I, and my new friend were the Chicks with Kick!  :)
The relay was around Halifax Commons; each member ran 7 km for a total of 21 for the team.  4.75 laps of the commons, actually.  Um, would not an out and back course have been more fun?? This was actually pretty good for spectators as we got to see our runners like 4 times before the end! 
We got to Halifax and met new friend Kris at about 630 am.  It was CHILLLLLY, at about -6 C. 

Kris had planned costumes for us and they did not disappoint!  LOL We were the Chicks and we dressed as chicks!  Complete with feeties, feather wings, and beaks! 

Sexy sweat pants not for the run.
The costumes were cool and let us wear our warm clothes along with them.  Although I dumped the sweats before running. Not cool.
The sun warmed us up a bit, so although toes were frosty, it was bearable. I ran the second leg, which means waiting for an hour and 15 minutes after the first leg started to run. COLD.  It was way cold to stand around that long.  We jumped and danced and cheered our runner on to keep warm :) We ran up to the beginning and back to the end.  Im thankful for my down coat to warm me! 
After Kris ended her speedy run, we went back to the cars to dress (and walked to get warm) and considered the walk back a bit of a warm up for the laps to come.  But I think I was about 2 laps in before I could feel all of my toes. 
Bring sexy chicks back
Speedy Chick
I started out with hat and gloves but passed those off on laps 1 and 2. I did warm up pretty fast.  The sun was so nice!  I only saw Scott once although he must have seen me more for all the photo fails on my phone. It doesnt do well with speed. 
I thought I was going faster (;)) but finished my laps in 37:43 ish (gun time was like 38:20 bummer!) But the run was ok on super tired and tight legs from my poorly planned long run the night before.  It's all good.
Then the cold set in.  I was done but Soaking wet (sweaty runner coming through) and I couldnt change into my dry clothes because judging for the costumes was AFTER the race!  UGH!  Im generally a get-outta-the-running-clothes-ASAP sort of person, because I get intensely cold after runs.  Thought I might need a hot tub to warm up after this one.
I piled on a wool blanket that Kris had brought (she was super prepared) and got my hat back on, then slowly started adding more after Dara had left for her leg; Sweat pants back on, Jacket back on (even tho I was getting it wet :() Left off the gloves as they were just way too wet.  Stayed wrapped in the blanket. I went to the food and got some oatmeal and a muffin; the oatmeal warmed me a lot :) About an hour after my run I stopped shivering violently. 

Once Dara was finished we walked to the cars (again) and got ready for costume judging :) we went back to the basket ball courts where runners had gathered for awards, and they passed out prizes and awards.   
Running Royalty
Coolest photo ever ;) there was an Olympian among us; Eric Gillis ran all three legs of the race with the last being fastest and I got to watch!  He was great to see running, effortless (he might not agree) :) He was kind allowing photos afterwards, and I am pretty sure after meeting me, he wants me to come and train with him somewhere warm this winter (wishful thinking). 

So this was successful and we are already planning costumes for next year :) Very fitting ones, I might think. 
Think that would be it for Sunday but naw, had other things to do. After I finally got to change to warm clothes and picked up a coffee, we headed home for hockey. I had a game and I spared afterwards for another team who was short a goalie.  2 hockey games later I went home to dress for Annika's game and my soccer game immediately afterwards.  Soccer season has started with a great loss and a ball to the face. LOVE it.
After totally overdoing the weekend I think I deserved my Monday rest day. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Return of the Nice Temperatures

at least for a little while, its' not near as cold as it was last week or as it usually is in NS in the middle of November. We have often had snow by now, but Ive not seen a flake.  It was 19 C yesterday.  And nice the day before. Today it is raining and 6 C. Nice change :)

After lots of thinking about what I wrote last Thursday, I am feeling better about the running. I feel a little more on track in the past 5 days.  Yeah 5 days!  that's worthy of note.  But it's all about feeling on track, feeling like it's managable, not overwhelming or like a fail all the time. Sometimes getting in the runs, even if someone might call them junk miles, has to be a worthy goal.  Keep going. Burn calories.  Worry less about the "training".

Thursday I went out for a nice 10.13 km run. I didnt quite mean to, it was a little long, but it was a nice rainy warm day and I got the run done :) And still made it out in time to pick up kids :)  Some hills, nothing serious.  1:02:07.

Friday was a little crazy even tho work was not, I fill time quite well with meetings and stuff.  I slipped out for a shorter run of 8 km (50 minutes) with Toni that went around town. This usually gives us a little break time :)

10 years old!

Friday night Annika had a sleepover party for her birthday (she's 10!) and we did not get much sleep. I went to hockey at 7 am the next morning but spent the rest of the day doing bows, hockey game for Holly, marking, and pretty wrecked. Discovered Weeds on Netflix; decided to watch all 5 seasons :)

Top Rookie

Saturday night we went to the 4H auction and Awards and Annika won Top Rookie of the county, while our club was top club. It was a good night for us, although VERY long with tired children who ended up feeling sick :(

Sunday morning I got up early and prepared for a long run with Jillian.  We are going to do some long runs together; She's good inspiration, very chipper and cheerleader ish, and she makes me run a little faster.  I likely slow her down a bit, which is good on long runs. We don't so much run together as run the same route a few minutes apart which allows me to run with someone near but still have my time and tunes.  She doesnt let me lose sight of her LOL.  We went 13.5 km (more or less) in 1:20 which is a decent time.  The weather was perfect at about 6 C and sunny.  It was a good run.

After the run I had a nap and rested as we had a hockey game in the afternoon. 
 After 4 losses we finally won a game. No great glory as now the team we beat has never had a win and it's not much fun to be only better than someone who has won less :(

Monday was a lovely sunny warm day; I was totally lazy most of the day, I finished up bows and watched more Weeds.  Much Weeds :) I am not sure we have much Netflix preview left.  I need to finish up to the end of the fourth season ASAP. 

But in the afternoon I was lured out for a nice 9.8 km run around the streets of Bible Hill :) It's good to have running friends!  :)  9.8 km in 59 minutes.  SIGH. It was about 20 C and pretty muggy.  Got some gardening done. :)

After working all Monday night, it was Tuesday and time for lectures and exhausted noon runs.  Toni and I did a little 5.2 km run (the AC 5K loop) in 30:50 enjoying the again very warm temps.

