Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 39 of 84

6.4 + run scheduled for today. Woke up again feeling ill; mild cold like or allergies. Not sure which would be worse - allergies are going to last 6 months; cold could progress to something more serious again.

Did some warm up at home - Never Get Hurt exercises from Runners World videos - they arent hard but they do get you moving. Left home in rain and came home in rain.

Ran down Wilson Mountain Road. Wont run up it. Ran UP Greenfield road rather than down like I usually do. It was nice BUT really hilly. Seriously hilly. Ran 4 km then turned back to finish at the bottom of Wilson Mountain Road with 7.35 km in 48:44 minutes. The run back was awesome; felt like I could have gone on and on forever. I do wonder how far I would have gotten to if I had not reached the end of the road; to go on would have meant running back up hill; and if it had not been raining; was starting to feel pretty soggy; and if I had had more time. And my brain was prepared to go to the end of the road - might have completely lost it if I had tried to go further muhahaaha

Very good run today. Might get to gym for some strength training later but its looking seriously busy today.

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