Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 63 of 84

A Cross training day so I played a game of ball hockey :) it was kinda a rough game so I kinda wonder is it worth getting hurt for? lol then I think, ya, it kinda is. What is the fun of only being into one sport? Why not all of them?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 62 of 84

Last run for May - 8 km today brings total for the month to 120 km. 8 km run from Willow Street out to Old Barns on the Cobequid Trail which is still very flat and easier to run ;) No walking breaks tho so its a good for endurance :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 61 of 84

Short run today so did it faster than normal :) 5.57 km in 34 minutes. Pretty close to my best 5 km race time (which isnt really that believeable anyway) lol
50 minutes weights at the gym afterwards but was feeling pretty lazy about that and came home rather than joining the Yoga class that I really wanted to go to because we are going to Halifax and Cirque de Soleil today YAY!

Day 60 of 84

Became an unplanned rest day when schedules and plans got in the way!
adjust on the weekend for runs to take the place of planned rest days lol!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 59 of 84

Less than 4 weeks to the Johnny Miles and Im still not really sold on the whole HalfMarathon thing. Ive not signed up yet. I better check deadlines.

8 km in for today in slower time 54.21 minutes. Trying not to push it too much as sore spots are feeling better, breathing is improving, getting used to heat, and Ive not been quite as tired so maybe taking a little more "pleasure" in the run is working. Don't want to mess it up now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 58 of 84

Stretch and Strengthen day - so off to the gym where Yoga was missed but had a good weight session and some extra stretching time as well.
Run tomorrow 5 miles - 8 km.
Feeling stiff today.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 57 of 84

Long Slow Run day ;) Beautiful day, not too hot, but didnt get going early and ended up running between 10 and 12 today.

13 km down, didnt go too bad, 1:32.27 But did have a pee break and didnt stop watch so take off a little for that lol
Left thigh got a little cramped somewhere around 12 km.
Ran up WMR to get the 13 km in. That's a crappy hill to end a run on.
Left calf tight tonight.

Got home and felt pretty good, drank some water before and on the run, but once in shower got very nauseous and ended up laying down for a half hour after stretching. This had happened once before on an unusally long run; but felt fine during the run. Not sure what the cause of nausea half an hour later would be.

Good run over with :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 55/56 of 84

Are almost a total and complete write off.

Day 55 (yesterday, Saturday) was spent getting up early, returning to the pool/sauna where Taylor had a swim meet, having all the energy drained out PLUS enjoying the pool fumes which make my eyes swell with misery. Then we walked around in downtown Wolfville (hey is that activity worth logging?) and then went home where no energy returned ever. Ate and went to bed. TIRED.

Sunday Day 56 is a complete repeat. Get up early, return to pool, drain energy, drive home to Truro, go to bed where some rest would be nice before a ball hockey game tonight. THAT is activity that I will log hahahaha not exactly what was planned but whateva. Add to that the child that was sick in the middle of the night and we have a complete mess of the restful weekend lol.

ETA: The ball hockey game was actually a good run, since there were so few people there we often double and triple shifted and ran for good amounts of time; 50 minutes of running isnt to be sneezed at :)

Im supposed to do a long run (today but tomorrow instead) and I just dont know where the energy for that is going to come from. COMPLETE mess.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 54 of 84

Got up super early (for me) to beat the heat/busy-ness of the day. Ran up hill Greenfield road to the Cream Horse (hehe 4 km) then back down and part way up my hill for 7.6 km in 50.28 minutes. Slowed a little today because really there is no point in killing myself for every single run lol and Im feeling very tired and may be having a little burn out. Going away for the weekend; have running stuff but planning to do a little biking instead on my rest/cross train days. Have to work it around Taylor's Swim meet which starts tonight and lasts til Sunday afternoon. Lots of waiting around.

ETA that makes 93 km for this month so far :D:D:D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 53 of 84

After dropping off the kids and before the dentist I thought I could fit in a little 5 K run but I decided it would be in the park where there are hills and trails and I got lost and took too long and ended up late with 4.5 km done in about 34:47 minutes. More or less.
Got to the gym for 45 minutes before getting kids from school again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 52 of 84

Managed a run this morning although I cant say I really wanted to go; certainly felt more like I wanted to than I did yesterday! Ran local and did 7.56 km in 50:48. Not great, but felt better and I didnt stop for a walk break at all, even on that nastyyyyy hill before Salmon River Road lol.