I am glad we did since Wednesday brought about a cold, damp rain.  We still did the same loop, another 5.2 km, but instead of being nice and sunny it was rainy and we dodged rain puddles.  It's super puddly. 

Which catches me up to today.  It's getting too hard to remember where and why I went where I did!  :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Year Long Running Goal

Every year I've been set a km goal.  If Im keeping track anyway, I might as well have an idea how many km I want to run. Last year I set the goal at 1800 and fell short, so this year I set the same goal.  And Im not sure how but I passed that goal on my noonhour run today, November 13th, 19 C sunny day.  1803.2 km run, no more to go.  Imagine how many more I can get before the end of December!  Much thanks I am sure to my running buddies who always kept me accountable and out the door even when I didnt especially want to be out the door!

What is a reasonable goal for next year?  Im wanting to run a spring marathon....hmmm

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello Strangers

I hear the echos out there as no one is reading this tired blog; it's a vicious cycle as I feel what s the point if no one is reading it?  and if there's nothing posted no one comes to read.  This started as a log for me to keep track of my stuff but really, since there's bloody little running going on around here, and not much other than eating ;) then there isnt really even anything to write.
Work is kicking my ass.  Im up so late at night and using so many of my off-hours to "work" not to mention still having home and family to take care of. The kids have such busy schedules and getting MY stuff in can be hard. I am going to steal a few minutes here shortly but Im taking 15 minutes while I am waiting for someone to write a few Blog words.

Other than work there is no reason not to be running. The weather has been decent, no body parts are having issues.
Although After a long run on Sunday followed by a hockey game, I did wake Monday morning feeling like my hip was broken.  I mean, coming out of joint, tearing muscle and ligament while it did.  I had trouble walking.  There was no injury, maybe I slept funny?
Tuesday it hurt less and I took it for a run, it wasn't painful to run.
Wednesday it was naggy
Thursday it was like it never happened.  Weird. 

I have a few minutes free here and there and really it's not enough time to change my clothes let alone run.  I should be using the fall weather for biking, hiking, running; Im in an office all the time instead. SIGH.  It's turned cold this week and I am going to spend the next 5 months kicking myself for not running enough.

Wondering if I should consider a spring marathon?  Training through the winter SUCKS ASS.  Its unpredictable and cold.  And Im not a cold weather person at all. I run through the winter but I cannot say I love it. Im always cold!  But I do want to do the Hypothermic Half this year so maybe that is just incentive to do the marathon in the spring rather than fall? no excuses about return to work and Cross country coaching in the spring :):)  I wonder if its' possible that we will actually get the weather they are forecasting for Monday and Tuesday; sunny and 14-15!

Now I am just rambling. Update:  I only have a few more km to reach my year goal of 1800.  I should be through it now and on my way to 2000 but whatever. Im going to finish it this year after falling short last year so I am glad about that.  I could almost walk the rest of 2012 and still get to 1800. lol

Better go; might have time to see that someone before I get out for my run.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not bothering to catch up

Because it's been too long. Running has been pretty hit and miss; between last post and now Ive had a cold, cross country and work are kicking my butt, and Im barely getting the runs in. No long runs. And no marathon or half marathon for me this coming weekend. I totally screwed up. I shifted focus away from the marathon when time and bad runs got in my way. I then didn't register for anything, despite having 3 nice choices.  So without a goal, then with sickness, I let things go. Im still running 4-5 times a week; but it's junk miles, calorie burning miles, not training.  Im going through the motions. 

Cross Country is going really well.  My team is running well and my kids have ran particularly well, being very proud of themselves and improving with each race in some way.
Yesterday was Regionals. Both of my girls ran as Intermediates so that they had a good chance of going to Provincials.  I knew Holly could do the distance because she did 5 km with me in June so 4 km was NBD. But she did get herself a little worked up and was really scared about the increased distance from 3 km as a Junior.

She didnt need to worry since she went through the added distance with a smile on her face and mud on her shoes :) I believe she had a lot of fun!
She finished 33/47 and 3rd in her school. 

I love this picture of her heading for the finish line with her coach in the background cheering her on! :):)

Taylor looked super strong on her run, although she doesnt feel it was a good race, with her chest being tight and she said she didnt feel good.  I think she looked fine :)

 unfortunately one of their team members was DQd and they did not make provincials by 2 points :( but it was a great race for all of these girls and Im super proud of them. 

The kids really are racing more than I am lol.

It's too bad that my running takes a dive during the best running weather; despite our tone of rain it's been nice, warm and sunny some days too :). And my time isn't m own :( soccer for the kids ends soon; basketball might take its place. There is always something. Hockey is taking a lot of time; but its never seemed so busy as it has this fall.
May pick a closer race this Sunday and just go to it ;) it's been ages. I had to miss the most local fall race and I want another before the Lucky 7 Relay in November.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2012 Beer Mile

Was run on a trail loop in the rain on a warm day and was a success!  :)

I decided after the last time, I could likely run a lot faster although I doubted I could drink faster.  LOL the first time was a hot day and I think that was much better for beer drinking than the cool, rainy day we ended up on this year.

I arrived with my beers to find there was another female running this year!  I had to really defend my title!


beer was drunken, then a 1/4 mile lap was run.
First lap, was bubbly and burpy. Most of the run was both.

Second beer was messy lol. 

 Now that is a bad race photo :)

The trail was muddy and had tonnes of water on it. Entertaining :)

3rd beer, 3rd lap unnoteworthy except that is where I passed the other girl.

4rth lap was kinda gross.  I felt bloated like Santa and although I could burp and had no nausea, I just felt terribly uncomfortable from 4 full cans of beer. And on that lap, naturally the first beer was kicking it took more concentration than the other laps to make sure feet were carefully placed. 

  So much a better photo....or not.

Time?? Under 12 minutes!   YAY~  4 beer and a mile done! 

What a brave, foolish bunch! 

