Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 55/56 of 84

Are almost a total and complete write off.

Day 55 (yesterday, Saturday) was spent getting up early, returning to the pool/sauna where Taylor had a swim meet, having all the energy drained out PLUS enjoying the pool fumes which make my eyes swell with misery. Then we walked around in downtown Wolfville (hey is that activity worth logging?) and then went home where no energy returned ever. Ate and went to bed. TIRED.

Sunday Day 56 is a complete repeat. Get up early, return to pool, drain energy, drive home to Truro, go to bed where some rest would be nice before a ball hockey game tonight. THAT is activity that I will log hahahaha not exactly what was planned but whateva. Add to that the child that was sick in the middle of the night and we have a complete mess of the restful weekend lol.

ETA: The ball hockey game was actually a good run, since there were so few people there we often double and triple shifted and ran for good amounts of time; 50 minutes of running isnt to be sneezed at :)

Im supposed to do a long run (today but tomorrow instead) and I just dont know where the energy for that is going to come from. COMPLETE mess.

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