Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 43 of 84

Got that LSD out of the way lol. 7 miles/11.2 km done in decent time; the first 5 km was just over 35 minutes but Very hillish. The 10 km mark was 1:09 which isnt really much faster but none the less done. Total for 11.2 km was 1:18.02. Not great times but feeling great at the end of it. Sore ankles for the first 2 km...numb feet for much of the run; and now after a hot bath ankles are still quite sore. I think the New Balance sneakers are not good for me.

I decided the elevations chart on this map site is not too terribly accurate; there were some massive hills and rolling hills that didnt register at all; this route was much hillier than I expected from the elevations listed.

And the entire last 1.5 km was up hill; yes I actually ran half way UP Wilson Mountain Road to get that last .5 km in. I suppose at that point everything was kinda numb anyway and I went pretttty slow. lol

Nice to have that run done. Now this could very well be a "taper" week where the Bluenose Marathon (10 km for me) will be this Sunday. Tomorrow will likely be a rest day; with some gym time. Wednesday I think I might do a bike ride; easy run Thursday and Friday, and nothing on Saturday.

On an exciting note, I should have my new sneakers tomorrow; back into Asics I go! Im thrilled about that, especially after trying them on last week!

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