Til next time, remaining Women's champ ;) at least at beer drinking/running.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ticker Update

Finally updated the ticker; it SHOULD do it auto from my MAPMYRUN right? lol 
1595.4 km so far; only 204.6 more in the next 3 months!  I can do that!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another Better Week in Progress

This week has gone much better than many of my previous weeks have gone.  Of course I am not doing anything differently. Maybe I am just adjusting to some changes in eating and sleeping, and it's agreeing with me.
Whatever it is, Im not knocking it.

Monday was busy. Like...every day is busy.  but with Scott away and Cross Country practices and stuff, just super busy.  I attended Cross Country with the highschool and had them do a variety of things. Some had not worked out on Sunday and those runners did some intervals. Others had done their Sunday run, and they did an easy run.  After I got them going I left with my kids and went to MIL's house for supper. Since we were early, Taylor and I had a chance to go for our run on the Trail; She did warm up 5 minutes walk and 25 minutes run and I ran out 2.5 and back 2.5 so we finished at the same time, 5 km in 30 minutes flat for me. The headwind on the way back was humbling ;)

Tuesday I chose a rest day; managed to put enough stuff off that I could attend Holly's first soccer game with the junior high; even tho she didnt play very much, I thought it was a fun game.  She likely has to do her time as the littlest 6th grader; but after watching her get equal time and play so well all summer it's hard to watch her sit on the bench at school games.  On the other hand the game was SUPER rough and some of those kids are 3 years older than she is, so maybe its ok.   I find when players are not as skilled they resort to rough play so it's not surprising.

Wednesday was the XC team's first meet; my kids ran at it as well.  And I had to miss it. :(:(:(  It was incredibly hard to have to stay in Truro when all those runners went away to run.  I finished my lab and clean up, and headed home at about supper time.  I changed and headed out for a drizzly 8 km loop, which I thought I was really doing super well on; I did the first 4 plus km in less than 24 minutes, then really pushed it harder to do up to 7 in 38 minutes and change...thought was pretty good, til I got to the top of my hill and towards home and realised I was still over 50 minutes. would like to get there in less than 50....SIGH. 51:19 for 8.6 km and 5:58 pace.  If I could skip that darned hill.....
Taylor Intermediate in her first 4 km race!

Holly Junior In her first 3 km race :):)

I was very proud of both of my girls for finishing their first races!
Thursday; All of my kids were dealt with, so after picking up Annika and getting her to Scott, and sending the XC kids off on a recovery jog, I headed up into the top part of the park where Ive never been, and explored. I had a time limit of an hour since Holly had a soccer game at the JR high at supper time, so I really pushed it. The first half was UP, climbing for freaking ever with a few rollers in the middle.  I went so far on this new path, which felt very isolated. I didnt know where it went, so I turned back at a little over 5 km and took the fastest, straightest route back to my car, much of it downhill.  YAY :)  10.2 km in 1:03:20, felt like I had worked hard. It was raining and super muggy.  Stood at the soccer game for 2 hours after that, and ended up feeling pretty sick with a headache and nausea and just plain achiness.  So home and rest and work for the evening.
Friday could have been rest day :) but I worked out instead with the XC runners; some speedwork is much needed.
6 X 30 second sprints uphill...followed by 4 X 60 second sprints up the same hill.  warm up and cool down brought estimate of 5.25 km done.  Good workout.
Now sitting here on Saturday morning wondering if my Beer Mile this afternoon is considered an adequate workout or if I should get something else in as well.  But as I am still sitting here, it's not looking good.  Its too late to run now before Holly's hockey scrimmage, and afterwards I might not want to. It's supposed to rain really well. Maybe this is a rest day.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

No Massive FAILS this week

After last Sunday's lack of runs, I determined this week was going to be better. I am analysing what I am doing wrong with fueling, sleeping, warm up, speed, etc. and trying to sort out why my runs are SUCKING.  I am not doing anything different with eating. OK not true!  Chocolate covered almonds are NOT an acceptable substitute when you dont have time for lunch.  An apple a day may keep the doctor away but it's not a meal.  and eating supper late at night? 

Sleeping is trickier to fix.  Because it's not a choice. I am trying to go to bed earlier but things still need to be done.  When you're away all day there are certain evening chores we need to do to catch up; not to mention staying up late to create awesome lectures for the new course.  So Im trying to get to bed earlier, skipping most TV watching, reading very little (even tho I got a good book), and keeping activities in the evening light.  I can fall asleep in seconds. But every morning I am waking at like 430 am. Part of the problem is definitely the cat. He wants company at 430 am. He starts the grooming on the bed, moving, meowing, playing under the bed, knocking stuff off the nightstand, clawing at the pillows under my head, clawing at the carpet, playing with his mouse, meowing out the window; I can lock him out but some nights that just means he is desparate to get in and claws at the door.  This is making sleep really hard. It's even worse than husband snoring!  Its even worse than sleeping with smallest child!
I could lock him in the basement where he would make enough noise to keep the oldest child awake.  Although seems she can sleep through a hurricane so that might be an option tonight.

But once I am awake the mind starts going through what has to be done that day, and that's it. The end of sleep.  If I could clear my mind before the imaginary lists start, I might be better off.  I am making lists of the kid's activities, where they are and where they need to go; I start going over what I need to do for work. What I need to do for Cross Country. And even one morning at 4 am I was going through a lecture I needed to give that day.  It was the best lecture ever!  Totally on Phylogenetics and Cladistics!  :)
Sleep is a problem.

Im not doing much warm up.  I figure running up and down the stairs with laundry and running around doing the chores is enough. That's not changed much.  I am stretching afterwards tho, and trying to do a lot of foam rolling, although that getting on the floor usually means Im a plaything for the cats. 

And speed. Maybe I am trying too hard for each run to be a good one, and not wanting to waste my time on "junk miles", since reading something that said if we are not either pushing it a little or running for like 3 hours, everything else is just junk miles and does nothing to advance the running. Im tense and in a hurry because I have too much to do. Im not relaxing, and trying to fit too much into too little time.  And time wasting is something I am well accomplished at.  Breaking bad habits has been really hard. 

In trying to improve the running, I am trying to fix some issues.  It's a slow process that I tend to sabotage at all corners.  A work in progress.

Sunday I didn't run which means I was hoping on Monday to have a long run.  HA when did I think that was going to happen?