Day 51 of 84

An hour and a half spent at the gym working out total body weights, many crunches of different sorts, and a little cardio on the treadmill but just could not gather the energy for an actual run! And tying my sneakers hurts my bruised foot. The trip to the gym will have to be enough. What's one more recovery day ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 50 of 84

Ended up being a rest day - tripped on a toy on the way to the gym and ended up with a bruised foot :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 49 -Bluenose Marathon 10 km Run!!

Ran the Bluenose 10 Km run this morning and despite some concerns I had with the weather it was awesome!
The crowd at the Metro Center was amazing. What a lot of different characters we saw :)

My biggest dilemna was Do I wear the Jacket or do I NOT? hahah It was not really warm at about 15 C but too warm for running with a coat but it was drizzling and raining off and on and I didnt want to be too cold and wet, I had forgotten my long sleeved running shirt so I didnt have that option which looking back would have been IDEAL but my options were coat or I wore the coat. And by 1 km in I was unzipping the armpits and the thing was flapping around hahah but I am kinda glad I did have it, it was chilly and very very windy.


Which leads me to the run - it could have been far worse.

LIning up at the start - big crowds. We didnt even try to get to the front; content to remain mid-field.
Scott took photos for us; this is people lined up for the start of the 10 K race - 1903 people entered for it.

Coming around the first corner.

The first 2 km were pretty non-eventful. We crossed the big bridge over the harbour and the first time wasnt too bad, it was slippery but not very long and not very steep and totally manageable. Reading the Race Etiquette/Peaves thread helped me be a more considerate runner; I wish some others had read it, I ran into more than a few people but it wasnt too bad.

after the bridge, there was a steeper hill; it was the only steep one lol. The others were more gradual.

The second time over the bridge (because one has to go back) was nasty. The wind picked up (as did the drizzle) and it was pushing me back and forth. And it was face on so it was hard to catch breath. I walked 30 seconds here.

From the end of the bridge it was a sprint to the end which was another long gradual hill (ugh hills)!
A nice blurry photo of me running for the finish. I was SO fast that I totally blurred everything.
Also blurry ;)

At the finish waiting for people to move. The finish was a bit of a circus, they rushed us through there so fast we almost didnt have time to get the chips off; almost didnt get a medal hehehe
The medal

Official 1:07:36.7 Chip 1:04:15.0

This is 4 minutes faster than my best practice 10 K which was a nice flat trail...Im really happy with it! lol

And passing people was a really nice feeling :):)

The after-race was very crowded lol and messy. I wish I had gotten one of those cool space blankets; Im always SO darned cold after a run and today I was sopping wet. We changed clothes fast to something dry; we saw a lot of naked butts changing right in the open hahahahahah
dry and warm again :)
Laura and Bill found us after their Half Marathon!

Great day for a race ;)

1291 TERI-LYNN MASTERS MURRAY SIDING 3956 1:07:36.7 1:04:15.0 6:46 Women 30 - 39 226/399 700/1203

1291 /1903 people ran the 10 K
226/399 ladies in my age range running the 10 K
700/1203 women ran the 10 K

An hour long Ball Hockey game in the evening completed the workout for Sunday :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 48 of 84

Day before the 10 K at Halifax so a bit of rest. Went out and rode a pony which promptly tossed me in the dirt...then walked it around the paddock for 45 minutes. Other than that, very little done today. LIkely could have used a stretch.

Day 47 of 84

Have a 10 K race on Sunday and I have a very sore hamstring! Thought it was bruised from ball hockey game but it is getting worse and worse. Can run, but its uncomfortable and walking has kinda taken on a funny stride so its not very efficient. Worried about the Bluenose run.
Which, is going to take place in pouring rain, from the look of the forecast. As of now, Saturday morning, its going to be 10-15 mm rain with winds at 30 km/hour. Over the MacDonald Bridge in Halifax. I hope no one blows off.

