Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Return of the Nice Temperatures

at least for a little while, its' not near as cold as it was last week or as it usually is in NS in the middle of November. We have often had snow by now, but Ive not seen a flake.  It was 19 C yesterday.  And nice the day before. Today it is raining and 6 C. Nice change :)

After lots of thinking about what I wrote last Thursday, I am feeling better about the running. I feel a little more on track in the past 5 days.  Yeah 5 days!  that's worthy of note.  But it's all about feeling on track, feeling like it's managable, not overwhelming or like a fail all the time. Sometimes getting in the runs, even if someone might call them junk miles, has to be a worthy goal.  Keep going. Burn calories.  Worry less about the "training".

Thursday I went out for a nice 10.13 km run. I didnt quite mean to, it was a little long, but it was a nice rainy warm day and I got the run done :) And still made it out in time to pick up kids :)  Some hills, nothing serious.  1:02:07.

Friday was a little crazy even tho work was not, I fill time quite well with meetings and stuff.  I slipped out for a shorter run of 8 km (50 minutes) with Toni that went around town. This usually gives us a little break time :)

10 years old!

Friday night Annika had a sleepover party for her birthday (she's 10!) and we did not get much sleep. I went to hockey at 7 am the next morning but spent the rest of the day doing bows, hockey game for Holly, marking, and pretty wrecked. Discovered Weeds on Netflix; decided to watch all 5 seasons :)

Top Rookie

Saturday night we went to the 4H auction and Awards and Annika won Top Rookie of the county, while our club was top club. It was a good night for us, although VERY long with tired children who ended up feeling sick :(

Sunday morning I got up early and prepared for a long run with Jillian.  We are going to do some long runs together; She's good inspiration, very chipper and cheerleader ish, and she makes me run a little faster.  I likely slow her down a bit, which is good on long runs. We don't so much run together as run the same route a few minutes apart which allows me to run with someone near but still have my time and tunes.  She doesnt let me lose sight of her LOL.  We went 13.5 km (more or less) in 1:20 which is a decent time.  The weather was perfect at about 6 C and sunny.  It was a good run.

After the run I had a nap and rested as we had a hockey game in the afternoon. 
 After 4 losses we finally won a game. No great glory as now the team we beat has never had a win and it's not much fun to be only better than someone who has won less :(

Monday was a lovely sunny warm day; I was totally lazy most of the day, I finished up bows and watched more Weeds.  Much Weeds :) I am not sure we have much Netflix preview left.  I need to finish up to the end of the fourth season ASAP. 

But in the afternoon I was lured out for a nice 9.8 km run around the streets of Bible Hill :) It's good to have running friends!  :)  9.8 km in 59 minutes.  SIGH. It was about 20 C and pretty muggy.  Got some gardening done. :)

After working all Monday night, it was Tuesday and time for lectures and exhausted noon runs.  Toni and I did a little 5.2 km run (the AC 5K loop) in 30:50 enjoying the again very warm temps.

I am glad we did since Wednesday brought about a cold, damp rain.  We still did the same loop, another 5.2 km, but instead of being nice and sunny it was rainy and we dodged rain puddles.  It's super puddly. 

Which catches me up to today.  It's getting too hard to remember where and why I went where I did!  :)

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Char said...

You've got such a full schedule! Honestly, I had to have a nap after reading about how much happens in your week.
Your running's going great!

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