It rained allllll night super hard, and kept up the next day.  Monday morning brought flooded and washed out roads.  I cancelled XC but it didnt matter since that school closed anyway...due to flooding.  My kids stayed in school and I stayed at work, once I made it there. They actually closed one area of road right behind me; I am so glad I have an SUV and not a small car. 

I heard they were talking about closing the one last route I had to home; Scott stayed on one side of town so that he could reach the kids, and I stayed on my side at work, so I could reach the house. If we were separated, at least that way all of the creatures were looked after. But if they closed that one last route, we werent going to get home to the dogs and cats.  SO we picked up the kids from school early, and took them home.  They didnt end up closing the bridge, because water stopped rising, but we didnt take the chance.
After getting home and checking for damage (leaking roof), working a bit, naturally I decided to go for a run.  I ran up the hill, little damage that way although the streams were all raging.
Then on the way home I ran down to the bridge. That's where all the damage is.

Drive home

near home

The road is running away!

Bridge they talked about closing. My kids were swimming here a week ago
It was neat to see the power of the water.
6.73 km in the rain.

Tuesday was bright and sunny (relatively) and the XC team ventured back to the park. Many of our trails were washed out a bit so we stuck to the lower park and did Jacob's Ladder, 174 steep wooden steps up to the top.  It was a little slippy. We were supposed to have a break in between repeats to run around to the bottom of the stairs, and only do a few repeats of the stairs themselves.  But without using the rock and sand strewn trail down (slippery) we were left with up and down the stairs. AND therefore too many were done.  Some of the senior boys, competing a bit, repeated up to 8 or so times.  TOO much!  I did 6 myself before we headed to the falls. We swam in the falls on Sunday. Today it was too full of rushing water so we just enjoyed the nice spray off the water and got soaked enough. I estimate about 5 km but not sure.  Those stairs left our legs shaking.I picked up the kids from School activities and ran them home before I had a VERY LONG coaches meeting in the evening. A way late night. 
Wednesday morning was ok :) not so sore.  Work was long and absolutely crazy.  Lectures and labs filled the day.  I went home afterwards and changed, headed out for a run with Toni. She keeps me paced well and we did 7.7 km in 44:30. I was beat although it didnt seem that bad. 

Wednesday night the discomfort set in, and walking became hard. DAMN the stairs.  Calves screaming, quads shrieking. LOL lesson learned? not likely. Did the same thing with hockey last week.

Thursday was another busy day and work was long and filled. Rest day!  :) I didnt run but I did meet the XC kids and timed them in a time trial.  Which was mean, right after all those stairs. They are working pretty hard.  :)  Holly had soccer practice; She made the junior high soccer team as striker.  :) proud of her; they only picked 2 grade six students and she's the first grade 6 striker.  After picking her up, we went home and stayed there.  We spent an hour doing the garbage, collecting some up around the yard and making sure there was no recycling in it before putting it out by the road. Early to bed; relatively since Scott is away and I had to stay up to put the dogs to bed. When they are kenneled all day it doesnt seem fair to put them to bed at 830! 

Friday morning we got ready to go out and watched while the garbage men rejected most of my carefully separated garbage and left no reason why.  This may indicate how "hanging on by a thread" I am; I might have lost my mind slightly and chased the garbage truck.  I HAD to find out why my bags were left; since I would just go put it out again next time?????  SIGH. I likely look like the CRAZY lady everyone is terrified of. My kids are humiliated.  But I did make those men be accountable for their actions lolol they didnt really give a good reason for leaving all of it; a bag was wrong colour but I only rebagged it so it wouldnt break when they lifted it (was a hole in one spot); left the paint cans because, well, they were paint cans?  I took those to the Enviro Depot and they took the ones with paint in them but told us to put empty ones in the trash so we carted them home, to be rejected by the trash men. They left a third bag for no reason. Only took one bag. 

Losing my mind isnt much fun.

After working all day, I had MIL picking up kids; they were being VERY difficult; one going away for the evening, one skipping XC practice because she wanted to go with her grandmother; I made her stay with me instead and run with the high school team. No skipping. 
I tried to have the XC team do Fartleks.  I explained they run on feeling, they should practice picking it up by increasing cadence, not stride length; I wanted them to increase turnover.  They don't like the lack of structure Fartleks gives them, so one actually had a whistle and used it to time out some short intervals and some followed, some didn't. Some did a pretty lame job of it, others ran their butts off.  So it is with this individual sport.  I likely went about 2 km on the 5 laps I did with Holly.

After practice, MIL came back and the two small kids were bugging for a sleepover. I totally caved; exhausted, and the thought of spending the evening with them mad and asking for a sleepover and why was I so mean?? And Why was I being so mean? lol I let them go. I was too tired to argue.

So I was kid free.  And I went for a run.  We just left the car and Toni and I started wandering around, up to the highway, back down the trail; 10.65 km in 1:09:19.  A slow, easy run.  After running I intended to go home for supper and a shower but just grabbed the shower and went to a friends place for a drink and some relaxing.  Sometime just before I went home, I felt suddenly, incredibly nauseated.  I actually went and laid on the bathroom floor for a minute. It passed. How odd.

Saturday morning I had every intention of getting up early and running but instead I was house cleaning and getting laundry done and rushing around.  Then Holly had hockey tryouts, and I took the kids to the mall to get Holly's skates heat-molding, then we shopped for some shoes for her, got a present for a Sunday baby shower, looked for something else (cannot remember where we went) then went home.  The rest of the night was a blur; the kids were playing with a magic kit, I did dishes, cleaned yard some, Taylor mowed lawn, Bunch of stuff I cannot remember lOL.  I didnt run.

Sunday was better tho. Still busy; we headed out early so the girls could go to Drama in Old Barns, which is about 22 minutes away. Holly and I spent that time running on the trail; she biked with me.  It's long slow run day, and Im full of other commitments. So I did what I could; I got in 10.2 km on the trail with Holly. At about 2 miles I was feeling spaced out and hungry. On the way back at about 4 miles, Holly spotted an apple tree and we spent a few minutes picking some apples; the best ones were up high. I had an apple (and a half) and felt much less hungry and happy to finish the run. I mean, really, it was pretty nice. We were on the Cobequid Trail so scenery was awesome
And I had this little one keeping me company on her bicycle :)

Running conditions were good despite a strong wind on the way back in our faces.  This was a good run.