So the workout for Friday was a gym workout - 2 miles on the treadmill to see if running was realistically possible. Which it was; a lot of the discomfort decreased while running. So there is hope for tomorrow.
Did a few weights and spent more time stretching than usual.

Race Kit Pick Up Day!
We went to Halifax to pick up the Race Kits for Sunday, and visited the live Expo which was actually really interesting. I spun a wheel and won a hat; forgot to get money and buy Body Glide to stop the chafing of clothes and skin lol.
We wanted to go to the Running Room and meet John Stanton but time got short so we went to the WTCC instead for our kits. My run shirt doesnt fit very well; the sizing chart was WAY off.

Resting for much of Saturday to be ready for Sunday morning! Check me out in the race - Bib # 3956!!!

Day 46 of 84

Sore. Achy. Tired. Totally flaked on any sort of run at all. Did gardening, took the kids for a walk, more gardening. Sore.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 45 of 84

Days are flying by now! Ugh Day 45 already!

Planned a short easy run this morning that was anything but. I dont hit the ground running and apparently I need more coffee in the morning.

Figured 5 km would be good for loosening up - ended up going further. Then once I felt warmed up I decided to try for a decent 5 Km time - 31:20 which isnt so great. Was totally into geting 6.4 km - could even see my car - running down a busy street...and I fell. Tripped over something in the grass, landed right on my face. Checked first the garmin - was ok, as were sunglasses and Ipod. Then body - bleeding lol. Ouch. Couldnt fall on something smooth - fell on really big jagged gravel. Great.
New Sneakers are totally awesome tho!
Anyway run is done for today and chances of getting to the gym are slim.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 44 of 84

Im not running today; but I did go to the gym and did a very non-specific overall workout with weights and some crunches and spent some extra time stretching. The stretching was nice. I wanted to go to a fitness class but couldnt make myself go into it....then I wanted to go to Yoga but the wait was too long and I wanted to come home...

Anyway figure I might take the kids for a walk or something later.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 43 of 84

Got that LSD out of the way lol. 7 miles/11.2 km done in decent time; the first 5 km was just over 35 minutes but Very hillish. The 10 km mark was 1:09 which isnt really much faster but none the less done. Total for 11.2 km was 1:18.02. Not great times but feeling great at the end of it. Sore ankles for the first 2 km...numb feet for much of the run; and now after a hot bath ankles are still quite sore. I think the New Balance sneakers are not good for me.

I decided the elevations chart on this map site is not too terribly accurate; there were some massive hills and rolling hills that didnt register at all; this route was much hillier than I expected from the elevations listed.

And the entire last 1.5 km was up hill; yes I actually ran half way UP Wilson Mountain Road to get that last .5 km in. I suppose at that point everything was kinda numb anyway and I went pretttty slow. lol

Nice to have that run done. Now this could very well be a "taper" week where the Bluenose Marathon (10 km for me) will be this Sunday. Tomorrow will likely be a rest day; with some gym time. Wednesday I think I might do a bike ride; easy run Thursday and Friday, and nothing on Saturday.

On an exciting note, I should have my new sneakers tomorrow; back into Asics I go! Im thrilled about that, especially after trying them on last week!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 42 of 84

Half way through the training for a half marathon. and its Mother's Day so I totally flaked on my run.
On the schedule today was a 5 K race and I could have gone and made my own personal little 5 K race. But instead I stayed in bed. I could have done the 11 K run I had intended. But I went for lunch. And I could have gone this afternoon between the rains. But I went for a nap instead.

I could blame the girls that invited me out last night. And the chatting we did until 230 in the morning. But I wont. lol it was totally worth the lack of sleep that made me feel like I had drank way more than that one bottle of water. lol.

I just didnt feel it today.

So I did have some activity; a ball hockey game tonight with lots of running and crushing. It was fun.
Run tomorrow which should be rest day; this means 4 days of running unless I cross train Wednesday.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 41 of 84

Cross train day. Friend called, so we ran a nice easy 4.5 k down the road. She is restarting after a break so we did have some walk breaks when we could have real conversation and it was a nice relaxing change. It was also very humid and warm. Not a complaint but certainly a little more difficult to run in.
Worked in the garden until it rained.

