Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Year Long Running Goal

Every year I've been set a km goal.  If Im keeping track anyway, I might as well have an idea how many km I want to run. Last year I set the goal at 1800 and fell short, so this year I set the same goal.  And Im not sure how but I passed that goal on my noonhour run today, November 13th, 19 C sunny day.  1803.2 km run, no more to go.  Imagine how many more I can get before the end of December!  Much thanks I am sure to my running buddies who always kept me accountable and out the door even when I didnt especially want to be out the door!

What is a reasonable goal for next year?  Im wanting to run a spring marathon....hmmm


Char said...

Is it too bold and ambitious to suggest 2000? Seeing as you've done the 1800 already and it's only the middle of November I think you could make it.

Scrappytbear said...

lol why not? Im getting there anyway ;)

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