10.22 km in 1:10:56 (includes the time spend picking and eating the apples Whooops :))
Took the kids home to eat and get ready for the baby shower we attended back in Old Barns; I spent HOURS in the car yesterday!  :)
We missed the Terry Fox Run in town which made me sad, but sometimes you just have to give up being everywhere at once.  :)

We left the baby shower early to get to Cross Country practice in the park.  3 local teams are kind of going to practice together on Sunday afternoons to utilize coaching efficiency in the area :)   I had my team doing long 1+ km intervals, 5 of them, on a loop in the park.  I did laps with them, and my long slow day contained some race pace km repeats on trail.  After they were finished I did another couple of miles on the trails, adding 11.56 km in 1:14:57 (includes some breaks) to finish the day up with 21.88 km on TRAILS!!  Too bad it had to be split, but it's the only way sometimes to get things in.  Running can be a time consuming activity!
Pretty tired now, we went home and did the typical Sunday Night routine, before I tried REALLY hard to get a little more work done, falling asleep on the FLOOR beside my bed, which kinda told me that was enough and I was better off going to sleep :(:(:(
Now it's Monday and I wonder what this week is going to bring me?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

It continues

Today was a massive Fail.  On the run, on productivity...
But let's rewind back to Thursday...
When I had a really sweaty gross run.  But not a bad run.

Thursday night I went out and played Hockey. Why not? Have to start sometime.
Friday after lectures, I met a friend, kinda talked her into going 16 km, and off we went. I had a granola bar just before so thought I would be ok for food even tho we would be gone into Lunchtime.  We picked a route that took us through the park and back around town.  And I was fine, right up to the last 2 km.  Then I felt hungry and like it took some concentration to put one foot in front of the other.  Just before we got to the end, we had to stop at a stop light.

And I felt the blackness closing in on me.  Narrowing my sight to right in front of me.  I walked around the light pole looking like a complete moron. I couldnt stand still.  I gasped air and didnt want to sit because that would have been it.  It was a little unnerving.  Last week, a runner in town died at the end of a long run, due to an aneurism.  I sure did not want to be the next runner to pass out on a street corner. :( With these thoughts in my head, the light turned and we finished our 16 km.  But I hated every second of those last 2 km.

A couple of weeks ago I was doing 27 km. Now 16 feels like crap.  What is wrong with me?

A couple of hours later I had the first meeting with this year's Cross Country Runners!  It was a good meeting even tho I screwed up and was late.  We finish the meeting with an easy run to the park where the team will meet for runs.  I hated every step of that mile, and every step back :( ok not every one, but it wasnt a fun run.  19 km total for the day. Who cares how long it took ;)

That night my legs and hips got super tight and I started having trouble lifting them, like when you step up or get into a car.  I know what that's about; hockey! It was hockey coming back to haunt me.  Im out of shape for that.

Saturday I had a rest day because I was not walking well.  We had all sorts of running around and errands and I was just tired from poor sleep and late night.  Too bad, it was a nice albeit hot day. 

Because Sunday I had planned to go for a run with some other people.  And I got up and found I was alone with my kids and they had to get to church 25 minutes away.  It frustrates me when I make plans and then have them foiled by someone else's plans!  :( I got ready and got the kids to church (late) but almost at the same time as I was dropping them off, it started to rain. No, rain would be an understatement.  POUR.  And rain is one thing, but strong wind blowing it sideways does not appeal to me. 

I watched the rain for awhile in resigned disappointment.  At least if I had been out running when the rain started...but beginning is super hard.  And then for the rest of the day I had things to do; Holly had to go to hockey, I had Cross country practice. I ran with the kids, but it was not a good run.  It was choppy and there was walking because there were some new runners and I was talking to them.
Today was a total FAIL.  Supposed to be a long run. But to be honest I am a little nervous to go for a long run alone, without anyone to call for a pity-pick-up. I will have to get over it. Im so off track for Marathon running! :(:(:(:(:(

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Making the most of what's left of summer

It's been ages since I last posted and I'm not even going to attempt to remember what I've been up to. There is so little left of summer, I've been trying to use up every waking minute. But I have to admit exhaustion is getting the best of me. I cannot just run or just bike or just do what the kids need; trying to do it all is exhausting. I'm writing this from my phone, attempting to take advantage of some downtime. On our way to a soccer game. Excuse any spelling mistakes: autocorrect is not my friend.
I was cruising along in my training plan, got a 27 km long run in. I got all the runs in the next week.  Nice 13.8, 14.4, little runs. And next long run was a step back week; only 21.5 km.  All went well.  Was getting set for my big 30 k long run, when the time crunch knocked me off.Just not time for it all. And once you're off, how much harder is it to get back on?
The girls had soccer games and jamborees north of here, so we room the kids camping in Antigonish for a weekend. We were with about 6 other families heading same places, so it was easier to manage games at same times an hour apart. We left Holly with a friend and took Annika to her jamboree where she played 3 games in awfully hot conditions. She did awesome. Holly's team also did well. Back to campground then more soccer in the morning before heading home. No long run, no run. That's 2 days off. We were thrown right into preparations for Exhibition as items had to be taken in for 4H that night and Annika had to decorate the cake we made before we camped. We spent the rest of the day cake decorating. I felt way too bad to leave her to it, so no run.
Exhibition started Monday morning right away; too busy no run. I could have gotten up at dawn and run before but tired an kids had to be places at like 7 am so it was just too hard to get out earlier and as the only parent home the kids really needed guidance. Long freaking day at the Ex and we were there til dark. Tuesday was a repeat. Only earlier. And later. Wednesday should have been better but it wasn't . We wasted lots of the day at the ex and relaxed away the rest. Annika had an evening soccer party that night. No run. That's 5 days off. In a row. But because it was sooooo busy and exhausting, not restful, so feeling like crap.  Missed long run, missed little runs.
Thursday morning it was time to start again.  8.6 km; ugh!  It was brutal as I thought it might be. 