Long run planned for tomorrow. Thinking 11.2 long, slow km.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 40 of 84

Today was a rest day. So I rested. LOL actually I shopped. For running clothes. Then I rested.

In reality I am supposed to run a 5 k race on Sunday but since i could not find one, Im just going to run 10 or 11 km again. Next week I run a 10 k race so Im going to kinda follow a little taper next week.

Tomorrow is rest/cross train (since again, no 5 K) so I might run with a friend and if she doesnt call I will take the bike for a drive. And may hit the gym.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 39 of 84

6.4 + run scheduled for today. Woke up again feeling ill; mild cold like or allergies. Not sure which would be worse - allergies are going to last 6 months; cold could progress to something more serious again.

Did some warm up at home - Never Get Hurt exercises from Runners World videos - they arent hard but they do get you moving. Left home in rain and came home in rain.

Ran down Wilson Mountain Road. Wont run up it. Ran UP Greenfield road rather than down like I usually do. It was nice BUT really hilly. Seriously hilly. Ran 4 km then turned back to finish at the bottom of Wilson Mountain Road with 7.35 km in 48:44 minutes. The run back was awesome; felt like I could have gone on and on forever. I do wonder how far I would have gotten to if I had not reached the end of the road; to go on would have meant running back up hill; and if it had not been raining; was starting to feel pretty soggy; and if I had had more time. And my brain was prepared to go to the end of the road - might have completely lost it if I had tried to go further muhahaaha

Very good run today. Might get to gym for some strength training later but its looking seriously busy today.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bluenose Run - 10 Km pre-half race

Hell. Look at those hills.

Day 38 of 84

Easy day; Ive been doing cross training for the past 2 weeks on this 2 mile or crosstrain day; today it was pouring like mad so I ran on the treadmill which was considerably easier than I remember it being and a little less boring; I walked .25 miles (5 minutes) then ran for 7 minutes then every minute I jumped the speed way up; ran at about 11 minutes per mile then jumped to 10; then every time I sped up I increased it a bit til I was about 9:30 per mile; then back to 11. Varied the inclines a little too. Made it more interesting. While I was cooling out I accidently stopped the treadmill so I dont have accurate times and distances lol.

Worked out arms and back and shoulders for a bit then stretched and picked up kids.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 37 of 84

Today was a really nice running day; not too hot, not tooooo windy. Scheduled a 6.4 km run today and did some of it on the TCT so added a bit and ended up running 7.31 km in about 49:45 minutes. Should have checked the 6.4 km time for a time for comparison. I think I am feeling better. Ive left a few hills out and rested more. I am working on going to bed earlier. And eating better. Sorta. lol This run didnt kill me. I did feel more tired when I rounded the bend and hit more wind, but it wasnt undoable.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 36 of 84

Stretch and Strengthen day; Managed the strengthen but didnt do much stretch. Gonna regret this.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 35 of 84

The 10 km is done. Ugh. Thought those first 2 km and last 2 km were going to do me in. Legs are so weirded. Tired. Did the Cobequid Trail from Willow Street to Old Barns; had to go a little ways past where my inlaws live to get the whole 10 in. Its nice and flat out there; a really nice place to run BUT not very realistic; no other run Ive ever done has been that flat, unfortunately. The scenery sure was nice; very little road, very few people to spoil it :) Took water because the run was 2.5 hours later than I had planned it to be and it was hot; besides who knows what you are going to run into out there; so also took a phone.
Glad to have that over with for another week.

Gotta wonder if the training has been too much, too soon. After doing little on Friday and Saturday, the Sunday run was better than the past 2 weeks have been; maybe that's why the runs during the week have been such a struggle.

Day 33/34 of 84

Friday is Rest Day on this program; rested lots lol but had a ball hockey game at night and did have that hour of crosstraining.

Saturday (Day 4) was crosstrain/strength train day; but woke up with a very sore back. Very sore. Shocking sore. So did attend the Hub Town Fun Run and ran/walked with Holly over laps around the track for 2 km. Then spent the rest of the day laying down with a heating pad and some good meds that made me forget that I was supposed to head to the gym.

UGH which leads to Sunday and the long run. 10 km planned on a flat trail path.

2012 km Goal