Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello Strangers

I hear the echos out there as no one is reading this tired blog; it's a vicious cycle as I feel what s the point if no one is reading it?  and if there's nothing posted no one comes to read.  This started as a log for me to keep track of my stuff but really, since there's bloody little running going on around here, and not much other than eating ;) then there isnt really even anything to write.
Work is kicking my ass.  Im up so late at night and using so many of my off-hours to "work" not to mention still having home and family to take care of. The kids have such busy schedules and getting MY stuff in can be hard. I am going to steal a few minutes here shortly but Im taking 15 minutes while I am waiting for someone to write a few Blog words.

Other than work there is no reason not to be running. The weather has been decent, no body parts are having issues.
Although After a long run on Sunday followed by a hockey game, I did wake Monday morning feeling like my hip was broken.  I mean, coming out of joint, tearing muscle and ligament while it did.  I had trouble walking.  There was no injury, maybe I slept funny?
Tuesday it hurt less and I took it for a run, it wasn't painful to run.
Wednesday it was naggy
Thursday it was like it never happened.  Weird. 

I have a few minutes free here and there and really it's not enough time to change my clothes let alone run.  I should be using the fall weather for biking, hiking, running; Im in an office all the time instead. SIGH.  It's turned cold this week and I am going to spend the next 5 months kicking myself for not running enough.

Wondering if I should consider a spring marathon?  Training through the winter SUCKS ASS.  Its unpredictable and cold.  And Im not a cold weather person at all. I run through the winter but I cannot say I love it. Im always cold!  But I do want to do the Hypothermic Half this year so maybe that is just incentive to do the marathon in the spring rather than fall? no excuses about return to work and Cross country coaching in the spring :):)  I wonder if its' possible that we will actually get the weather they are forecasting for Monday and Tuesday; sunny and 14-15!

Now I am just rambling. Update:  I only have a few more km to reach my year goal of 1800.  I should be through it now and on my way to 2000 but whatever. Im going to finish it this year after falling short last year so I am glad about that.  I could almost walk the rest of 2012 and still get to 1800. lol

Better go; might have time to see that someone before I get out for my run.

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