Ugh seriously, this is the hardest post to write!  Its been 6 days since I started it! And tonnes of it disappeared.  Rewriting.

So got restarted. Falling off the wagon isn't hard and it's not always a question of dedication. We are just trying SO hard to do it all.  And with the end of summer coming we wanted to get as much in as possible. Exhibition was totally worth it. Mostly fun!
8.6 miserable km in 56 minutes.  :P

Next morning I went up Greenfield way and did 9 miles (14.4 km) and that was long.  SIGH. Better tho.  1:34:58.  There were a lot of knarly hills on that route!
Friday night we went to a party. Not like a stuffy party but one with loads of drinks and pool and Wii Rock Band games.  And it went on for a long time :) So Saturday was now so a rest day.  We had company and it's hard to take off running when you have company.  On Saturday we took the kids for a walk in the park and they swam in the falls.  Night time was the Ex to pick up 4H stuff and a fairly early bedtime. Ugh.
Woke up next morning still feeling a little shakey but better; I spontaneously decided to sign up for the Cobequid 10 K run.  As soon as we registered and warmed up I remembered why I dont run that race anymore; freaking hot!  A 9 am start time is so awful in August.
Warm up was ok, race started a few minutes late, and congestion cleared by 5 km in lol at the turn around it improved.  I reeled people in for the last 5 km; It was one of the most consistently paced runs Ive ever done. First 5 k was 26:57. Finished the race in 55:39.  A personal Best!  Although I did do the Cabot Trail in less, it was part of another race, as well it was much cooler and my training was way less miles then.
Crowded start line
Challenged at the end; she beat me.
42/101, 6/27 Age Group, 5:34 mins/km pace.

The rest of Sunday was spent at race awards (good food so we stayed a bit; I could have had 2nd place or better in my age group at 5 km but I didnt run THAT race) and then we packed and went to Melmurby Beach until well into the evening.  It was hot and perfect.

Monday morning I thought it would be a great idea to do a long run. That wasn't the smartest thing ever.  Tired legs from a Race and hours at the beach?  It was a drag from start to finish. But I aimed for 10 miles and I came close. Ran out of road.  1:42:29. Getting better.
Took the kids to Moncton Zoo. 

Tuesday morning I got up super early and took my awesome bike for a ride.  23.14 km; I thought I was going to get rained on, and stopped to get a plastic bag for my iPhone.  It soon stopped and I continued on.  When I got home I changed helmet for hat and headed out for a 5 km run. That was tonnes of fun; always. lol  1:05:53 and 32:28 respectively.  Had work meetings afterwards, then Holly had soccer Tuesday night. Fun.

Wednesday no idea what happened.  I don't think I did much of anything. Went to office for a bit.

Thursday the girls had soccer in Stellarton;  Did run beforehand only 8.65 km on the loop.  52:30 minutes.

Friday I went 13.8 km. I dont know where I went lol.  I might remember eventually.

Saturday morning we went to Halifax for Holly to play in her Provincials.  There was no time for a run.  I suppose there was but I didnt go.

So Sunday am I did a better job of getting out of bed and was running before 7 am. It was COLD.  I mean, numb fingers and ears, thinking gloves and hats!  UGH.  Pretty, sunny, but I believe some people had a frost!  On Sept 2!!  Ugh. Just a reminder that I am so not ready to start facing those damned wintery runs.  Maybe once Ive enjoyed the fall ones?

6.5 km up the hill and back in 40:40.  I better improve those times, if Im racing a Relay in November. Just a short relay, 7 km apiece, but I want to be the fast one on my team hahah!  and that race recognises that we have loads of tech shirts and is actually puting Arm Sleeves in the bag!

The rest of Sunday morning was spent in Halifax at Holly's last game of Provincials where they did not finish in last place so happy days, and then we came home and cleaned bedrooms and garages and sheds and stuff.  In the evening after a late supper we had a later walk on the Trail with friends and the kids had bikes and it was all very nice.
5.3 more km in an hour.

Monday was Labour Day and I was determined we were going to the beach.  Scott's idea, I held us to it.  First I had a long run to make. I thought ok 21 km should do it.  I wish my body had agreed.  I started wishing for Scott around 17.5 km; I was feeling kinda sick and ran out of water/gatorade.  I just wanted to stop. And sure enough at 18.4 km he came around the corner with a drink and i got in the car and we went home.  I wasnt too short but it's still kind of a fail to me.

Tuesday I went back to work (SAD) and it was crazy.  My schedule this term is rotten. Holly had her very last soccer game with XFC this summer and we went over to that; they won and it was a good game. 

Wednesday the clouds broke. I dont mind running in the rain but for over 24 hours it poured straight. No breaks.  I was at work and kept looking for a little less rain.  I think it happened while I was teaching (classes started!!) anyway I dont mind rain but the wind driving the rain sideways didnt appeal to me at all. SO no run. SAD. 

Thursday was less rain more drizzle so a friend and I went running and it was good. Although muggy as all get out. Grossly sweating, I cannot believe how much I sweat. Think, sauna sweating.  I look like I stepped out of a shower sweat.  It's awful.  8 km in under 50 minutes (not logged yet) and then back into dress clothes and off to teach a lab. That's how I roll. 

Now I am caught up.  Still off the training plan. Severely. I dont see how a full Marathon can be salvaged at this point but Im always hopeful.

Anyone with advice on how to pull out a full marathon?  It's about 6 weeks away...or 5.  UGH!!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

End of Week 8!

 Cannot believe how fast time is flying away! Summer is over half over, I should be going back to work in about 2 weeks, and the kids have exhibition coming up really fast!  Not to mention fall, and a Marathon!  :P
I still have not picked a marathon to commit to yet.  Right now I am still just doing the work and putting in the miles, without actually having a goal race in mind.  I don't think we can afford to go to Toronto, which was one idea, but we can still do a local; there is the Moncton Marathon, before that there is even the Valley Harvest, and there is even a small one in NB that I could do.  Those are close to the end of my training plan. 
I am also still trying to plan for the September Triathlon Shuby Dooby Tri, any later and open water swims are getting a little chilly.  lol I still dont have a wet suit!

