Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Overdid the Weekend :)

I had a feeling this was going to be a long weekend and for sure it was. :) But still all the "stuff" had to fit into 2 days.
Last Thursday and Friday were days off; Thursday on purpose and Friday by accident since I went shopping in Halifax after working.  Shopping should be considered exercise anyway; I wasn't sitting on my behind.
Saturday morning was early with pick-up hockey at 7 am then getting ready and heading to Taylor's yard sale fundraiser for a couple of hours before taking Holly to hockey.  After getting home and warming up, eating lunch, and knitting a bit of sock, I dressed and dragged out the door for a long run at 3:40 pm!   That is LATE for November in NS.  I knew I was going to end up running into dark, but I still went. 
I should likely have done the loop backwards, honestly. I planned 14+ km, but almost as soon as I left the house, I regretted my route.  Still went, but regretfully. Why?  I was RACING the next morning, and All I could think was, I am going to be SO tired tomorrow. I am going to be SO sore tomorrow.  What was I thinking?  Apparently I wasnt thinking.  SO I went off up College road (with sidewalks) and back around to McWilsons and up Queen Street while it was getting dark (no sidewalks...see? Should have been backwards).  It's a pretty basic route without a tonne of challenge besides a couple of hills. 
Anytime after 13 km I was hoping Scott would come and get me, and sure enough he did, it was getting dark and he saved me the climb up the hill at the end; 13.7 km 1:23:47 or something like that ;)

I rested the rest of the evening and actually went to bed sort of early after doing tonnes of laundry.  The clothes I wanted for the next morning were clean now but wet (poor planning). 
We got up at 4:30 am the next morning for the race in Halifax; Lucky 7 Relay.
My friend and I, and my new friend were the Chicks with Kick!  :)
The relay was around Halifax Commons; each member ran 7 km for a total of 21 for the team.  4.75 laps of the commons, actually.  Um, would not an out and back course have been more fun?? This was actually pretty good for spectators as we got to see our runners like 4 times before the end! 
We got to Halifax and met new friend Kris at about 630 am.  It was CHILLLLLY, at about -6 C. 

Kris had planned costumes for us and they did not disappoint!  LOL We were the Chicks and we dressed as chicks!  Complete with feeties, feather wings, and beaks! 

Sexy sweat pants not for the run.
The costumes were cool and let us wear our warm clothes along with them.  Although I dumped the sweats before running. Not cool.
The sun warmed us up a bit, so although toes were frosty, it was bearable. I ran the second leg, which means waiting for an hour and 15 minutes after the first leg started to run. COLD.  It was way cold to stand around that long.  We jumped and danced and cheered our runner on to keep warm :) We ran up to the beginning and back to the end.  Im thankful for my down coat to warm me! 
After Kris ended her speedy run, we went back to the cars to dress (and walked to get warm) and considered the walk back a bit of a warm up for the laps to come.  But I think I was about 2 laps in before I could feel all of my toes. 
Bring sexy chicks back
Speedy Chick
I started out with hat and gloves but passed those off on laps 1 and 2. I did warm up pretty fast.  The sun was so nice!  I only saw Scott once although he must have seen me more for all the photo fails on my phone. It doesnt do well with speed. 
I thought I was going faster (;)) but finished my laps in 37:43 ish (gun time was like 38:20 bummer!) But the run was ok on super tired and tight legs from my poorly planned long run the night before.  It's all good.
Then the cold set in.  I was done but Soaking wet (sweaty runner coming through) and I couldnt change into my dry clothes because judging for the costumes was AFTER the race!  UGH!  Im generally a get-outta-the-running-clothes-ASAP sort of person, because I get intensely cold after runs.  Thought I might need a hot tub to warm up after this one.
I piled on a wool blanket that Kris had brought (she was super prepared) and got my hat back on, then slowly started adding more after Dara had left for her leg; Sweat pants back on, Jacket back on (even tho I was getting it wet :() Left off the gloves as they were just way too wet.  Stayed wrapped in the blanket. I went to the food and got some oatmeal and a muffin; the oatmeal warmed me a lot :) About an hour after my run I stopped shivering violently. 

Once Dara was finished we walked to the cars (again) and got ready for costume judging :) we went back to the basket ball courts where runners had gathered for awards, and they passed out prizes and awards.   
Running Royalty
Coolest photo ever ;) there was an Olympian among us; Eric Gillis ran all three legs of the race with the last being fastest and I got to watch!  He was great to see running, effortless (he might not agree) :) He was kind allowing photos afterwards, and I am pretty sure after meeting me, he wants me to come and train with him somewhere warm this winter (wishful thinking). 

So this was successful and we are already planning costumes for next year :) Very fitting ones, I might think. 
Think that would be it for Sunday but naw, had other things to do. After I finally got to change to warm clothes and picked up a coffee, we headed home for hockey. I had a game and I spared afterwards for another team who was short a goalie.  2 hockey games later I went home to dress for Annika's game and my soccer game immediately afterwards.  Soccer season has started with a great loss and a ball to the face. LOVE it.
After totally overdoing the weekend I think I deserved my Monday rest day. 


Char said...

Sounds like a really fun race to be part of. And those costumes were really cute!

Scrappytbear said...

thanks :) it was lots of fun!

Ali Mc said...

I love your outfits!!!!!! that sounds like a load of fun!!! and so cool that you met an olympian!!!!!!!! that is the best photo ever!! congrats

Marjorie Robinson said...

Loved the costumes and happy to see you blogging again! I need to start back up... maybe I will do it Monday because that will be the day I start my next program because I finish this round of P90x tomorrow and will take photos to show the transformation :D Yeah, I think that I will... It won't be the mommasweightloss one because it is bugged and we can't seem to get it back :( I will message you... I am really pleased ;)

Keep running and keep inspiring Teri-Lynn! I ran my 3.1 miles on the treadmill last night in 35 minutes and you are running 7 kms in less time... but hell, I am running and it all started because of YOU!

Love ya!

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