Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 45 of 84

Days are flying by now! Ugh Day 45 already!

Planned a short easy run this morning that was anything but. I dont hit the ground running and apparently I need more coffee in the morning.

Figured 5 km would be good for loosening up - ended up going further. Then once I felt warmed up I decided to try for a decent 5 Km time - 31:20 which isnt so great. Was totally into geting 6.4 km - could even see my car - running down a busy street...and I fell. Tripped over something in the grass, landed right on my face. Checked first the garmin - was ok, as were sunglasses and Ipod. Then body - bleeding lol. Ouch. Couldnt fall on something smooth - fell on really big jagged gravel. Great.
New Sneakers are totally awesome tho!
Anyway run is done for today and chances of getting to the gym are slim.

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