The Olympics are going on and this is wreaking havoc on my time!  there is always something to watch; most of the time multiple things.  I didnt run Sunday morning until the women's Marathon was over, and therefore I ran in terrible heat and humidity. UGH.  There is equestrian stuff on all the time; swimming, diving, boats, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics; actually, the track stuff is not as interesting to me. I would like to see more of the Decathalon stuff, but it's not really well televised.  Ive spent more time watching TV in the last 11 days than in the last 11 months!

Week 8 was busy and packed full of activity.  On Monday I took a swim after the kids swimming lessons, got in a km of laps in the pool.  I need an open water swim!  Or a few open water swims.  Otherwise it was a rest day, with Annika playing soccer in the evening and then some ice cream treat afterwards! 

Tuesday (Last day of July) I got caught up in Olympics but got out for a run with Toni on our usual loop, 9.7 km in 1:01:39.  The times are crap!  The heat and humidity are really taking it out of me.  After the kids had swimming lessons, I hopped in the pool for 20 quick laps before the kiddies demanded we go home; they were hungry, I dont blame them!
Holly had soccer in New Glasgow in the evening so Annika and I visited Nanny Perkins and had a nice chat. 

Ended July with 399.88 km total travelled; 238.17 km running.  39.42 hours spent in activity; 22,652 calories burned. 

Wednesday morning I was again sucked into the TV and Olympics lol.  We left that afternoon for a camping trip so it was the last we were going to see for 2 days!
I tore myself away at 730 for a quick run; to town and back with another street thrown in; trying to get those 8 miles in; only completed just under 12 km tho :( 
 11.95 km Run / Jog 1:16:26 938 kCal 6:23 min/km
Packed up the car and took the kids to swimming lessons in the pouring rain; the littles completed their levels in 8 sessions (as we missed the last 2).

We left the pool and headed straight out to camp at The Ovens on the South Shore.  We drove in the rain. Arrived in the mist.  Put up tents and went for a short walk.  Rain left off and we had a sunny long walk after supper.

A nice campfire with a few beverages, then late to bed. Planned a run in the morning but woke to rain which lasted quite heavy all day. It's one thing to run in the rain from home; I like to run in the rain. But on a camping trip, where there is no shower, no where dry to change (although our tent did well...) it just wasnt happening.  We went shopping instead ;)After some actually quite excellent campground coffee. Nothing else to do when its raining like it was.  When we came back we made and ate supper in the rain, under the rain shelters lol.  It cleared off enough later for a walk and a fire.  We got to bed much earlier. 
In the morning we had coffee and packed to go home. The rain stopped and tents dried barely enough to pack them away.  Home in time for some rest before Ball Hockey in the evening; it was a tough game, rough.  We lost 4-2.Ugh 2 days without a run, longer without a bike ride.
Saturday morning there was something on TV that I watched ;) Pretty tired after camping and Ball Hockey the night before.  Went out a little earlier, but it was still really warm.  on the 10 k loop, did 10.2 km in 1:07:23.  HOT. 
Saturday was filled with lots of shopping and haircut for Taylor, prepping for family photo the next day.  It all seemed to take so much longer than it should have.  After we shopped we dropped into the pool, literally. Then we went to the Ball Field to watch some baseball at the Girls U21 Fastball Nationals.  Lots of good ball. It was SO hot.

We finished off the night with a bonfire with friends and an early bed.

Sunday morning I woke early to watch the Women's Marathon.  It was hot early. I planned to skip the long run that morning because of family pictures/party in the afternoon; after long run I often feel like crap and look it too. So after the marathon, I went for a REALLY hot short run.  only 6.54 km up the hill and back down. It was about 25C and blazing sun.  at home I had a cold shower and got everyone ready for photos, did hair, makeup , into fancy clothes, and it was HOT. 

Left the party to get Annika to a birthday party and then home to rest and the Olympics.  Even the other kids didnt want to go to the pool.  rest for next morning
When I planned the long run for the week; 27.2 km.  I got up around 530 am and I swear I meant to get going earlier.  I dont know what happened. There was coffee so I had a cup while I mapped out a course that I was not all that committed to; too many hills.  I had some oatmeal, filled 2 bottles with 1/2 gatorade, water.  Packed a Cliffs bar.  Chocolate almond fudge; a little sweet for hot days.  The weather was cloudy and muggy at 18 C when I left and started running at 7 am. Where did time go? ugh.   
I drove the car down to the mail boxes by the Salmon River bridge, since I decided to treat myself to NOT having to run that soul-sucking hill at the end of my very long run.  I hoped I would not dread the run as much if I didnt have that to look forward to at the end.  I had to make up that 2 miles elsewhere but it's better in the middle than at the end.  My map took me out through North River and back to town before heading home.  Lately my nerves at the thought of the long run have been high, upset belly and dread are not good for a long run.  Taking the car to a new location to start seemed to settle them out a little.
I started out slow and got slower during the run. The humidity was smothering; it was around 95% and the Feel's Like temperatures were around 30 C, climbing to about 34C by the end of my 3 hour run.  I did the course I mapped out, with lots of hills but I didnt find any of them too bad, mostly dont by 2/3 of the way through.  I think rolling hills are better than flat for my running. 
I had to pee like 3 times!  :P  I carried one bottle in the water belt and the other in my hand; I wanted to empty one bottle by the time I turned in North River and toss it away but it was only half empty at that point so I drained it by the time I turned towards Truro in Onslow and stuck it in someone's mail box; Sorry! 
I had half a Cliff's Bar at about 10 km and another half at about 21 km.  Belly didnt get too sickly til around 24 when the sun was shining and the distance was getting a little long.  It passed after a bit.
My feet have been hurting a lot for the past 6 weeks, in the big toe  joint. It's worst when I wear my new sneakers, which seem to put pressure right on that joint, particularly the right foot.  This was uncomfortable at the start but faded mostly, until a little past half way,  when it started up again (right after the rollingest hills?) it got a little better after awhile but wasnt gone.
Anyway 27.4 km put down in 3:07:27 (including pee breaks and walk breaks) and week 8 ended.  The rest of the day was a write off, with naps and minimal laundry/gardening/pool swimming done.  Early to bed.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trying to Keep journal once a week; Week 7 Over

After a relatively short 17 km run on Sunday, Monday was bright and sunny and I was out on the bike at 7 am.  I had almost an hour to get in some faster km before meeting Taylor and a neighbor for a slower but very hilly ride.  On Dirt roads. 
First Ride on Awesome Bike: 16.59 km Road Cycling 49:07 377 kCal 20.3 km/h km/h
Second Ride on Mountain Bike: 18.7 km Road Cycling 1:23:49 322 kCal 13.4 km/h km/h
The kids are in swimming lessons for 2 weeks, so we are at the pool by 11 am each day.  After the kids have swimming there is lane swimming, which is a good chance to drop my feet into the pool for some swimming.  It's really nothing like open water swimming which I really need to do, but it's better than not swimming at all.  So on Monday I did 40 laps for 1 km of swimming. 

