Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 38 of 84

Easy day; Ive been doing cross training for the past 2 weeks on this 2 mile or crosstrain day; today it was pouring like mad so I ran on the treadmill which was considerably easier than I remember it being and a little less boring; I walked .25 miles (5 minutes) then ran for 7 minutes then every minute I jumped the speed way up; ran at about 11 minutes per mile then jumped to 10; then every time I sped up I increased it a bit til I was about 9:30 per mile; then back to 11. Varied the inclines a little too. Made it more interesting. While I was cooling out I accidently stopped the treadmill so I dont have accurate times and distances lol.

Worked out arms and back and shoulders for a bit then stretched and picked up kids.

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