The rest of Monday is a blur ;) I guess Annika had soccer?

Tuesday I ran with Toni on our usual loop in Bible Hill; 8.6 km 56:43 minutes.  That is a hilly route and we were both tired ;) Tuesday is my not so good day;  I seem to be more tired than Mondays.

Wednesday the plan called for 12.8 km and it was hot before I got started; Scott took the kids to swimming and I ran to the pool and met them there. We shopped for paint and then I ran most of the way home; finished up with 13.1 HOT HOT km in 1:20:45.  I dont plan to do many runs in that heat.

Thursday another run day; Did a super quick run on the 8 k loop for 8.6 km in 55:44 minutes.  Im having trouble remembering what we did the rest of the day.  Kids had swimming, of course.  Holly had soccer but she picked swimming this week; she's been doing soccer all spring/summer.

Friday no run but had a Ball Hockey game ;P we lost 3-0.  Lots of bruises.

Saturday was the 10 k loop so 10.35 km in 1:06:02.

Sunday long run. Got up late, didnt get going right away. It was cloudy out so I didnt stress about it but kinda hungry right from the start.  I mapped out a route and stuck to it fairly close.  Route
It was hillier at the start than the finish which is always nice. It was of course up hill for the last mile.

Started by going to Bible Hill, visited the Tim's for a bathroom, then out to Onslow where I stopped at the farm for a bathroom break.  I ate half a Cliff's bar while walking to the bathroom. I crossed back to town on the Highway (actually felt safer than running the road to Onslow) and then through town and back to home, stopping at the McWilsons for a refill on the water bottle.  It was still cloudy and not so hot. 
On the road to home I finally saw Scott coming; he gave me part of an orange and some gatorade.  I finished most of the way to home; he came up on me on the Soul-Sucking hill and I couldnt resist a ride home.  I was about 1 km short at 24.64 km, I didnt stop the time during pee breaks so time was crap 2:48:50.  And my phone did not map the route well at all.

Week 7 finished!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 6 Catchup

Week 6 was a super hard busy week. The kids had 4H Achievement Day at the end of the week, which means every waking second was spent finishing last minute touch ups, walking and clipping animals, and setting up for the big day. 
Monday morning I got up early for a bike ride before more busy started.  I met Lavinia part way to town and we went up big hills and back to town for breakfast at Fletchers before we got caught in a downpour and she drove me and my bike home.  Our legs were very tired from weekend runs and heat.
34.5 km in 1:29:36 (although only 32 were before breakfast and rain) :)
The rest of the day was more 4H finishing, scrapbooking.

Tuesday back to running; a run with Toni on even deader legs that was a drag lol. 
9.72 km Run / Jog 1:00:43 762 kCal 6:14 min/km; the time and route were so routine.
More 4H; shopping, making cakes. A quick drive to New Glasgow for some soccer.  Taylor's calf was ill and we heard just before I left for NG that she had passed away; Taylor's 4H project took a drastic turn:(:(:(

Wednesday morning I got a quick 6.6 km in before a busy day running around, making icing, finishing Vet Science stuff...Annika had Soccer practice and Taylor had a dog meeting; I took my bike on the car and went for a bike ride while Annika practiced soccer. 

                        6.6 km Run / Jog 40:55 514 kCal 6:12 min/km
                        19.42 km Road Cycling 49:53 479 kCal 23.4 km/h

Thursday was a CRAZY busy day; finishing off projects that were due at the church by 1030 am!  I got up super early and did day time stuff which still needed doing (laundry, dishes)  and then went out for a quick run; I needed to be home by 7 but we didnt go until 7, which kinda sucked because I was behind all day!  :P
9.8 km Run / Jog 1:00:53 776 kCal 6:12 min/km
Then finished decorating cake, picked up spare kids, delivered 4H stuff, Made it to soccer practice, picked up kids and fed, took them to barn, ran barn errands and picked up Achievement Day stuff, Watched the pig show, ate quick supper, and took the kids to the pool.  We tried to get the kids into bed early but it didnt work so well.

Friday was up early and off to Achievement Day.  There was no running going on.

Taylor and Maggie
 Taylor showed the dog first thing.
Annika and Whiskey
 Then the Cavy show went off :)
Taylor and Truffles

Holly and Guiness

Holly and Wicka
 Goat was next
Annika and Lily
 Then the main event; Dairy calves. 
Taylor and Hush

Holly and Danny
 Taylor was top Jr Showman; Holly had Grand Champion Calf.

There was a couple of hours after the show for getting animals home before heading off to the Banquet.  It was a long! day.

Saturday morning we got up half early but had a little sleep in; ran the 8 k loop instead of longer.
8.36 km Run / Jog 51:40 654 kCal 6:10 min/km
The weather has been holding hot and dry; Fire index is up, lawns and soccer fields are gasping.  No rain in sight as the girls had soccer games in Truro and we spent the morning and afternoon on the soccer field.

Sunday was Long Run Day; it was a step back week so only 16 km on the plan.  I ran to town and back with a stop at McWilsons for new water.  It was hot but early so nice. 
17.0 km Run / Jog 1:48:25 1,328 kCal 6:22 min/km...the last bit up the hill is the crappiest.  It's just not much fun to end long runs with that hill. 
No swimming this week. Not sure how that happened ;)

Ends week 6 with all runs intact :) not exactly on plan but who is following a plan? ;)

2012 km Goal